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Published: July 9th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

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1: whale shark video 22 secs
Yes this is Lara & Al video taped with whale sharks!

While it may seem scary to hear Al & Lara swam with whale "sharks" they aren't the great white shark or anywhere near a preditory creature at all. In fact they don't really have teeth, or rather they are so small because they have no need for them since they filter feed on small krill. They are gentle giants and the biggest fish in the sea.

It's the "high point" for seasoned divers, to see a whale shark which is a gift for so many people who know and love the whale shark. So for Al and Lara to see them was an unforgettable amazing adventure.

The truth is the whale shark is more tame than a neighborhood dog you aren't familiar with. Take a look at this article on National Geographic.



9th July 2012

Very cool, Sally. I am so enjoying your blogs :-)
10th July 2012

Whale shark
Thanks Shawn! I thought that video today was so amazing. It was nice Al was able to capture that with Lara. Whatta a last few days!
10th July 2012

So neat and such a fun experience, for Laura!

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