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North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Bacalar February 10th 2020

Bacalar, einem kleines Fischerdorf, etwa 30 Minuten nördlich der Grenze zu Belize, wurde vor rund zwei Jahren, als ich zum ersten Mal über Reisen nach Mexiko recherchiert hatte, noch in keinem Reiseblog und keiner Reisewebsite großartig Platz eingeräumt. Dabei war es bestimmt schon immer wunderschön hier an dieser riesigen türkisfarbenen Lagune . Jetzt ist es aber auch hip hier, gibt es kleine Boutique Hotels, trendige Cafés und jede Menge Tripsdvisor Einträge. Dementsprechend sind auch die Übernachtungspreise gestiegen aber wir haben mit etwas Geduld und Glück ein richtiges Juwel gefunden. Ginny, eine ältere alleinstehende Amerikanerin, die vor 21 Jahren hierhin ausgewandert isst, hat auf einem großen Grundstück etwas außerhalb des Ortes aber direkt an der Lagune ein kleines Gartenparadies geschaffen, in dem drei kleine „Villen“ stehen, die sie für vergleichsweise wen... read more
Streetfood in Bacalar
Unser privates Dock in Bacalar
Dennis im Kayak vor unserer Villa

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Coba January 2nd 2020

I have been to many archaeological sites in all of the Americas. Can I consider Coba to be one that you should visit if you're in the area? Totally! Site is not far from Tulum, (45 minutes to 1 hour). Contrarily to other Maya sites, you can still climb the biggest pyramid! This is a big plus as you can really sense how these buildings were a major achievement when they were built, if you're on the top of it! Site's is in the forest so it' s never too hot and there's plenty of shade. For those who can't walk too much, you can hire a tricycle taxi, (man powered), for a few pesos). One part of the site is more quiet so you can go there to look for birds, especially early in the ... read more
trogon bird
from the top of the pyramid

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo December 23rd 2019

10 years ago, I was in Yucatan on the west side, and explore the Merida's surroundings, and then went South to Campeche, Tabasco and Chiapas. During that trip I visited cenote in Cuzama, not far from Merida. They were relatively "mature" cenotes, (as erosion goes), as the ceiling was very high and the cave spacious. This year, in Aktun chen, I visited, young cenotes, that you can say are caves full of water, and the ceiling quite low. This gave an almost totally different experience, but not recommended for the claustrophobics!!! Aktun chen has cenotes, ziplines, a small "zoo", and lots of land. The road to get there is interesting in itself as you cross about 4.5 kms of dirt road, right in the forest to get to the entrance. You can spot animals on the ... read more
Red rump tarantula
beautiful and very big grasshopper
cenote entrance

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Akumal December 17th 2019

6 years ago, I went to Mexico to swim with the whale sharks and its was a fantastic experience, (see one of my previous blogs)! For the research of this trip, I learned that Akumal was a good place to see wild green sea turtles ..... and it is right! The animals are so gracious when they swim under the sea and reptiles are my favorites of all animals!! In Akumal, there are rules and you need a guide if you want to go to the most prolific spots. I read some comments online of people complaining about this. Sad truth is that people were out of control and harassed the turtles in the past, so local town took action to set some rules to make the process sustainable in the long run. That's is totally ... read more
6 feet barracuda
Akumal beach

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum December 12th 2019

Tulum archaeological site is not impressive. Compared to other sites I went in Mexico I can say that: Teotihuacan: these pyramids are huge and the site impressive Palenque: Variety of very white buildings surrounded by forest Calakmul: one of my favorite because it has an 'explorator' ambiance, because it's remote and in the middle of the forest full of animals. Tulum is then remarkable by its beauty: White buildings on the shores of a turquoise sea, magnificent!! It's a classic, nevertheless, it is really a place you should go. Consider this if you want enjoy the site: 1-Arrive EARLY!!! Wake up early and arrive when it opens. Then you have the site almost all by yourself!! When we finished the visit and left around 11:30am, hordes of tourists, like a giant wave were entering and it ... read more
Tulum or igualum?
El Castillo

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen December 11th 2019

It has been a very productive 6 weeks, we managed to get several projects done in the condo to make it that much more comfortable for upcoming guests. We got out on several bike rides, one we managed to get out of the hectic traffic of the city, but I got a flat tire so had to enlist the help of a local mechanic. We have enjoyed our time in beautiful Playa del Carmen but time to go home for Christmas with family and friends. 2020 will bring new places and new adventures ...... time to start planning.... read more
Jazz Festival
More Beach time 🏖

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen November 17th 2019

We have been at the condo now for about 2 and a half weeks, have done lots of renos to brighten the place up and there is always something to fix, but that keeps us busy the way we like to be. We have taken some beach time, we have done lots of walking and bike riding to keep active. Being active is a very important part of retirement for us, we want to remain active and fit, we are even attempting yoga on UTube with Boho Beautiful. We have eaten at home a lot but have also been trying local restaurants in the area and have found a few excellent reasonably priced places. The further you get off 5th Avenida the more reasonable the prices are, Playa del Carmen thrives on tourism.... read more
Some Beach Time
Some Beach Time
Some Beach Time

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Bacalar November 11th 2019

I loved all the places we had visited so far on our trip...Isla Mujeres, Merida, Valladolid, Tulum (a bit less so though the ocean and beach were stunning and I particularly loved Punta Allen and the lobster evening with all our friends) but I was most excited by our next stop... Bacalar. The lake of the 7 colours that Maria had so highly recommend and spoken so dearly of. My plan all along was to spend a minimum of a week here doing absolutely nothing but doing nothing with Marco can be a challenge as he loves exploring and being active ;) so we settled on 3 nights 4 days and were also joined by Michelle and Enrico. We rented a house on the lake that had a huge terrace with swings and a barbecue as ... read more
Kayak Kings
Campeon and his girlfriend
All the lake for us

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Bacalar November 9th 2019

After all the tacos at El Camello we drove 4 hours to reach our next destination, La Casa Del Nonno (Grandad’s House) at the Laguna in Bacalar. It was dark when we arrived so we didn’t get to see the resplendent lake. We were up at 6am the next day to drive to Mahahaul which was a couple of hours away so once again, we didn’t get to see the Laguna but the Chinchorro Adventure was awaiting us. The fast boat was well geared for 10 of us, some for diving, some like us, just for snorkelling. The company was really pro - run by Germans so everything was in order and we were given wet suits, flippers, snorkelling gear and a great crew on board. El Banco Chinchorro is an atoll 40km away from the ... read more
Iguana friend
Crocodile not friend
Iguana 2

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo November 6th 2019

It’s my third time in Tulum; not because I love it so much that I have absolutely to come back once again but because Daria has never been, Enrico had great memories from the last time he went and I have to admit that Tulum has a nice beach even if I never experienced nice calm water like in Isla Mujeres. Here in Tulum I always enjoy the waves, but I love calm relaxing sea. We checked in to the hotel, actually fresh air conditioned cabañas on the beach, very pretty place that’s well kept, clean and quite posh. Every cabaña has a chaise longue and hammock on the patio surrounded by tropical plants. The first time I came to Tulum I liked it though it was definitely one of the most touristy places I had ... read more
The “small” portion of Ceviche
Tulum Ruins
The coati after my Tamal!

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