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North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum July 21st 2022

Hola mis amigos! I hope this blog finds you well in this “post-covid” era of life. For those of you who I don’t connect with regularly, a lot has changed since I last wrote an entry. And even my most recent two entries were about travel experiences long passed. Brief recap: 2020 and 2021 brought me much peace and solitude, finding ways to explore on a much closer-to-home scale. With travel restrictions, and vaccination quandaries, and a general kerfuffle about whether or not it was kosher to roam again yet, I spent two years confined within the US, mostly New England, biding my time and playing by the CDC rules. This temporary stillness offered me a chance to travel inward: work on emotional growth and personal development, strengthen relationships with loved ones, establish healthy boundaries with ... read more
New England Reunion
Venn Dive-agram
Dive Paradise

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo July 14th 2022

This morning felt good to be able to sleep in with no room service loud buzzer waking us up. We rolled out of the room around 10:00 to the breakfast place above one of the pools with an amazing view of the beach. Taking it slow on the morning, our next stop was at the Spa for a hydrotherapy treatment that was a pool full of massaging jets for different muscles in your body from head to toe. There was also a hot jacuzzi of jets that we sat in before going back to the room to get cool and have some time on our patio with swim-up pool. The resort has 2 main pools, a long pool and a very large round pool, so we tried going to the round pool this day for the ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Tulum July 13th 2022

The Adventure Mayas minivan was coming by to pick us up at 8:15 to go on our excursions, so room service was scheduled an hour earlier. Room service came even earlier than our alarms and woke us up with another loud buzzer at our doorbell. A family of 8 from Kansas from our hotel as well as another couple from another hotel were going too, so we packed 12 of us into the van and drove towards Tulum. We passed Playa de Carmen and stopped briefly at the Adventure Mayas van station for a bathroom stop that had funny men/women signs and then continued onto Tulum. The drive was around 1 hour, 45 minutes total as we arrived in Tulum at the Mayan ruins site where there were some acrobats swinging from a tower and a ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun July 12th 2022

It was a late night so the 7:00 room service loud buzzer this morning was not enjoyable. We have a standing order of coffee, greek yogurt, bananas, and juice so they will come at 7:00 every morning, which we now realize is probably a good time to stop that. Thankfully Tory was able to fall back asleep and Steve went out to the patio to read his book. It was windy the whole day and some overcast in the morning, but the humidity made it feel warm. After some chatting on the patio of the room, we went out to the main pool and did a spin class. It was not your ordinary spin class, as the bikes were submerged underwater yet still was a good way to get a workout in while on vacation. It ... read more

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cancun July 11th 2022

We woke up at the usual kids alarm clock time, bright and early, as we have not quite adjusted to not having them around. We ordered room service for breakfast and relaxed by reading our books and enjoying the view. Our suite opened up to a patio with lounge chairs and a walk-in swim-up infinity pool that looked out to the ocean. The pool is a little cooler than the bigger pools so is a perfect place to cool off from the humid, hot sun. We put on some shoes and explored the resort to see what else there was and then came back for a swim in our private pool. Tory spotted a huge Iguana on the path in front of our room (see pics) and we heard that we might be able to spot ... read more
White sand beach
Iguana on the path
Tractor on the beach for Nathan

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen October 3rd 2021

"The bad news is times flies, the good news is you're the pilot". ~ I think I gave you all enough time in between blogs not to bore you too much. :) Since my blog of Sept. 12th, I can say this work & pleasure trip to the fab Riviera Maya, Mexico, has had a little bit of everything mixed in. Kind of like a tasty jambalaya; a one-pot comfort food that satisfies the soul. That is what this trip felt like for us. Being away from our second home for so long due to Covid made it all the sweeter to return. It felt like a dream after the past year & a half when our world had become so small. No family visits, no hugs, no holidays with loved ones... So to be able ... read more
Dancing Queens (Giselle on the right, Sarai on the left)
Dancing to that same song all night!
Sarai & Giselle

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen September 12th 2021

"Life Is a Beach; Don't Make Spelling Errors". ~ Hello friends; geez after almost 2 years of not posting a blog, I'm now up to two. I've gone crazy altogether. Time is passing by in a nice quiet way here with me working on the business with new ideas, & I've been touring the condos to see what updates have been done. Lots of changes in 18 months. I met up with our managers to get an understanding of what challenges they're facing these days & how we can improve some things. We LOVE the staff here. They greeted us so warmly & welcomed us back. We haven't done any touring around yet due to work & weather. I work from a secure software so I can't be riding the waves somewhere without my laptop. So ... read more
Me & My Guy
Aww these colors of the sea...
Sargassum Removal

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Playa del Carmen September 4th 2021

"Sometimes life changes in an instant. We can't always prepare for it, but we can change how we respond." Holy crap batman, what an 18 month ride we've all been through. If someone told you a pandemic was about to hit the winter of 2020, you'd have thought you'd watched the movie Contagion too many times. It eerily depicted this similar pandemic. If you haven't seen it, be prepared. The film follows the spread of a virus transmitted when sick humans touch surfaces and leave the virus behind that others can catch. Then there's the frantic attempts by the health officials to identify it and control it. Seems familiar right? I won't give the ending away... We're a family of 7 and I will say our young adults totally respected the protocols through the worst of ... read more
Butterfly outside our villa
LOVE the hibiscus here!
Enjoying nature over a lagoon

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Bacalar February 10th 2020

Bacalar, einem kleines Fischerdorf, etwa 30 Minuten nördlich der Grenze zu Belize, wurde vor rund zwei Jahren, als ich zum ersten Mal über Reisen nach Mexiko recherchiert hatte, noch in keinem Reiseblog und keiner Reisewebsite großartig Platz eingeräumt. Dabei war es bestimmt schon immer wunderschön hier an dieser riesigen türkisfarbenen Lagune . Jetzt ist es aber auch hip hier, gibt es kleine Boutique Hotels, trendige Cafés und jede Menge Tripsdvisor Einträge. Dementsprechend sind auch die Übernachtungspreise gestiegen aber wir haben mit etwas Geduld und Glück ein richtiges Juwel gefunden. Ginny, eine ältere alleinstehende Amerikanerin, die vor 21 Jahren hierhin ausgewandert isst, hat auf einem großen Grundstück etwas außerhalb des Ortes aber direkt an der Lagune ein kleines Gartenparadies geschaffen, in dem drei kleine „Villen“ stehen, die sie für vergleichsweise wen... read more
Streetfood in Bacalar
Unser privates Dock in Bacalar
Dennis im Kayak vor unserer Villa

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Coba January 2nd 2020

I have been to many archaeological sites in all of the Americas. Can I consider Coba to be one that you should visit if you're in the area? Totally! Site is not far from Tulum, (45 minutes to 1 hour). Contrarily to other Maya sites, you can still climb the biggest pyramid! This is a big plus as you can really sense how these buildings were a major achievement when they were built, if you're on the top of it! Site's is in the forest so it' s never too hot and there's plenty of shade. For those who can't walk too much, you can hire a tricycle taxi, (man powered), for a few pesos). One part of the site is more quiet so you can go there to look for birds, especially early in the ... read more
trogon bird
from the top of the pyramid

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