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January 14th 2013
Published: January 15th 2013
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Let me start by saying we're all feeling better! YAY. More to come on our adventure to a big amazing waterpark yesterday.

Attached is a hilarious video (in our opinion) of Greg and two local musicians we hired to play us a few songs at dinner last week. They were really good, and the songs they played were very touching but let's just say, Greg was a bit more into the nacho chips than the music!

It became funnier when his dad asked him to move out of the way so he could film the musicians. So Greg crouched down but managed to still eat & drink! PS see the look on Greg's face at the very end when I suggested we should "get another song"...!

(Greg can do a straight face like nobody's business.) For those of you that know Greg, you'll get it!

AND, this is with Greg's gung ho permission to post this!

PS Click on link below & hit "play button" and the password is: Greg

Can someone let me know you could open this? We're using a new program.

PS update: I meant to say this, thank you Heather (Greg's mom) for encouraging Greg to join us here in Playa. We hope he had a good time despite a bit of the flu!!!


15th January 2013

Hi Sally, maybe it\'s just me but it\'s asking for a password. This is what it says: \"This is a private video. Do you have permission to watch it? If so please provide the correct password. ________________________ Access « Return to the previous page.\" Have fun.
15th January 2013

Greg & Musicians
Password is Greg
15th January 2013

That's funny!
15th January 2013

Greg & Musicians
Hey Sue, I was killing myself! It's a great memory!

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