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January 10th 2017
Published: May 26th 2017
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Both Alex and I had a rough night of sleep, though I am not sure why. As a result we were up and packed ready to move over to the Dream Sands Resort & Spa by 9:15. Andrea had sent me a message saying she would be out so to lock the gate then throw the keys in close to the door. Alex took care of the throw part landing the keys right next to the front door. We snagged a cab who drove us first to the wrong hotel and we had to make our way back to the right one. Later while writing this post, the other hotel's name popped up to many they changed names??

At the hotel they took our big bags and signed us in. However, they mentioned that there were no more King size bed rooms left just doubles. That made me mad since I had already paid in full for the room not just reserved it. The front desk clerk took down my preference and said he would see what he could do. So we went in and had some breakfast from the buffet and went to the beach to relax. Alex snagged two Pina Coladas from the bar and was told he won - apparently he was the first to order drinks from that bar today. We got WiFi access codes from the front desk but apparently it was not working. After trying and getting to check facebook quick (learning that my friend Lauren Coffey was in Cancun too) we were kicked off. So we gave up and went in the water. However due to the storms earlier this week the water was kind of cold. So after Alex dragged me out to our chests, we swam back in and went to the pool instead.

Good timing on our part they had just started Zumba/aerobics in the water. So I joined in some of the time and played around with Alex the remaining. Finally we were hungry again,so hopped out of the water and searched for the Sushi place. After wandering the entire resort, we found our way back to where we had been sitting and there it was. Ha! They had said on the information screen there was a menu but instead they brought us a sampler box to try. We had fun with that and requested more of 2 of the rolls,but they misunderstood and brought us all the Sushi types again. So we ate those then headed over to the lunch buffet to supplement our meal AND get dessert. I tried all the treats, yum! While waiting for Alex to return with his hamburger, I people watched. A mom nearby was feeding her toddler rice & beans but he wasn't having it so she switched to French fries and had a much easier time. Another mom's son shuffled up to their table with a full plate of food. He was shuffling because his fanny pack had dropped down around his ankles. A few minutes into their meal he got mad at his mom, picked up his plate and went to a different table to eat. So fun people watching.

By the time we were done and back at our chairs they had picked up our towels. So I left Alex to reserve our chairs and went to hunt down towels. In my quest to do so, I ran into Lauren! She and Brent are staying at the same hotel! We chatted a bit about their trip so far and the crazy adventure they had with a time share company. I told them we'd see them at the magic show later on and headed back to Alex who thought I had gotten lost.

When 3 rolled early we went up to the front desk for our room and leaned we got a king and free upgrade! Sweet nice waterfront balcony here we come. We got cozy in our room. So cozy in fact that Alex fell asleep! Too many fun drinks this morning, I guess. In mu y email, Northrup Grumman contacted me asking for an interview for tomorrow afternoon. Since I don't have cell service here in Mexico, when Alex woke up we went on a search for a calling card. He was so our of it after his name be didn't even realize he napped. So we went to the cafe and got him a coffee. However he ordered an Oreo frappachino which game in a froufrou glass so we didn't take it to go as originally planned. We then wandered across the street and found at the convenience store there a calling card. However it was for only 40 minutes and the email said to expect 45. Oh well, guess I talk fast.

Of course we went back to doing nothing at the hotel for awhile. At 7 we cleaned up and went to find some dinner. Most of the actual restaurant places required men to wear long pants and close ties shoes. The only shoes Alex brought were sandals and tennis shoes, so tennis it was. The restaurant we picked for tonight was Mediterranean and the hostess gave Alex a hard time for his shoes but let us in. We got some fun food and desserts. Then we headed over to the Desires Bar to get good seats for the magic show. Story of my life- we were the first ones there. That was okay though because we got a good spot on the couch which would work for all 4 of us when Lauren & Brent got there. However before they showed up an older lady sat down next to me on the couch and didn't speak English. There went that plan. Instead they ended up sitting next to the fanny pack boy who played on his game boy the whole show.

The magician was not too bad but you could tell he was past his career prime. He had some DVD instruction videos you could purchase with a Fabio looking picture of him from the 80's. Alex noticed his costume had a cumberbun too. I spent the whole time trying to figure out his tricks,and Alex told me not to say anything whenever I thought I got it. After the show, Lauren and Brent joined us for drinks and chatting then tried our hand at pool. Lauren played great dropping 4 balls in a row during the first game. The rest of the games it was mostly Alex with a little help from Me here and there. By the end of the 3rd game, I threw in the I'm getting old card and we headed off to bed.

I didn't stay there long though. I don't know if it was dinner or something else, but I made frequent trips to the bathroom. Seems like I was next after Alex's troubles earlier in the week. Bummer.


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