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January 19th 2013
Published: January 19th 2013
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"Each day is a new canvas to paint upon". ~

Well good morning all! After moving to our new condo early on Friday a.m., Lara & I went for breakfast together & found a lovely spot to sit and watch the world go by.

This might be one of the most marvelous days we've had here yet. The wind is light and the waves are gently lapping at the shore. The ocean is particularly happy today; it's multi-colored with the sun playfully rippling off the waves.

It's a perfect day to scuba dive which Al is doing. He's with Dave who certified Al in his scuba diving and who hails from BC. He is thrilled to be going cenote diving today out near Tulum, one of the most beautiful places in the Riviera Maya.

So you may ask what a cenote is? Well gosh darn it, isn't it great I am around to tell you!!

Cenotes are specific to the Yucatan area and you will not find them anywhere else in the world. This area has a thin limestone surface that allows rain water to filter through the ground. Over the centuries, a system of underground rivers has been created through which the water flows to the Caribbean Sea. In fact, there are no above ground rivers in the region, except the Hondo River which forms the border between Mexico and Belize.

In some places, the roof above these waterways has weakened and collapsed over time. These natural cavities or sinkholes are called cenotes, from the Maya dzonot, and have been an important source of fresh water since the days of the ancient Maya. These cenotes are underwater cavern openings leading to the caves and tunnels of the underground. So Al will be in heaven exploring these cenotes today.

Yesterday was a nice slow day, after our previous day of snorkeling. We were up early and Al & I did some shopping. We got some fantastic deals along the way, and then stopped to have a drink on the beach. It is nice to spend some quiet time together, and the girls were happy back at the condo swimming in the pool with grandma.

We sat and just enjoyed the scenery, and saw the folks at the bar next door getting free neck massages while they sipped margaritas. For heaven's sake if that's not "the life" what the heck is? Getting a neck the ocean...with a margarita in hand...and your toes dipped in soft sand. Aye carumba!

We stopped at our little spa restaurant and enjoyed a free margarita on the house and had a light lunch with Ray & the girls. Grandma was having a massage on the condo balcony with the wonderful Monica who gives THE best hourly massages for $20 CDN.

The afternoon we whittled away doing as little as possible. Al & I spent most of the day hanging out together (lucky guy!) and we got back in time to freshen up and get to our reservation for dinner at Los Rancheros. We know the staff there and they have a live miramba trio playing in the evening. We had THE most marvelous dinner and the presentation was really original and cool. It was called the Mexican platter, but it really was a mixed platter of ribs, chicken & beef kebobs, chorizo sausage, then grilled chicken & beef pieces, along with quesadillas, guacamole, nachos, black beans, tortilla chips, grilled pineapple, and carved tomatoes & cucumbers to add to the splendor. It cost us around $45 CDN for the total of the four of us for this platter. Take a look at this platter!

After dinner, we all got up and danced to the wonderful live music which was a blast. I almost got Ray up cutting a rug, but alas, no luck! We really had a fun time, especially when the waiter danced with and twirled Ava on the dance floor. We tipped the band quite well because they were worth every peso. The staff was very fun, the drinks 2for1, and overall a great evening.

We topped the night off with a game of cards and watched Planes Trains & Automobiles with John Candy & Steve Martin...Who doesn't miss the great late John Candy? I love his humourous delivery & sweet innocent face that can somehow make you laugh & shed a tear at the same time. He is/was the best. It was a banner night all around.

And that brings us to today with me sitting next to my daugher having breakfast. Simple times. I love those one onone times with my girls where each one gets my undivided attention.

So often every day life & schedules get in the way & you look at each other rushed, thinking "who are you again"? I used to be SO annoyed when my dad would call me "Cindy", (my sister's name), and he would call Cindy, "Sally" by mistake. Now guess who does that daily? Me. I run through my kids' names like a roster list hoping for a hit. "Ava, Rory, Lara"? and I sometimes call Al, "Burt"...and who the hell is Burt & why does Al answer to it? Bonus for me. Have you not done that, called your kids different names? the end, family & health are the greatest gifts one can be given in life.

That old saying, "Life is like money, you can spend it how you want, but you can only spend it once" really resonates with me. So if life is like money (currency), then one has to figure out where you can get the best value for your life currency. For me strictly speaking, my "currency" will always be spent investing in my family (and well friends too for that matter who are like my family).

Spending time building your currency with your children & spouse (or significant loved one in whatever shape or form they come) will be the best investment one will ever make in their life. I count my blessings to have my parents who have always done their darndest to love me and my siblings, despite the challenges 😊 And speaking of siblings, no matter how we split off on the branches of our family tree, doing our own thing, I treasure my brothers Barry, Bill, Dan and my sister Cindy greatly.

To follow up on life's currency, the deposits you make in your childrens' memory banks via good times, traditions, life experiences, and I guess these tropical trips spent together, will be what they can withdraw in the future & pass along to their own children. And well hoping too, that they remember it all fondly. (and not me barking, "did you pack your suitcase?...where's your dirty laundry to take home"?) 😊

All the deposits we make in our children will build a strong life foundation, and whatever you put into your children, you will see the value of those deposits grow over time. Sheesh I really hope I'm around to see the next batch of Robusky/Forans that come along.

And hopefully, in the end, they too will be rich: rich in love, rich in happiness, rich in personal growth, and rich in life's pleasures. And when I say "rich" I don't mean money.

Well those are my thoughts for the day. They may be only worth a penny, or a peso, but I'll take what I can get...Maybe I'll get enough to buy a margarita! 😉

Signing off for now mes amigos; I've got an anniversary dinner to get to!!!

See pics per usual.

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19th January 2013
HELLO family

Beautiful pics, loving the new condo :-))
19th January 2013

Your life currency insights...
Thanks for sharing these beautiful words on life currency and family building. Very deep and well put. You are so right about 1 on 1 times with our kids: It allows us to slow down and listen. You are a great parent and wife.I'm so sure you are even more in love after an 'Anniversary trip' like this...btw, I love the condo photos. I took time early this a.m. to actually re-read more of the blogs- not just looking at the photos (cheating!). The way you ended your blog on 'Snorkling with sea turtles' was quite profound. I grew up around turtles and indeed they are interesting and insightful creatures. I love the philosophy attached to that blog. It makes me proud to be your friend. Love to all. xo
19th January 2013

Life thoughts
Hi Zully, wow, thank you! I am prouder to call you my friend!! Yes turtles are amazing...may they continue to live on forever.
19th January 2013

Okay, I can't look anymore...too depressing....for me! Looks like another fantastic family vacation Sal! Enjoy your last week!
19th January 2013

Aww, didn't mean to make you depressed Barb! It is a great spot, having loads of fun, coming to a close all too soon!! xo

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