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January 31st 2012
Published: January 31st 2012
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Well we're here in the moment RIGHT now at Xpu-Ha Beach. This is a private beach that only takes reservations. We took a 20 minute cab (very cheaply to this place) and you get a palapa/cabana for the day, includes white shirt waiter service at your lounger. There's only 12 palapas for rent, and they are spread apart and very private. This is JUST what Al and I wanted. We are all alone! It's quiet, no crowds, no loud music, no drunken idiots(yet 😉 and what a tropical vacation should be.

We have already enjoyed a crispy duck salad with a soya ginger vinagrette and fresh grapes and salad from their garden. Al had stuffed peppers with goat's cheese and pesto sauce.

This private beach club is isolated. There's probably 2 miles of beach unoccupied, although you can see people way off in the distance. There's no one on the beach right now, and the view is miles of ocean.

Will write more, but wanted to share a few pics right now!!

Sal & Al

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1st February 2012

So this what "Heaven" looks like??? ;-)
Naughty opportunities...just sayin..... xo Happy you took time for yourselves. AWESOME. Love the long beach.xo
1st February 2012

Al Cielo
Yep me and Al in heaven, oceanside...xoxo
1st February 2012

Yep Al & I in heaven...we both read a book, ate & drank! That's together-ness ;)
1st February 2012

You could NOT have planned it better.... :-0
Really. Freezing rain mixed with snow...school buses cancellations, etc.... Just enjoy that sand/ocean/heat/waves/sandcastle building/El cielo nachos....and Did I say margaritas?,just a bit extra for your sweet friend back home:only me. :) Love and smiles.xoxoxo
1st February 2012

Actually there has been crappy weather back home. No freezing rain here, nor snow ;) today is the first day it's overcast and looking like rain. Oh well, geez I guess we'll have to find a bar by the ocean out of the rain if it comes!! Hang in there zully!
2nd February 2012

hahahah....a bar by the rain...no problem at all/ :)
I will take the rain anytime.. with driks along side.It is actually cleansing and beautiful. I love the way the sea 'talks' back to you when it rains that way. Ohhh it looks so good. You deserve the very best:You and Al...xoxo
2nd February 2012

Rain and a bar
Yes I agree, being by the ocean with rain works just fine for me! The day turned quite hot and sunny, then it got windy again and felt cool. Tonight it's humid...we're getting a mixed bag! If I have one more drink for you Zully I'll be passed out on the floor, but I'll do it JUST for you!! xo

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