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December 25th 2017
Published: December 29th 2017
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In terms of Christmas, I actually think yesterday was harder than today. Yesterday I was calling mum and dad and Facebook was filled with Christmas messages but today I woke up and it was the 25th, but not Christmas. Due to the time zones I couldn’t even call home. We already had our own Christmas before I left and amongst the presents I bought with me (Fitbit, life straw, clothes....) was a chocolate coin - because of course what is Christmas without chocolate coins?! At dinner two nights ago in Valladolid chocolate coins at Christmas was determined to really be the only Christmas similarity between all our nationalities! Then at a supermarket after dinner I came across a massive pack - Mexico does them too!

The Aussies and I all headed to the beach for a relaxing Christmas and also because we didn’t know what would and wouldn’t be open and didn’t want to get caught out. Despite being sold as a ‘beach town’ the reality is that the beach is a 10 minute taxi ride away, depending on traffic! It’s also almost all privately owned (my understanding is that Playa and Cancun are the same). Backpackers
typically head to La Femia, a taco restaurant with lounge chairs and mattresses - and obviously tacos. It was at this point that I realised I’d forgotten my bloody wallet, well at the very least I was praying that I’d forgotten it cos it wasn’t there!!! We were too late to get chairs but set ourselves up on a big patch of sand. The water was probably the hottest I’ve ever experienced but with super strong waves that would just knock you out every time, so it was relax for 40 seconds, drown for 10, repeat. Being pale as I was putting sunscreen on what felt like every two minutes, but realistically probably every 40 minutes plus when I got out of the water but that wasn’t enough to stop me burning like a bitch. I was at the end so my right side of my right leg and inside of my left were totally burnt, as was my back and a little on my arms and feet. I even put my tee back on early to prevent my back burning! Having tacos delivered right to us on the beach was probably the best part, honestly they could’ve been shit
but given on the beach you’d love them! My veggie ones had a lot of unidentifiable vegetables, but it’s the only way you will get tacos with vegetables so whatever. Tacos in general here are two tiny tortillas (palm size) with a bit of meat, maybe cubed onion and your choice of spicy sauce, makes Old El Paso seem bloody gourmet. We’d been planning on meeting up with some Germans from another hostel but it just wasn’t working out - until we were walking out the exit and they were stepping out of the taxi. Thus, we headed back in, reclaimed our spot and ordered some margaritas. The barman poured the tequila in and we all looked at each other thinking “decent”, not getting ripped off before he proceeded to put in another FIVE types of liquor!!!!! Between that and the chilli flakes around the rim we couldn’t even taste the 2 mangoes he put in.

Just as we were about to leave, for the second time, we noticed that there were groups from the hostel dotted all around the beach, we knew a few but not that many, so all had a group photo - maybe 20 of
us. The hostel worker managed to hold his breath for 2:03 minutes in the taxi after bragging that he could do it for a minute and a half and us not believing him.

We intended on going out to a super cheap recommended taco restaurant but of course, it was closed so headed to another one we past full of locals and a few tourists. One of the girls didn’t want them, we still had to meet up with the Germans and there were no seats so we ordered to go and went and ate them in the Germans hostel courtyard, whilst they weren’t even there: awkward. Increasing the awkward, the group had a fight, they were sick of one girl and another was pissed because she was the designated babysitter of the disliked girl so everyone had sides, but honestly I was too busy eating my pork tacos. The Germans were still nowhere to be found by the time we left so we bought some bottled margaritas and went back to the hostel.

UPDATE: everyone that ate the pork tacos got sick.

11,891 steps but didn't wear to beach.

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