R&R and Jaguars

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"M ay your time be filled with relaxing sunsets, cool drinks and sand between your toes."

Yesterday was a banner day...up early to see the sunrise, then spent a part of the day photo-ing & videotaping Tonya's condos and finally some R&R. We had lunch back at Yan Ten; my gosh the chicken brochette was so tender you could cut it with a toothpick. Luis served us with margaritas, pina coladas, smoothies and all kinds of homemade salsas, chips, quesadillas and pico de gallo along with the chicken brochette with rice & salad & tortillas. All of that was served with a scoop of teasing us on the side! It was so fresh, flavorful and 7 of us ate for about $50 CDN. You can stay at a condo and eat cheaply my friends!! (And drink cheaply too might the Irish in me add!) If any of you are heading to Playa, you must see 5th avenue; however, make sure you take a walk along the ocean and see the many bars and cafes dotting the beach. Sit in a hammock chair and sip a Corona while listening to the sounds of the beach, birds, music, ocean roars and chatter. But also, make sure you stop at Yan Ten's; it's not one of the fancy schmancy places, but great people work there serving excellent and reasonably priced food. And be sure to say, "Sally and Al" say hello from Ottawa!!!!

So Al is sitting enjoying the afternoon and he looks up into the restaurant and there is this man sitting there that looks almost exactly like his dad Ray! Now Ray and Pat joined us here in January of this year and Ray loved the nachos and cold beer at Yan Tens so ironically we pictured him there. Al tried to innocuously take a pic of the guy so we wouldn't look like weirdos (anymore than we already do) so he could show Ray. Made us wish all our friends and family were here with us. SO we raised a glass to Ray and his look-alike!!

Finally after a long swim in the pool, it was time to make dinner, clean up and be convinced to by the kids to take a walk down the beach for smoothies. We saw two weddings beach side, and a fashion show. The waves were lapping at the shore and Al & Rory were walking with their shoes off, when I heard a yell; it seems like there was this big unsuspecting drop off at the the shore that Rory and Al fell into & were part way submerged into! It was amazing; one minute you're on the shore, the next you're in water up to you waist. I think Al hurt his foot a bit with the drop off. That could've resulted in a bad injury but they say they are no worse for the wear. After the beach we walked down 5th which was really busy and very humid. We saw some animals from a local sanctuary including a baby jaguar, a cheetah and a tiny little monkey. Apparently the jaguar is an endangered species here so they raise money for the santuary. Kels was very intrigued by the jaguar but passed on getting a picture for $20. Maybe we'll do it another time when we didn't feel so tired.

I gotta say by 10:30 last night, I was feeling "beat from the feet up" I got into my big canopied princess bed and my body hit its own snooze button. I slept all the way through without waking up, and woke too late for the sunrise.

Today is moving day; we move down to the first floor right next to the pool and beach. Kinda nice to be so close to everything, including the fridge for those cool drinks! However, must pack up endless suitcases, fridge contents and belongings to move downstairs. The staff are fantastic to help with everything here including 50 lb suitcases. God love 'em.

Hope you are all well and heck even better than us. We are looking forward to Canada Day here; we have flashing red cowboy hats, glow in the dark red & white bracelets, tattoos, and Tshirts & even red & white leis! Go big or go home...we plan on going big to show our Canadian pride!

Sorry for the boring blog. Sadly there was no idiot on the beach waiting for a smackdown today 😊 hiccup.

As always, arrow down for the pictures (the pics I took of the condo shoots here are from my crappy camera; not Al's professional one which he has to download in raw format at home). As always, I love getting your comments at the bottom of the blog. Oh & there's no spell check so all my teacher friends aren't "tsk tsking me"! Who the "bleep" can spell check after a large margarita???? It's a darn thing we don't have to drive our lounge chairs home. (Frankly we've only had one drink all day; too busy moving and taking pics of the condos). However we just heard the bird squawk for quttin' time at the Fred Flintstone quarry , and it's a race to the fridge for a cold one!

Hi Mom (I know you're reading these). I don't need to say hi to Ray, saw him yesterday at Yan Tens (haha)

Talk tomorrow; happy early Canada Day!

Sal "Canada gal"

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1st July 2012

Body double?
Hope you got contact information from this guy in case I get a dangerous assignment someday. I may need a body double to keep me safe from harm. I was going to remind you that tomorrow was Canada Day but you obviously you came prepared. Hope you find some Canadians or Canadians at heart for the big day. Also a big day for Mexicans; election day. I believe Mexico is dry for election day. You may want to put some margaritas in the fridge for tomorrow. Happy Canada Day Ray
1st July 2012

So that's what he gets up to behind my back. Left him at 7;00am this morning and by lunch he's drinking beer in Mexico........
1st July 2012

Haha Pat...the Robusky men; quiet but you just can't underestimate them!! I was actually looking around to see if you were there too but figured you'd have been easy to spot trying to find your grandkids! Quite funny altogether!!!!

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