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January 11th 2013
Published: January 11th 2013
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"Why does the ocean rock the moon to sleep every night? So the sun will wake and kiss the beach." ~

Top o' the mornin' to you all! Well, another totally glorious morning to wake up here in Playa. We're grabbing morning by the biscuits everyday here I'll tell ya!

However, you can't have a rainbow without a little rain sometimes, and by that I mean we are having the most wonderful time, but the "rain" as it were is that a few of us have the flu. As you know, the flu is being felt all over the world, and it seems to be felt here too. Planes are flying into here everyday with people with flu symptoms and it eventually makes its way to us despite it being a tropical spot.

Pat was feeling sick the first day, then Al got it, and so on. Last night Rory was up all night, very nauseated and vomiting. To be on the safe side, (the only side to be on), we have called the house doctor, Dr. Gutierrez and he's with a professional group of doctors with their own walk-in clinic & they will do house-calls. He was fantastic and arrived not long after being requested. So he went through all her vitals & symptoms and said there are 3 viruses going around, 2 coming in the from the UK and also the Norwalk. So he gave her a 3ml shot of Metocolrpromia which works very quickly to bring the vomiting under control. So that's all done, she has vomited twice since then, but is now sitting up reading. (oops came back to revise; she felt better, got sick again and is now sleeping like a baby.) So this Mom (me) has been up all night playing Florence Nightingale. Wet cloths, Gravol, water, juice, bucket!!! Ahhh poor little Rory. I will let you know that goes.

Otherwise, we are all having the most enjoyable time, as we knew we would because we picked the right folks to vacation with. It is important to know who you can travel with when you go away. One of the blogs I wrote for Playa Beach Condos & Villas is entitled, "Tips for Traveling with Friends". The first tip is choose wisely those you plan on spending a week or two with. While it might be ideal to go out for dinner with friends or family for one evening, spending a week together is a different thing. I have to say we've always chosen wisely and this time is no different.

Ray and Pat (Al's parents) often come to Ottawa and spend a few weeks with us throughtout the year and we've always had a good time, settle into a routine & everyone has their own space. Blaine has joined us on many a summer vacation, and we know our temperments, fit into each other's routines and schedules nicely.

So it's allll gooood!

So yesterday...we started out with a few of us walking over to Wal-Mart to get a few breakfast items. We enjoyed our walk, and stopped to have a freshly squeezed orange juice. Ah...that was so refreshingly tingly on the tongue!

Got to Wal-Mart and after getting the mainstays, we hit their bakery. They make these little croissants stuffed with ham & cream cheese that are just delish, so we got those to go. We also picked up fresh pancakes to go; $1 CDN for 3 pancakes and they were light and fluffy. The pastries here are to die for, and frankly I am not much of a pastry lover, but even I am impressed with the array of goodies.

After breakfast, Greg & I made our way down the beach to the north, lots of cafes, bars, music, and there's an electronic festival going on, so the music is really pumping. We found a little spot to have a drink on a lounger near the water that was nice, but the wind was so high today, and the sand was flying in our faces. It is unusually windy according to the locals. So we angled our loungers away from the wind and enjoyed relaxing and chatting. Greg has caught the travel bug so he was telling me all about the adventures he plans to go on. Great to have a dream to work towards.

We moved to El Pirate on the beach to see another beach waiter, Armando that we've known for years. I stood near the ocean, waiting to see if he'd spot me, and yep, he did and came right over! I guess it's my white Nike ball cap, or perhaps I am on a "Wanted" poster, but he always recognizes me on a busy beach. No comments from the peanut gallery; I will leave it that I made a nice impression on him (who am I kiddin', it's the nice tips I leave 😊 Anyhow, Armando asked if I wanted the "usual", and I said SI! Out he comes with a big margarita! We sat there for a while taking in the view, until a mini rainstorm moved through but Armando had a table set up under the palapa, so all was good with the world again! Within minutes it was back on again; hot hot hot!

We met up with the group and had lunch at Wicky's. Greg had a grilled chicken with bacon, avocado, cheese, lettuce on a bun, and Ray & Blaine had nachos & buffalo chicken wings, Lara a grilled salad with fresh cheese, tomatoes, avocado etc. Very nice. (manager assured us her chicken would be grilled in a separate pan to avoid cross-contamination) and I was very impressed he would do that and she LOVED the food.

Last night was low key. So we stayed in and played cards. What would a trip be here if we didn't get into a rousing game of "President & A$$hole". That is so much fun unless you're the A$$hole! Both Greg & I ended up in that uncoveted position, however, we wore the hat with style!!

Everybody was tired last night, so we stayed in and relaxed. I tell you, it's work being on these vacations. Walking the ocean, having a few drinks on a lounger, eating a scrumptious lunch, getting lots of sun...wah, life is hard.

It's 8:30 am and the sun is up, the waves are roaring in, and the palm trees are swaying to the sound of the waves.

Well I smell breakfast, must cut the line and get a plate. I will let you know how Rory is feeling down the road.

Today we were supposed to go to one of the big waterparks but knowing a few folks weren't feeling good we put it on hold. Thank god as these parks aren't cheap.

OH & further to our wedding anniversary, with Al ailing, we did not get out to AJUA MAYA for dinner so we still have that to look forward to.

Well guys, sun and shore are calling me. Al and I are off for a nice long walk, and Rory just wants to rest so we have Lara keeping an eye on her. Grandma's with Ava at the pool, and Ray is up on the roof taking in the views.

Blaine is making himself some breakie; then we'll assess our plan for the day.

Hope you are all enjoying that very warm weather back home.

Basking in sheer heaven.

PS here's my blog for Playa Condos & Villas about "tips for traveling with friends"...Oh and lots of pics are further below!


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12th January 2013

Sending you love and smiles.
It looks like you survived the Anniversary celebrations. I like your picture of the life through the Wine glass. Smart. I hope you got my email to Congratulate you on your Anniversary.....I do not see it posted. Hoping to see you when you get back. Can we go over your wedding video...I have waited 5 years. Can you watch it one more time??? Over wine? I bring the wine! ;-)
12th January 2013

Waking to the ocean waves
Zully that is so odd, I always reply to comments? Check again! YES we must finally do the wedding video thing!! Hugs!
12th January 2013

Hope Rory is better soon
Sorry l'm not there for a sleepover
12th January 2013

Waking to the ocean waves
Marth, 'm sure you are relaxing yet getting prepare for your cruise like doing your pushups and situps to prepare for your 3 week cruise....yeah right...!

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