Ending to One Paradise the Beginning of Another?

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January 11th 2017
Published: May 26th 2017
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I awoke our last full day in Cancun miserable. My stomach and intestines were sore and then some. I was wiped of energy and I think sporting a fever. I tried to relax that morning and prep for my Northrup Grumman interview between bathroom breaks. Lauren had told me about an app called Talkatone that allows you to call US numbers free through the internet. I downloaded it and called the one person I was sure to be home and free at this time of day, my dad. Unfortunately the call to the house phone didn't work but to his cell phone did. He tried to help me use Skype to get to the landline but I couldn't figure it out. I tried the number they provided for Northrup Grumman and luckily it worked with Talkatone.

I sent Alex out of the room a little before 1pm, and called in. Interview done, I hunted Alex down and thought it was time to try food. I ordered some linguine pasta with pesto and cooked tomatoes at the pasta bar and had a side of pepto-bismal as a side. Alex had kindly picked it up for me during the time I booted him from the room. The sun finally came out to so we sat and read outside a bit until his tablet died.

Of course, the remaining afternoon was spent relaxing some more. Boy do I get why Alex was so wiped out before! At least the Pepto started helping. In fact, it helped enough that we went to the Italian place for dinner with no problems and of course stopped back at the cafe to try multiple desserts. All that food though put us in a food coma and back up in the room. We took some breaks to peak at the lovely view and check out the fire show quick later that evening. It was a very 'do nothing' day - odd for me, I know. It was nice though and much needed to help heal.


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