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January 16th 2014
Published: January 16th 2014
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¿Cómo está? (How are you?)

We are just great, any better and it would be illegal! Time is ticking very slowly here as it normally does; yesterday someone asked what time it was, & 5 PM was thrown out, but it was only 3. Hours of fun to go 😊

Yesterday was a day to chill, and chill we did. After an amazing breakfast on the beach of omelettes, waffles, bacon, amazing hash browns, and fresh fruit, along with mimosas, we were in tip top shape for a walk along the beach.

We returned to a spa we had gone to last summer, and for those of you that have your trip booked here next month, it's on Constituyentes between 5th Ave & 1st called Beauty & Health Spa. It's a full spa and we chose to get pedicures. They have two big chairs outside which allows you to people watch while sitting back & having your feet done. For $35 you get the works on your feet & I will say it was THE best pedicure I've maybe ever had, or definitely up there with Mili who works at Noir Salon in Ottawa (she's FANTASTIC). But for the money the best one I've ever had. Across the street at Bip-Bip Bar you get 2for1 margaritas so we enjoyed a nice fresh limey drink while heaven was reinging down on our toes. Mom was so relaxed she was almost floating. It's so nice to treat mom to some comfort and get her pampering after years of very hard work sometimes physical and now it's her turn to sit back & be pampered. The two ladies, Betty & Suzie who work there were just so pleasant and efficient and Ava even got a kids pedicure and her toes are stunning for her new sandals!!

After that headed to Wicky's for lunch (Shauna this is where you are staying), and we had a really fun waiter and the food was really good. After a big breakfast we just wanted some finger foods so on the menu was chicken tenders in a homemade ranch dip, Buffalo chicken wings, and potato skins. Pasquel the waiter told me to come back on Thurs for margaritas on the house. OK Paquel if you insist I will do it 😊

After a nice walk along the beach we came back & enjoyed some reading time and Al's tasty margarita on the balcony. Kids were back at it in the pool, and after a while it was time for us to go have a massage. There's a new spa opened next door, not fully completed but they are set up for massages. So Al & I lined up side by side to enjoy a luxurious masssage that could make your toes curl. It was the first time having a massage that I actually dozed off a bit! (Musta been Al's fabulicious margarita that had a nice soothing kick to it).

Around 8 PM we got gussied up to take a walk to have a light dinner. We ended up at Los Rancheros, our old stomping ground. At the door I asked if Minerva the manager was there but she was on holidays. So the doorman says to me, "I know you...Carlos is your waiter". Holy macaroni, I didn't recall meeting this guy but he knew me (am I on a Wanted Poster for a crime or what?) So someone calls Carlos and he comes over and says SALLY! Gives me this huge hug and away we went to the races. Great drinks, wonderful food which was a Mexican Platter of ribs, quesadillas, chicken kebabs, beef kebabs, fajita chicken, homemade tortillas, salsas, guacamole. Amazing & one platter can feed a small army.

They have live marimba music there each night (xylophone performed by 3 guys), followed by this amazing mariachi band of 7. Because we gave them a good tip for playing, they came back to our table to give us a special performance. We asked for something slow like a ballad and they played Tony Bennett's "San Francisco" and it gave us shivers it was SO good. They are powerful musicians. What a night; they even got mom up dancing. She loves Latin music as do I 😊

We came home & watched the hilarious Bernie with Jack Black & Shriley Maclaine which had mom in stitches (we have almost worn out the CD from watching that movei!)

We hit the sack around midnight cause Al needs his beauty sleep...He's got to be up for his scuba diving outing leaving at 8:30. His group is off to explore another amazing cenote. A cenote is a term that is only used in Mexico and comes from the Mayan word "dzonot" meaning "abyss", which are wells of fresh water wells created by the erosion of limestone, soft and porous stone. They are only found in the Yucantan area which attracts seasoned divers from all over the world to dive and explore these fabulous and mysterious hidden cenotes and rivers.

He'll be back in time for lunch and another day of enjoying the the life of Reilly!

We're having coffee on the balcony and will be moving to another condo today which is is gorgeous. It too is a penthouse with hammocks etc and sweeping views of the ocean. We haven't stayed in this one before so a new experience.

Hope to hear from some of you! Tomorrow if all goes as planned, we are going to take the ferry over to our favorite sspot, ISLA MUJERES!

PS please note picture of mom swinging her napkin in the air. Told you so!!!

PSS is anyone out there? Love your anybody reading this nonsense? 😊

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16th January 2014

Mother ... I miss you
Dear Mother, Why have you failed to contact me and rendezvous at the specified place and time? I cannot tell you how much I would like to share these adventures with you. Please contact me.
16th January 2014

Must be nice!
Sounds like you're all really making the most of it and glad to hear it. Have a great visit to Isla Mujeres -- I haven't been there in so long but have great memories of me and Gord blasting around the island on a moped. Enjoy!
16th January 2014

Isla Mujeres
We will Cin...hugs!
17th January 2014

Sally so glad to know you are having fun.Sis deserves it.
17th January 2014

Your sister is having fun; she's relaxed & loving it all...xo

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