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January 13th 2013
Published: January 14th 2013
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Buenas noches guys! It's absolutely glorious today, tres caliente (hot) (I should have that phrase on repeat how hot and beautiful it is!). I think we could skip the stove & fry our eggs on the sidewalk.

So after being beat from the feet up from the last few days, I slept all the way through the night. But guess who woke feeling sick? If you guessed "me", pass go and collect $200 .

I took one of the anti-nausea pills & felt better in a bit. I decided lying in bed was not going to fix anything, so I went up to the loungers on the roof and I lasted five minutes due to the strong sun. Moving under the shade is now ideal, and the view over the ocean is specky-tacular!!

Yesterday Blaine, Greg, Al & I did some touring around and some shopping. We started off at our little spot, Yan Tens and found out our waiter Luis had been away sick for 3 days with a throat infection. We also found out that our beach server Odin has been sick 8 days with the flu. They must be all cursing us tourists for giving them the flu!

After a quick beverage we went down a bunch of side streets poking our heads into some little stores. We had some laughs of course along the way, and decided a) it was hot and b) we needed some lunch. So back we went to the Wayan Store with all the funky imported knickknacks (and where the fish spa was) and they have THE most elegant restaurant in the spa. They have a very eclectic menu; Thai chicken satay, grilled sesame beef kebobs on a bed of crispy noodles & carmalized veggies. It was SO good that I was almost, and I mean almost, stuck without words. (Al says, "yeah right".) . The price for a bucket of 5 beer is $70 pesos; roughly $5.50 CDN, but Al wasn't going to drink all that but the waiter said go ahead and order it and what you don't drink you can come back and drink them another day. How often do you ever hear that kind of offer? What a great idea!!

Greg spotted a Bob Marley picture and asked if it was for sale. Our waiter Sergio said he'd have to ask the boss but it was part of their decor & not for sale. A little time passed and he came back and said, this picture was brought from Las Vegas, and the owner did not want to part with it, but would sell it for a tidy sum. So Greg decided to pass on it. We did take pics of it though...

It was another afternoon of doing very little; again the high waves is putting all our plans on hold, and the flu that keeps tagging us "it" isn't helping. But we are really content to hang out, enjoy each other's company and relax.

Last night we went to have dinner at Aldea. This is a beauitful ritzy restaurant that is spectacular. We have had dinner there many times and Greg & Blaine were pretty impressed. The atmosphere when they take you through the restaurant to the back for outside seating is lush with a jungle theme; huge trees, and flowers and stone, with burning torches and candles on the tables. The service is white shirt, efficient and one waiter is contantly circling to remove glasses, wipe the sweating glasses on the tables and keep you very comfortable. We have met the manager before and he came out for a brief chat, offered us dessert on the house (Blaine had rice pudding with raisins but it's nothing like his mom's he said!). He also compted us part of our bill which was pretty nice. I tell ya, it pays to make friends around here!

We wrapped up a fine day with watching "Bernie", the movie with Jack Black, Shirley Maclaine & Matthew McCaunaughey. It was hilarious to say the least and kept the gang in stitches. You must see this movie; talk about a snapshot of a little town with quirky people who can call a spade a spade.

Sorry the blogs are slow right now. Wishing some big incident or adventure would happen wouldn't you so I'd have a story to tell??? Sheesh isn't enough we are warriors fighting the flu with water bottles and gravol as our weapons!

Well let's hope tomorrow we can pull something out of the hat.

How's the balmy warm weather back home? Is there any snow left at all???

HELLO? Anyone?

PS Shawn (Foran) thank you for such gracious words about Bill; it really meant something to me to read what you wrote. Thank you. Have a great trip to Mexico!!

Off for dinner...OK I will be watching while everyone eats. I am just not up for food tonight. Mom....come nurse me!!!

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14th January 2013

I am here!!!
There is still some hard crust snow and ice. Yesterday was just horrible and depressing with rain and thick fog. How thick was it? So thick you could cut it with a knife. I was getting a little concerened when I didn't receive you blog, I thought that maybe you were hit hard with the flu. But here you are...keep up the good fight. It is great hearing about all your escapades and places that you have been. Some of them I can relate to as I have been there. Till the next time, Love to all. XOXO
14th January 2013

Happy Domingo
Hi mom, well considering the weather at home, I'll take the flu here in Playa...love & hugs! xoxxo
14th January 2013

get well wishes from afar...
hey there Sally; just catching up on your blogs ~ sorry to hear that the nasty flu has followed you to sunny Playa. I will say that you are certainly going with the flow (of the flu!). It's a great character trait - making lemonade when you're served lemons. Best wishes to all for a speedy recovery and recharged batteries. Enjoy your time in the sun... looking forward to reading more entries.
14th January 2013

Happy Domingo
Hi Cindy, well we'll have to make limeade; can't find any lemons here! We are doing fine, the flu was rather mild overall. We are still having a great time. A bad day here as I like to say is still a better day than at home with snow & cold!
14th January 2013

I forgot to say that there is nothing that I would rather do that to go and look after you and try to make you comfy. Whoop-dee do the sun is out and shinnning brightly. Love you aweatie. XO
14th January 2013

Happy Domingo
I am feeling better ma, I didn't get nearly as sick as poor Rory. All's good! xo
17th January 2013

Bob Marley on the wall ... from Vegas?! Ok, that's fun, but when are you going to visit the Haley B&B in Texas? Plenty of room, the Alamo just "stones throw away" from here, and some of the best food on the planet (save Playa of course.) :)
17th January 2013

OK yes we need to get our butts down to Texas. And you need to bring that man of yours up to Ottawa.

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