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February 6th 2018
Published: February 6th 2018
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"If you can't convince them, confuse them". ~

Hola all, well I'm back with my blog like a bad rash. A few of you emailed me asking where my blog was... Rest assured I am safe & sound and was not dragged off my balcony by a pelican, or hit in the head with a coconut. No such luck. 😊 Sorry to disappoint you but I'm still hanging 10.

Well I can only say that this has been a dyno-mite vacation spent on the first leg with Mom, Ava and Martha. We relaxed, ate, drank (some more than others, ahem), enjoyed dessert (some more than others), listened to music, swam and then they went home. It was a time I cherished with all three of you and I was sad to see you go. Till next time. Besides doing a little work when they were here, I was able to enjoy some much needed R&R. Add another R because it was that great. If you saw what resembled a big "R" lying on a lounger it was me. 😊

Then it was like revolving doors around here. Allan (mi esposo) for those of you that aren't in the Spanish know ;> means my husband, showed up with mi amigos (our friends) Susan and Cory. Holy smokes we had fun. In short, it was everything and more to share Playa and Tulum with them. We took them to Tulum the land of soft white powdery beaches, bossa nova music, quaint restaurants, happening beach clubs and more. According to Sue she had the best breakfast omelette and cup of coffee ever. We had such a blast. Memories that are forever etched in our minds! The hilarious ones, and the deeper rooted emotional ones that great friendships bring out in you. They are fantastic travel companions and we were so sad to see them go. We truly (on our part) enjoyed sharing this area with you guys and all our fun days and evenings together. And may it not be the last trip we share together.

Next up for us is a bit of work - well I should say work & leisure combined.


So if you read my previous blogs, I was here to do some work. As of yesterday we took photos of the current condo we are in as it has been refurbished with new rooftop furniture, a new hammock and tables etc. I placed fresh flowers on a table, arranged a fruit display platter on another table, had a bottle of white wine and glasses on a dining table, and on a small table between two big chairs I had a tray of shot glasses, a bottle of Don Julio tequila and some tortilla chips. It's always a fun challenge to do each condo differently rather than the same old old each time. February has been unusually hot so far. Yesterday it was a blinding sun with a humidex of over 40 and Al and I felt every single ray when we were up on the roof. I resembled a tomato with blond hair. No matter how much sunblock you apply, the sun is a powerful opponent. But we were very successful and that job is done. Al managed to get up early to do photos of the beach and loungers that only guests of the condo enjoy. Of course there was some lady sitting on a towel right directly in front of where Al was taking photos and did not get the hint he was trying to take panoramic photos. She was actually on the condo property so we were within our rights to ask her to move. I was in the condo - had I been there I would have nicely asked her to move for a few minutes. It makes such a difference to be able to have clear uncluttered photos.

This has been a trip that turned into a lot of networking for me. Working with local businesses, restaurants, salons, transportation, masseuse/spa places and so on and so forth. I think part of this confidence is because I have focused on my Spanish and am speaking it much more fluently. It really gave me an injection of confidence to pursue some new business opportunities. So when those occasions presented themselves, I jumped in with both feet. I handed out so many of my business cards that Martha asked if I needed her to "Fedex" them to me. Keep in mind almost every manager here is fluent in English. It is my desire to show good faith to also possess Spanish.

They say networking is more about 'farming' than it is about 'hunting'. It's about cultivating relationships. I really want to work with these people because I genuinely like them and/or their business philosophy. I don't consider myself a salesman (woman) in any way shape or form. Sales are one of the toughest jobs out there. To sell your best self every day, is no easy feat. To be in a good positive mood every day with a smile slapped on your face would put me in an early grave. Life presents so many challenges even before you step out the door every day. Factor in family life; the stress of getting kids ready for school, lunches packed, looking for your purse or set of keys, then cleaning off a foot of snow on your car, wiping your shoe off from stepping in dog poop, or trying to spot clean your white shirt after you drop coffee on it. Endless roadblocks. ACK - then you have to go sell something. I could not do it. Dealing with the public is also a huge challenge. You have to have patience. When God was handing out patience I was having a drink in the bar. Instead, when (she) was handing out qualities, I got intelligence and good looks (and mucho modesty. OK maybe not any of it.)

We all have to sell ourselves in some way, shape or form every day. Such as, if you go to an interview for a job, what do you have to do? You have to sell that one or two people in the room that you are the right person for the job. Sometimes it's convincing (selling) yourself to be the right life mate. And once you snag that new mate sometimes it's selling yourself to her/his parents that you aren't a loser! (After almost 21 years I hope Ray and Pat don't think I'm a loser. If they think I am, they sure are good at hiding it! Haha. Sending big hugs to Ray and Pat!)

Well anyhow, I have to say my confidence really grew this trip here and I have established even more contacts. And financially it's beneficial to enjoy the discounts/perks I am receiving. And with working together with businesses here it is my hope they benefit too. I feel so welcomed here, comfortable here, and that these people are my friends and some feel like family (like our condo manager Edith). Even the concierge named Gabby had a gift for me one day. She makes earrings, and allowed me to pick my favorite pair. She's an amazing artist. She told me her best friend died, and her doctor told her to get a hobby, so she began making jewelry. I was very touched by her gesture. And that is just the way people are here. It just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling to be here. (And hey, don't say the warm fuzzy feeling is because of the margaritas!!)

As I mentioned I'll be getting a discount at my new favorite salon along with a free facial worth $100USD. Holy camole. (For this poor little Canadian that's no small bag of chips.) Then we checked out a new beach bar next to where I stay called Inti Beach Bar. I was prepared to not like it because we are concerned it will turn into a nightclub but so far it's quiet around 11. So while having a drink there with Al, Sue & Cory, I got talking to the management & they were hosting a wedding event the next night. I was invited to go as it was open to wedding planners, potential clients, and bloggers/journalists. I was even invited to bring my friends. Well turns out it was quite the evening. Live music, fresh canapes/appetizers (a bite of ceviche that was beyond compare), gorgeous handmade desserts and ahem, open bar. For all 4 of us. High five! Our clients who stay at our condos can get married there, and it's not too far to stumble home after imbibing lots of Champagne after cutting a rug all night.

Thereafter many restaurants that I attend have been giving me a loyalty discount for referring/blogging about where to eat for our clients. One restaurant in particular hooked me up with a private driver to take us to Tulum. He drove us around, stayed while we toured around for the entire day, then returned us home for an amazing rate. The best part is he has his own taxi in Playa which is a very competitive business with tourists zooming here and there. So we have the WhatsApp, so we simply text him where we are going and he picks us up. This is so great because I usually have to haggle with the taxis and speak Spanish and our location to go somewhere changes all the time. So this was a very positive new development and means less hassle for moi.

When Sue & Cory were here we went for live music one night and came across a fantastic band called Lady Soul and the Groovers who were fabulous. Since then I've been talking to the lead singer, and I am taking the wedding event planner from the event the other night to hear her tonight as they may use her for their weddings. To me this is a win-win situation for everyone!

Speaking of going out last night to hear this band, the hostess nicely arranged for us to have a sidewalk table, which enjoys nice breezes and further cuts down on the smoke/cigars blowing our way. Anyhow, this gal and the band are dynamite, and we got seated next to a loud group of people who had as much interest in hearing the band as they did in a root canal. They yelled over each other to drown out this band which we were trying to listen to. So there are about 800 freaking restaurants to eat in Playa. Why in heck would you pick a restaurant with loud music that you have to yell yourself hoarse when clearly you don't like music? I've got a name for them and I am not allowed to put it in print. (My Mom taught me better...sorta). We saw other people who were close by were also giving them the hairy eye-ball too.

The manager knew us and came over to have a chat and I told her how frustrated we were with these you-know-whats. She told me, "Oh that's funny Sally because they had been seated inside, then asked to go outside because it was too loud". My reply to her was when you were moving them outside you should've moved their sorry butts down to the beach. Hasta la vista as per Arnold Schwarzenegger. She had a pretty good laugh over that one. At that point I could've acted like the bouncer I was so annoyed. One of the guys I pegged to be around 65, with long gray hair, about 6 feet tall and limping. I told Al I think I could've taken him. (We clinked glasses). Whatever I have to do to listen to some funky soul music (and for free) I will do. I think these sad sacks were also allergic to clapping.. An insult to such a great band. So if you didn't know one of my pet peeves you do now. Rude people who ruin a good time for everyone else, especially listening to live music where an artist has put their heart and soul into it. Anyhow, they really put a damper on our night out, but we rose above it. As Bart Simpson would say, Eat My Shorts and get some better manners.

HOY (Today)

It's another beautiful sunny day and it will be a very hot one as well. Al left at 8am for his dive. They are heading very south of where we are staying to dive at a reef in Tulum. Very gorgeous reef with a spectacle of colors and shapes in the coral canyons of this area. There is elkhorn coral, volcano sponges (don't know what these are then make friends with Google!), and plenty of colorful reef fish. A parade of lobsters, crabs, eels and rays are visible in these warm Caribbean waters. He did a cenote dive on Sunday and said it was fantastic. The guide was very experienced and took extra measures to ensure their safety. Al throughly enjoyed his dive. PS (Al got home and saw a bull shark. He was thrilled!)

Later today after lunch we will start staging and taking photos of another condo. As with many things, the time of day effects how your interior and exterior photos turn out. So sometimes it takes over a course of two days to get the winning shots. We were supposed to shoot this condo yesterday, but two guys who flew in from Minnesota for Superbowl were too hungover to leave yesterday which cost them a lot of money. A) to change their flights was a penalty and B) an extra night in the condo in high season can make your wallet much slimmer.

It's been a fantastic trip here and we have a few more days to enjoy. However, when the time comes to go home fingers crossed our flight goes well. When I say 'well', I mean that there are no deranged people on it. It seems to me almost every day I read about someone getting arrested on a flight. Just a few days ago just before landing a woman took off her seat belt and tried to rush the cockpit. This seems to be happening more and more. Or did you hear about the woman who with no passport or ticket was able to take a flight from Chicago to England? How did she do it? By hiding in plain sight. It's like those people that walk out of Walmart carrying a canoe. Someone that brazen could not be stealing right? Yep they were stealing.

Sometimes the airline stories are funny. Like the lad who wanted to avoid paying for his luggage so he tried to board the plane wearing all his clothes. He had on something like 10 pairs of pants and 8 shirts. With my luck that guy would sit next to me. I swear I am working on my technique to hog-tie somebody if they rush the cockpit. Or I will study some ways in which to use my neck pillow to subdue someone who's drunk and belligerent. (Sheesh I hope it's not Al!!) HEH HEH. Better yet I think I will screen everyone getting on the same plane as me. Random questions like, "Are you a wrestling or boxing coach"? "Any chance you are a marine or police officer"? Then I'll try and sit close to those people. We will network to take any loonies down. So far in all honesty we've been lucky on our flights. Frankly it's more about getting on a flight since we've had major delays. Like that sob of a trip home in July and August last summer when both times delayed or stranded in Newark. The nightmare that never ended. I still have flashbacks about those incidents. Frankly I'm breaking out in a sweat now just mentioning it.

I am feeling so much gratitude and joy for the opportunities I get. I don't take them for granted, and appreciate it more than words can say. I am always so happy to share this neck of the woods with friends and family (well most people ;>

Every trip here has its unique twists and turns. It's where I got married on a beach to that celebrity Al with our children part of it. It's where I came to mourn my brother Bill and now my Dad. It's where I have bonded with my Mother, my kids, my family. We've made many amazing memories here and had some super duper experiences. It's where I learned to tap a different part of myself, and my creativity for whatever the hell that's worth. It allowed me to make life-long friendships and to secure the ones I already had. It's a place where all my senses come alive. I hear things differently, (the waves, the music and language), I taste things differently (the sweet Mexican chilis from the Yucatan, the local fruit), where my eyes see colors differently (the ever-changing magical colors of the ocean). It's where my touch is different (feeling the leaves of the palm trees, and the feel of my toes in the soft sand). And while here I think I have that 6th sense that is often referred to as a totally different state of being, a different state of consciousness. Whatever it is, I wish I could bottle and bring it back to all of you! I'd be rich and you guys would all be in heaven.

Till then, I hope life is treating you good. I'm off to meet a friend for brunch at this French bakery, Chez Celine which has tables, chairs, couches on 5th Avenue under big shady palm trees. Food is to die for, and there's always a line-up but so well worth it. Tonight I was invited to tour a high-end restaurant on 5th. I was walking out of our condo yesterday and asked a woman if she spoke English because I had to return a purse I had bought the day before and it had an issue. I wasn't sure about the word for 'broken' in Spanish. So we get talking, turns out she speaks perfect English and happens to be the manager of a fine dining restaurant on 5th Ave. I'd been there once and it was gorgeous but very expensive. (It has waterfalls inside, a renowned wine cellar, white shirt service and the rooftop garden has ocean views). So we are going as a guest of the manager. So Al is getting all purdied up. Me not so much. 😊

Signing off from sunny skies with big soft puffy clouds with a refreshing light breeze and Latin music wafting softly in the air. Happy to report they only salt the margarita rims and not the sidewalks here. The salting of sidewalks and cleaning of driveways will come soon enough when back in the Great White North. It can wait for 6 days...

Well that's enough of me now. If you have problems connecting to my blog, I've resent it. I think it's our internet...Argh.

PS thanks to our kids and auntie Martha for all your support to make this happen for us! Glad you could come here too!

Love from us - Bonnie & Clyde 😊 (So many photos attached over 2 pages. Read at your own risk. See a Doctor about the proper dosage of blogs!)

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6th February 2018

Thank you!
Thanks for hosting us. It was a fabulous week! Incredibly beautiful oceanfront condo in the heart of Playa del Carmen. We didn't need to leave the balcony, but of course, we did. Shopping on 5th Ave., Live music ranging from harp, mariachi bands, guitar, rock, R & B. Dining all over Playa and Tulum. We had Mexican, Thai, Italian, Steakhouse etc.... usually with margs and wine. I ate and drank so much, I will have to get back to the gym to burn it off. Thanks to Sally and Al we feel like we know our way around and even learned a little spanish. I know vino tinto (red wine), uno mas (one more), mucho gusto (nice to meet you). Just watch out for the overly friendly skeletons lol. Mucho gracious amigos! xo
7th February 2018

You are SO welcome! We had the best time and the 'skeleton' stories will be kept sacred...Until our next girls night...hahahaha!

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