Published: July 5th 2012
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How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are? Satchel Paige

Well it was a fantastic birthday on the rippling magnificent turqoise shores of Playa. If one must turn a year older then one should do it here. I can't ever recall a birthday that I've never not spoken to mom & dad and my sister Cindy so I felt like a dog with two tails yesterday. One tail trying to enjoy the day but the other tail feeling there was a disconnect. We have free calls to Canada from our condo but for some reason today of all days, the condo was having phone issues.

Al whisked me away for a walk in the morning; lord I thought it's hot at home but whewie, it was hot as in in capital HOT. If we walk on the ocean, we're fine. But walk 5th avenue and you feel like you're on a spit over a BBQ with an "apple in your mouth" type of hot! So darn it I hate when this happens - we HAD to stop for a cold drink 😊 First a lovely mimosa of champagne & OJ keeping with the birthday theme followed by a cold margarita near the ferry to Cozumel Island while we enjoyed watching the passengers go aboard. When I am at home, I probably have one margarita a year; here it is such a refreshing treat!

At Senor Frogs, there are these hilarious bar stools that are made to look like you are wearing a thong when you sit in them. So Al & I darn near bust a gut when this big burly guy sat down on this bar stool & he got a kick out of it too posing for his wife. (We took pics too so see the pics below.) I wanted to get a picture of Al in one of these chairs and he was all in favor but this guy was a "thong chair" hog. He wouldn't leave to give Al a try! It was all fun...

We grabbed some very tasty tortas (slow cooked pulled roast beef in cilantro & onion) then wrapped in freshly made tortillas to bring back to the condo for lunch. For $1.50 each, it's an inexpensive lunch but oh so tasty.

The balance of our afternoon was spent relaxing on our balcony with a good book curled up on our lounger. Al catered to my every need; water, glass of wine, laptop, foot rub 😊 overall just a really nice birtday not having to worry about anyone including myself. (Not an easy feat for me!)

Before dinner we went to our favorite little bar for a cold beverage where I was serenaded by Mario, a musician we see often. On occasion I'll break into song with him & he's been such a fun guy; trying to convince me to roam the beach with him singing some songs for tips!

Finally we all got showered & gussied up for dinner. The kids all seemed to be twitchy and excited to present me with some little birthday tokens. We went to the famous Yaxche (pronounced Jag-Shey) restaurant that serves Mayan fusion food which has won a 5 diamond hospitality award in 2009 & 2010. It is frankly exceptional white shirt & black pant tip-top service & the food is lovingly prepared. Al and I shared a Kinichi chicken which is a chicken marinated in a chipotle pepper and tangerine sauce or as listed on the menu, "An erotic kiss from the sun". Sheesh if that doesn't make your mouth water 😊 This was served with garlic mashed potatoes, grilled fruit & vegetables and grilled plantain. (you are excused if you wish to run to the fridge to get a snack!) Lara & Kels said they had THE best salad ever called Yax Lol; Mayan lettuce & spinach with grapes, apples and goat's cheese with a blackberry & grape vinaigrette. My love for food was well rewarded with a meal fit for a Mayan princess. A quote on their menu: "The past of the Mayans is related to their fertile homeland, those blessed by their food shall ever be respected by the Gods of nature."

See our pics to bring all of these food items come to life!

I was extremely touched by the gifts the girls gave me. Lara & Kels orchestrated the idea of getting me these perfect beautiful turquoise earrings which Kels haggled over to get the price she wanted! Wow...I'm impressed! And they also got me a beautiful star light that I had been looking at which I will put in our gazebo.The lights here continue to fascinate me as every time we come, they've designed something new to bring home. Al and I had stopped at an art gallery on 5th avenue. The signs says "DO NOT TOUCH NOR TAKE PICTURES." I was fascinated by this guy's work; a picture of a man wearing a sombrero and it's done in 4 pieces which is then assembled when hung. The paint and artwork is intricate and equisite. (only worth $8000 pesos or er...around $700 or so) Al actually went back to see if he could buy it, but it had been sold (I am sure Al was a bit grateful cause that's no small change & we've done this trip on a relatively small budget) I was very touched by the thought but given the amount, I'm happy it was sold, and we can save our pennies on our next trip to think about buying his artwork. We always try to ensure we come home with little to no credit card debt.

While out strolling I decided to buy a beach wrap for myself. Al insisted on paying but feeling he'd did more than enough for my birthday I paid with a $50 US bill. (Yes here's another dang story about money) The wrap was $10 and I gave her $50 US and she looked at it and said I'll be back with your change which was 2 $20 bills. So off we go to stroll 5th avenue which is bustling with evening tourists and we hear this voice yelling at us, "madam, madam please come back, change no good" in halted English. What? Al & I exhanged looks like, "what could possibly be the issue now"? SO off we go, all of us treking back a few blocks to talk to the owner of the shop. She tried to say that I only gave her a $10 bill and she gave me change for a $50. I came to Playa with four $50 US bills and nothing in smaller denominations so I knew exactly what I had given her. I explained this to her and I think she must have realized that we ALL saw me give her a $50 bill and there was no rip-off going on here. Lord, what is it with us and money on this trip here? Did she not get my blog that we are honest folks and already returned money to the yogurt guy who gave Kels change back ten times more than what she handed him? Al is right, my blogs could write themselves with the nonsence that we get up to!

Anyhow, that was resolved and off we went to get some ice cream for dessert. We keep marveling that we've been here one full week and the weather keeps getting better and better. I hope you all are enjoying sun and warm breezes. Today is July 5th, and Al is off for another dive today. He's looking forward to that again.

As I write this, it's very early here on Thursday am. Everyone is fast asleep and I'm enjoying the quiet time on the balcony. The pool guy came to chat with me, and the staff is on the job making this place beam. I really can't say enough about this place. HA, oh yes you can a few of you are saying!!!

Well I guess the coffee isn't going to make itself, so off my duff I must go.

Thank all of you for your wonderful birthday greetings, and Mom I finally got your email last night with our internet being down. Thanks for the lovely sentiments; what are you trying to do, make your adult daughter cry??? Very sweet mama.xo

See pics below and if you don't laugh over that thong picture you need to get your funny bone checked!! And if you do laugh over it, tell me on the comments below!

Sal; another year older but not any wiser.

(PS today is our 15th anniversary together, until Al was smart enough to get down on one knee (hee hee) in 2007 so now we also have a wedding anniversary!) I love having all these celebrations in a row. What should we celebrate tomorrow? Coconut day? Ocean day? I can come up with a few!!

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5th July 2012

July 4, 2012
Isn't 39 marvelous?
5th July 2012

Hey Anne, now c'mon, we went to school together, I am surprised you didn't know I was 38? Nice to hear from you!!
6th July 2012
Off for my birthday dinner

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!!
6th July 2012
Off for my birthday dinner

Grand birthday
I sure did Leah. The kids as always have something special up their sleeve. Homemade cards and gifts and actually jewellry this time that they went & bought and haggled to get me!!
10th July 2012
Off for my birthday dinner

So Happy to hear you had a great Birthday, as you derserve it. Homemade gifts are the BEST gifts in my eyes/heart! When do you guys come back?
10th July 2012
Off for my birthday dinner

Grand day
Yep now I have to find a way to pack my cards so they don't get damaged! We're be waking in our beds on Thurs!

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