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March 24th 2018
Published: March 21st 2018
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Tulla Tulla Tulla

Waiting at Tulla
I was going to call it - Vaya con huevos...15 planes - 50 days but I got the shakes....dribble, drivel....driveby....

I’ve been pondering, editing, rewriting all this travel blog crapola and wondering why I was feeling lost and alone...

Shaky, shaky, hands off snakey, where are the real ramblings of the truly disrupted discredited disillusioned deranged once-was-mine mind?

Is it the normal transitional trembling, early onset Parko’s, alco-fuelled shakeys, pinched shoulder nerve (ha, that’s a good one!!) can all these tremors be San Andreas’ fault?

PS spellcheck is a real pain in the arse when you’re trying to write Spanish and/or bullshit! Can one turn it off? Spellcheck smartarse.

So, back to the wide brown for a few views, no news, up to the pre-bushfried Brogo although I think we/you/they/us dodged the fiery bullet again, drat! all those insurance dollars wasted again! BTW, Whatever happened to Narcissus in the end? fall in? I can’t remember.

Off to Mexico. Wonderful to meet the extended new family.

To meet my fellow abuelo, 2 of us and 1 abuela fighting over holding rights, but such good fun and Alexandra going along for the ride with
Our big A380Our big A380Our big A380

equal smiles and kisses for all of us.....and for Alexandra to meet so many new cousins in fact to see so many new things, people, animals....talking of which, Izchel’s brother was given a goat by his friends for his there some Mexican significance in giving a goat on one’s 42nd? he had it wandering shitting eating in the downstairs car park, Ben got a milking lesson...successfully.....I passed on the optional goat’s leche on the cornflakes!

Time in Queretaro and in Salvatierra with family.....

Believably great street food, dodging drunks and derros, povs and richos, amazingly old Spanish architecture, the 300 year old towering precariously aqueduct across Queretaro, fabulous old stone churches with anachronistic neon crosses, constant juxtapositions of religious fervour and cheapo titty mugs and pornographic pix, religious artefacts sold alongside the usual suspect hippie street junk jewellery. Some abso wonderful little town squares in Queretaro, enclosed by giant old ficuses topiared to within an inch, making a solid flat faced wall of green amazing.....just too slow to whip out the camera.....bugger!

A lot of similarities to VN and some big differences.....maybe I’ll write about this later.....but it’s the blog baby.... it’s getting Tony Mundane again.
Mexican Banh miMexican Banh miMexican Banh mi

Street food #1

Big security presents (sick), armoured vehicles, American school strength guns, razorwired topped fences, alarms, more guns, tough looking black-clad cops everywhere...sorta reassuring.....if you’re waiting for someone to shoot at you!

Wonderful food although the cuisine is somewhat a tad de stodge, street food....tortillas, tacos, gorditos, tomales, too many to name... Good beer, better tequila.....the family farm and the carrot crop, dairy cows and flies, alcoholics and saints, not many dogs, roadside roast chicken to die for.....Izchel’s Mum, Lupita, makes the most insane range of salsas....I would love to learn how to do this....these.....make Some English teacher you turned out to be!

Bad nuevos from Da Nang, the Japanese bike is still stuck in Cambodia.....and....the house next door has been pulled down and another 6 storey monster going up.....just like across the lane....also the one at the back....oi gioi oi....definitely time to be getting out....c’mon girls, get me the goss on a beachfront property at Tam Thanh....but don’t tell anyone....especially fucking Facebook.

Yesterday we flew to Cancun, Ben’s got a Rentabomb and we’ve driven down the costa to Tulum, home of famosa old ruins, past the VN style overdevelopment, condom-idioms, fast food outlets and the beach!!! Sooo good to be back at the beach.....swim, sand in hair, sand everywhere, the finest whitest sand you could imagine, texture of talc, gets everywhere....then a roast chicken sitting on the (dry) fountain in Main Street.....(that was tortuous, it was we sitting, not the roast chook)....torn into with gutso! who just happened to be passing by.....local dog pestering but carefully so .

Why is the Caribbean so reflective? Makes you think huh? I was reminded today of memories of sailing el Caribe not so long ago.....a seagull floated overhead as I floated below, its wings were Venezuela, the birds, yacht hulls, light planes, all looked blue....never seen in Oz, Asia, anywhere else, the so white sand might be a clue.

The beach is semi-crwoded, we rent an umbrella in a carefully raked circle from an old geezer, then, not too far away, we’ll, not far enough as it happened, a group of 5 elegant young women and an arsehole made camp, canucks imitating seppos, why go to so much time and expense to travel and then take everything with music, drinks, food, bad attitudes, limited knowledge, narrow world views, noisy loudness....I’m surprised they didn’t bring their own fucking sand!

On a more cheerful note.....frigate birds overhead, now that brings back some memories.....and the grubby local pelicans, just as delicately balanced nuanced shadowing the waves smooth flying as Oz pelicans but these look like they’ve done a couple of shifts at the coal more pristine whitey grey pretty.....smudgy grubby dirty looking....poor buggers......and the smaller black birds, actually brown breasted and a dark bluey black lustre in the sun, with v long tails that push them sideways when they’re walking downwind, embarrassing and hilarious

We’re eating in, eating out, drinking lots of water Mum, I’m managing to hold down a beer or three and smoking only a couple of fags a day....que paso? Much more relaxed here at the beach, I’ll try and get some photos manana.....this is regressing to brochureland....

Definitely maybe a dawn at the beach....much the same latitude as Cairns and Da Nang....and an East-facing beach like My Khe, I hope dawn’s rosy crack will be worth getting up for......blah blah blah....sorry!

If you can persevere there are dawn photos at the end!


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The sign says The sign says
The sign says

You’re like tequila, I need you every day
family outingfamily outing
family outing

Sister, Mama, Sister, and cousins sleeping
Cutest little yoghurt, granola and honey Cutest little yoghurt, granola and honey
Cutest little yoghurt, granola and honey

With giant (small size!) fruit salad mmmm and big papa

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