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August 16th 2007
Published: August 29th 2007
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During one of our days in Playa del Carmen, we decided to take a tour through the tour company, Alltournative. The salesperson had a great spiel and sold us on the tour. He made us believe that this was going to be the best tour we had been on, but that wasn't the case. Little did he know of our past travels and tours.

We did enjoy a the tour for the most part, but felt that the many things that were promised to us never occurred, especially for the price we paid. Playa del Carmen is one of the more expensive places in Mexico so these companies can get away with higher prices and not as well run tours.

We started off of day in a typical Maya village where were ziplined, only once and it was really slow. We had a much better experience in Canyon del Sumidero.

The highlight of the tour was repelling into the cenote then spending time in the water in the inner tubes. A cenote is a natural underground water source that was created 65 million years ago from a huge meteor that struck the area that is now the Yucatan
Cenotes Cenotes Cenotes

If you take a closer look at the photo you can see people repelling into the cenote. This is the exact one that we repelled into as well.
Peninsula. A 284km-wide crater on the land's surface was the result. Millions of years later, cracks formed just below the limestone surface of the crater's perimeter and rainwater began filling the cavities that these fissures created. Eventually the doomed surface layer around the underground chambers began to erode and crumble, revealing the intricate vascular system of underground rivers and centoes that lay beneath.

Te Maya viewed centotes as entranceways into the afterworlds and they believed that anyone who was sacrificed to the centores was an offering to the gods and wold go directly to heaven. The Yucatan is loaded with them, nearly 3000. The water is fresh and some can be loaded with fish. It was quite a unique experience and we enjoyed this part the most of all.

We also stopped off at the ruins of Coba. It is estimated that Coba contains some 6500 structures, of which just a few have been excavated and restored, though work is ongoing.

Additional photos below
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Repelling into the CenoteRepelling into the Cenote
Repelling into the Cenote

This is the area where we repelled into the cenote. As you can see it is a lot of work for these guys, especially on the way up because we are fastened to a rope and harness and they have to pull us up.
The Ruins of CobaThe Ruins of Coba
The Ruins of Coba

In case you can't walk back or ride the bike you rented these nice Mexicans will drive you.
The Ruins of CobaThe Ruins of Coba
The Ruins of Coba

Can't alwayw relay on others to take very good photos, but he was nice enough to offer.

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