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December 24th 2017
Published: December 27th 2017
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Erika, Marieke and I planned yesterday to check out a Cenote Suyten last night, 7km away before Erika and I caught the bus to Tulum. We’d brought up that we could either bike or taxi but I figured being such a great distance we’d obviously just get a cab. Breakfast came with a side of heartbreak when they both admitted they wanted to bike, I should’ve bloody known it. I was terrified, last time I rode a bike in Thailand I almost died five times and that was only 1km away and who are the absolute worst possible people to grab a bike with and who was I going with? 2 Dutch girls. The Olympians of bike riding. I didn’t want to miss out and didn’t want to fall off or not make it back or a thousand other things but I took a bike out into the park for a thirty second trial and I wasn’t bad so reluctantly decided to come, mostly I didn’t want a bruised dignity just yet (it was sure to come). I changed into tights, figuring they’d protect me better than shorts for the inevitable fall and off we went. It was kinda the wrong
way around, we had to start in the city, the busy city with cars and traffic lights and police directing traffic and pedestrians and most importantly, Mexican drivers. I was still too afraid to turn my head back so just followed faithfully, what could go wrong? My best case scenario was a driver opening their car door onto me. Talk about optimism. We made it out alive and onto the highway, 1km in a handy bike lane separate to the road began which sounds great, except it hasn’t been maintained for a few years (maybe 20), so I was no longer dodging cars but rocks, low tree branches, mud and bits of the bitumen that come up in cracks (no idea how to say what I’m trying to say). After riding for seemingly forever with tired legs and incredible pain between my legs; but we did it without a single stop so pretty good effort. Despite thinking they were showing me up I turned out to be the least sweaty and tired of all of us - absolute miracle.

Despite thinking, Christmas Eve, early morning, cenote in the middle of nowhere, bound to be empty we were greeted with
five tour busses. Fkn awesome. Mostly, they were there to see displays of random shit, I think jewellery and stuff they were trying to sell not going to the actual cenote, but some paid. bastards. Life jackets were compulsory which the other two hated but I was secretly loving, not gonna drown, don’t need to fear or stay by the ropes! The water was bloody freezing, bloody freezing with only a tiny hole in the ceiling of the cave for the sun to get in to warm up the water. It was gorgeous, reasonably big, only 5m deep so not terrifying and a platform in the middle right under the hole was amazing, apart from the fact that it was filled with tourists, we never went on, too many people with selfie sticks and deep water aren’t a great combo, in fact we were waiting for one to go A over T but were ultimately disappointed.

A miscommunication and misunderstanding and actually getting what we wanted after battling a bitch meant that we only had an hour or so there to ensure we were back for the 1pm bus, the one I wanted and was told was full so I’d have to take the 3pm but then she changed her mind and didn’t think to tell us.

The bus was super quick and comfy, though we did almost miss it as we thought they were calling for the Oriente bus. The whole thing was terribly organised. Erika didn’t know the address of her hostel so ended up coming with me before heading to her own. I ended up swapping rooms after a group of 6 Aussies (plus one more later) arrived 10 minutes after me with 5 in a 6 bed room (and me) and another outside. They were all Melbournians about to start their last year of Physio and had been doing placement in New York and one radio host. We ended up getting along really well and headed out to the bars after our hostel pizza dinner but I buggered up, not realising my Fitbit was still on Valladolid time we all celebrated Christmas an hour late - ooops. I did manage to drink three beers; motivation when all three were still cheaper than a wine or cocktail (50 peso v 120/140).

15,288 steps.


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