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June 4th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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I must say the Yucatan region has more ancient ruins than the UK has branches of Tescos. It’s been parched during the last 83 days that we have been in Mexico, suddenly it rained hard. When the rain cleared and the sun scorched its way through the clouds like a tongue through candy floss all the pesky microscopic bugs came out and smothered my sodden skin, causing inescapable irritable itchy, scratchy.

I visited a real Mayan Shaman. He did not live within a hidden mountain/jungle retreat, but conveniently his healing office was right next door to our hotel called Copal Mayan spa, this man was the only currency worth every damn penny of his $90usd bill. Daniel Poole Peach looked very much like a solid, kind, Mayan Burt Reynolds. He asked me how I was. I felt drained and tired as we walked together brushing the lush tropical forest with our shoulders, our feet cushioned by soft white sand, heavy clouds and thunder gently rumbling around our ears, birds of paradise twittering and not a single new age CD in ear shot.

Monday morning and down to business, Daniel turned his back and I stripped naked, my white bits tried to hide under a single white sheet. But there is no hiding from the great shaman spirits who are within and around. The bugs stayed away too. He said “Ok begin”. I lay face down, he said a prayer, placing both his hands firmly on my spine, he chanted something sacred, then he uses one tone like the Buddhist’s OM but not OM, whatever it was this tone resonating right through me, it could have shattered glass but thankfully we were in a bamboo hut draped with muslin with no breeze. His hands began to move and it felt like air turbulence, skimming a vintage Volkswagen in a high Tec wind tunnel.

Daniel is lead by ancient elder spirits, his special angelic team. There was something very special about his technique. His hands had a combined heat and strength which seemed to move over me like strobe lights over a dance floor. He lite up my areas that had previously suffered damp darkness. The biggest shift of energy was when he did my cranial area. Last year a lorry hit me from behind and unknowing at the time this dislodge my C1 vertebra also known as the Atlas which supports the head like the thin stand that supports a spinning globe. The lorry shunts (two incidents different times) moved my C1 sideways out from my neck to some where into my head space, which caused a very gradual swelling, then deafening tinnitus that sent me near crazy.

With Daniel I could feel bones and muscle matter shifting. He was noticeably healing me. He realigned my seven charkas including my root base. This chakra represents personal security, foundations, the home, where you belong, something I don’t have right now and never really have had. He pieced together my depleted solar plexus which is where my busy English Ego lives and where all my gut instincts have been prodding me from within for months now, they had taken a bit of a battering of late and needed some attention. Daniel told me some amazing wisdom type private stuff about myself, which is private. Once finished he bid me a very happy sleep it was only 11.30am. I floated 200 meters back to my room in a semi trance. I slept all that day and right through the night, with no breeze or ceiling fan I suddenly didn’t feel the discomfort, yet it was just as uncomfortably stuffy as the night before. I felt ripples of pleasure within, waves of chi flowing movement, a definite clearing had commenced. BLISS.


10th June 2007

Wish I could be there with you !
Claire darling your blogs get better and better with each one, when you eventually return home I am going to see an entirely new person !! so glad you and Stu are having such an amazing time despite getting wet ! and seeing so many ruins. Thanks for the news of Julia other day a boy how lovely. Keep it up love you lots Brenda xxx

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