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North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Isla Holbox August 13th 2011

Arrival I fly into Cancun. Fast forward. I get out of Cancun. The bus towers over a bumpy green forest vista, seemingly unbroken but for the occasional flash of a palm frond-roofed hut. At first glance, the crop plots look like just another type of forest but the yellow of maize gives them away. Kurt and I discuss whether or not the other plants we see mixed in with the non-linear rows of maize are weeds or other crop types. We have eight days of vacation-adventure ahead of us. Both Kurt and I will be giving oral presentations on our research at an international conference in Merida. I still need to practice that at some point, time myself and perfect my scientific poise. But for now, we have whale-sharks, ruins, fresh-water underground caverns, Spanish, street food, ... read more
Tribu Hostel
Tree-top view
Sunset patio

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Isla Holbox February 19th 2011

Saturday I've been able to swim at least once a day now....swimming in warm salt water is one the best things ever....No one else seems to swim..they wade or paddle a bit in the edge. The water gradually isn't over my head until I am 50 feet out.... Besides general relaxing, we've been playing cards, and trying new restaurants...and today we took a boat trip. It was the classic "see some birds, look for dolphins, see some more birds, go to a well worn local attraction". There was a bit of a surprise at the local attraction, at least....see the photos! We shared the boat with a couple from Chicago and a very well-traveled family from Denmark. Monday Not much else to report...just more beautiful beach views, swimming, eating... Right now, we're sitting in the ... read more
Another sunset
Full moon
moon shadow

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Isla Holbox February 17th 2011

We are loving the easy life here....I get up around 7:30, meditate on the beach, go for a short run before it gets too hot, have coffee and some kind of sweet from the bakery, swim, shower, eat breakfast...and then all that's left is reading and stroling. We've taken some long walks up to the channel that separates this part of the penninsula from the rest and makes it an island. The last buildings on the beach are only a mile or so from our hotel. We may rent bikes today and explore more. Hard to believe it may snow back home today.... Many French and Italians here..not as many Americans...Lots of choices for good food, ranging from Italian pizza (owned by an Italian) to sushi (haven't been there), and plenty of fresh fish. While there ... read more
In town
Eating a caramel crepe

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Isla Holbox February 13th 2011

We took the 11:30 pm bus out of Merida, from one of the second class bus stations. No other gringos in sight....We picked up a couple from Chicago later in the night. The bus was quite new and had good seats, and best of all, since it was second class, no blaring violent movies! We took the "free" (non-toll) road through all the towns and villages, and over hundreds of topes. We arrived in a very windy Chiquila around 5:30 am, having gotten a bit of sleep on the bus. We were taken to the ferry by a bicycle cab, and then had to wait in the wind (thankfully the rain had stopped) for the 6:00 am ferry to Isla Holbox (Hol-boash). Once on the island, it became quickly clear that they had experiened really heavy ... read more
Street in front of our hotel
Palm in the wind

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Isla Holbox July 14th 2008

We can.t talk long since there is an eletrical storm(mom thinks) starting so this will be shortish and cause I am to lazy to save and add more later.. Well mabye. We swam with the whale shark today and that was the funnest, both of us agree that holbox is our favorite place by far. Even the place we are staying is not so hot at night cause it really doesnt have walls, unless you count bug netting as walls. And I really like the layout of the place, but on to a quick whale shark report. We went out just thinking to see the whale sharks but we got a bigger suprise as the trip went on. We first saw a antisocial dolphine...yes they DO have emos in the under water life, harhar. Next was ... read more
The fish living next to whale shark
Mood the daring
Whaleshark mouth

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Isla Holbox July 12th 2006

We had a very smooth journey from Valladolid to Isla Holbox (olbosh) along with Ben and Effy. We had to take two different buses and then a small ferry for half an hour out to the island. It was very different to anywhere we had been previously...a great deal more undeveloped but this served as quite a refreshing break. The only mode of transport on the island was golf buggies and all the roads were sand tracks. We had been advised by an English couple in Valladolid of where to stay and found it to be the cheapest...we had a room at the back of the hotel for four...with one person sleeping in a hammock. On our first full day we investigated prices for trips to see whale sharks and to hire a golf buggy. We ... read more
Island road
Taking our little golf buggy to deserted beaches
Cruising along

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Isla Holbox March 23rd 2006

Voila une petite merveille qui gagne a etre connue, mais heureusement qui ne l'ai pas trop encore. Bien sur il y a plusieurs hotels, mais ceux-ci se fondent bien dans le paysage, et la plage reste globalement vide, ce qui permet de bien profiter du sable blanc, de l'eau couleur emeraude, des palmiers, des pelicans et de la douceur de vivre! Dans le village, toutes les rues sont en sable et les seuls vehicules sont des voiturettes de golf. Petit village de pecheurs a la base, le tourisme se developpe mais sans atteindre les exces de Cancun, Isla Mujeres ou Cozumel plus au sud, et ca, c'est bien! La encore, petit hotel assez mythique: petites cabanes avec hamacs (encore mais on s'en lasse pas!), avec moustiquaires cette fois (quelle luxe!), avec cabane cuisine et cabane douche ... read more
La plage de ouf 1
La plage de ouf 2
Petit hotel de charme

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