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June 27th 2014
Published: June 27th 2014
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"Never go on trips with anyone you do not love" ~

Buenos Dias family & friends 😊 HELLO SUMMER! After a long winter of our discontent it is so wonderful to see June. We were fortunate enough to escape in January to Playa & not have to witness a whole winter of seeing old man winter kick the stuffing out of everyone. (If you are receiving this blog and you never have before, it's because I imported emails from my yahoo account & yours may have inadvertently come over; please ignore if you do not wish to read them!)

Right now while some of you are snoring, Al & I are on our FIRST trip together ALONE. Did I mention ALONE? WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO - the yell heard around the world (right now alpine shepherds are wondering "what the hell was that yell I just heard?") Frankly we figured it'd take hell or high water to make this happen, & well as I look around, I'm happy to report there's no hell or high water nor fire & brimstone. (OK well there will be water i.e. the ocean, but it's very welcoming!) Thank you Martha, the girls, mom/dad, Cindy, Sue/Cory, Kels and anyone else who has had a hand in helping us escape.

When we got married on a beach in Playa del Carmen we had a "familymoon" - not a "honeymoon" which was spent with our 3 kids at a resort. It didn't help all of them came down with a cold & Ava an ear infection...WAH. We came home exhausted needing a vacation 😊 It was difficult to say we even had a honeymoon...grumble grumble.

So we are on parole for 6 nights with 1 night in Cancun staying at a fabulous boutique ocean front hotel called Casa Turquesa equipped with a Jacuzzi on the balcony (Say what? A Jacuzzi on on our own balcony overlooking the ocean. AYE CARUMBA!) Then tomorrow we are taking the ferry to Isla Mujeres to enjoy a 5 night stay at a private 3 bedroom (custom built) oceanfront villa with its own pool. The owner is American & is an owner of a realty company I believe on the island, and she has been very accommodating to us (and all my questions!).

Anyhow, can you hear me clicking my heels with glee? Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz has nothing on me...Casa Marchon . (You can click the blue links to see both these wonderful properties!)

As mentioned in many a blog, we LOVE the peace and charm and "laid-backness" Isla Mujeres offers. While only 4 miles long and .5 miles wide at its widest part, it is a beautiful coral island & one of Mexico's true treasures which offers pure relaxation, which is as at the top of our list. When you dream of being on a tropical island, Isla would be that island. Isla is refreshingly free of Starbucks, McDonald's, over-priced store chains, tacky tourists or any other reminders of city living. The main mode of transportation is by golf cart, scooter or cab which adds to its quaint charm.

It also has a rich Mayan history & is home to a temple dedicated to the goddess Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of fertility. The Spanish settlers who discovered the island found many female-shaped statues, and christened it Isla Mujeres or "the island of women". I remember the first time telling Al we were going to the "island of women" & he had a permanent grin for a week 😊

And Martha will be bringing the kids to meet us in Playa for a stay at another private home called "La Vida Loca" that will be amazing. Clau, the owner, has been a dream to deal with, and we can't wait to be there together as a family after us being away for a week. Al's parents & Lara's friend Kate will be with us, so a nice small family vacation. Here's another link for you to look at 😊

I will be anxious to see the girls by then...Al will return July 17th with Lara/Kate, and then Marth and I are staying on a week and being joined by my "besties" (I initially had typed "beasties", sorry ladies!!!), Susan, Maureen & Linda at Luna Encantada (watch out Playa!) I feel the need to warn the people of Playa about the combustive personalities that will be landing on its sunny shores but hell, it's survived many of our visits so it'll no doubt survive the girls of the round wine table...

I posted some photos of our different accommodations for those that want to take a peek.

I'll need to wean myself from being "mom"...I'll have to fight the urge to constantly spray Al with sunblock, remind him to brush his teeth, and not be worried about packing lunches, or going over homework or telling anyone to "shut the door were you born in a barn?" I will be free to do nothing or everything; however, I expect anytime I hear MOM? MOMMMM!! I will have a knee jerk reaction. I figure I can WORK IT OUT (with the help of a few happy margaritas!) I will enjoy floating in the pool, snorkeling, reading, touring around the island on a golf cart, eating & drinking at the hip cool spots on the island, and of course, staring trance-like at the ocean. Oh yeah, and hanging with my best bud & partner in crime, Al 😊 when he's not off scuba diving. That's when I will log in & write you all.

Here's hoping all of your summer plans are gelling. It's a great time of year to ditch life's day to day routine, rejuvenate, relax and just chill. So here's to chilling whether it's in your backyard, at a cottage or on a island...far away from the rat race. VILLA TRANQUILA here we come.

I don't know why you guys read these blogs; these are going to be boring! What trouble can I possibly get in, going from the lounger to the pool, the lounger to the ocean, the Jacuzzi to the patio table...? Well, it is me, so lord knows what could happen I don't need to look for "trouble" because it's always looking for me. Well listen up "TROUBLE", I am in disguise and incognito so bugger off and annoy some other poor sap who gets to take a vacation regularly with their spouse.

PS while getting pesos yesterday in Ottawa, my purse strap snagged a door handle, jerking me back like an elastic band. I was whipped into some older man following behind me. It caught me off guard and my shoulder felt like it was ripped out of its socket & it was aching all night. I need to put ice on it...Wow good thing I will soon have a cold margarita on the rocks to borrow the ice from 😉

PSS again while getting up at dawn's crack yesterday to check in, the airline would not allow me to do so. APPARENTLY I have been randomly selected to be screened. Ironic since in Dec, they did the same thing while trying to go to Disney World. So you get a scan and a separate and very intimate pat-down by an officer (and she didn't even buy me a drink first!). It's a real headache & rather embarrassing when they announce your name on the loud speaker & you skulk over to the boarding area. What is going on? Is there another Sally Foran wreaking havoc on the world & they have me on some watch list? I shudder at the thought...

So Al, are you ready to do the Bugs Bunny Promenade with me? Y'all remember that? If not, here's a taste! (Will check in a bit later when we arrive in paradise!) And I love to hear from you all! 😊

Signing off for now - a toothsome twosome!!! (from all that grinning!)

Promenade across the floor,Sass shay right on out the door.Out the door and in to the glade ,And everybody promenade.Step right up, you're doing fine, I'll pull your beard, you pull mine. Promenade like a bride and groom,Open up the door and step right in, Close the door and into a spin. Whirl, whirl, twist and twirl!


28th June 2014

Well with a push of a button I finally bit the bullet & Cancun HERE WE COME! :) July 14-24 staying at The Ritz Carleton. (hope it's a good one?...) The fact that it has "Ritz" in the name sounds good to me!! Maybe we will see you guys? :) Have fun!!! Enjoy the Honeymoon! ;) Celine
28th June 2014

Sooo good to hear of your honeymoon! I miss you dear friend. Life has been crazy this past year since Pat's dad's passing, and our weekends have not been our own since. The upside is his mom has made it through the storm (they were married 50yrs)! I'm working 3-11 temporarily until we get a new hire, and have Sunday and Mondays off. And now I'm told I have to have knee surgery! Lord love a duck my mom used to say! Misssss youuuuuuu!
30th June 2014

Casa Turquesa vs Casa Marchon..
I just saw the Casa Turquesa How nice! Which one would you recommend to a friend? I'd say Marchon as it is a Villa, right? Your besties are sure to cause a raucous! Wow so much fun. I'd have loved to see the Art in la Galeria de Casa Turquesa. Nice..I will admit that I go fast through the blogs and indulge in the photos..yet there is so much to lean from you Sal!! BTW Your B-day is coming. Can't wait to celebrate it with you. xo You are one special gal...Thanks for sharing your blogs with all of us.!!!!
30th June 2014

Hotel vs villa
Yes Zully both are so different in experiences, both very nice but in very different ways. We enjoy our privacy, and so the hotel was great, but if it was much busier it would've been a different experience. It is a very lovely boutique hotel and I'd stay there again. And the fits us to a T. We love it, and will be back I hope many times and I know the girls/family would love it because it's so peaceful, calm, yet fully equipped with everything and the pool, palapa are ideal for just resting and relaxing...I will make a date with you too because it's your big day coming up too! Zully we are so far overdue it's crazy. Let's make a date in August. xoxoxo

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