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January 20th 2013
Published: January 26th 2013
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To mark a last day in Cancun we thought it was right to spend it on the famous beach in the Zona Hotelia. We opted to pay to sit the Cabana beach bar, it was meant to be 100 pesos each but for some reason they charged 50 pesos each. We didn’t mind. It was a good choice as you got to use the sun lounger and there fresh water pool as we overlooked the gorgeous beach. We had some pretty good lunch there and I treated myself to a couple of corona’s while Hev sipped a cold glass bottle of Fanta. I even bought a couple of Cuban cigars off a guy on the beach. As we recline in our sun lounger it was certainly turning out to be great day. I decided to take it a little further by having one of the cigars – it was very strong!! Way stronger than any other cigar I’d tried. The day was coming to end and I was started to feel a little peculiar so we got the bus back to our hotel. On the journey I started to feel worse and worse.

When we got back to the room I had to lie down and I continued to feel progressively worse and even a little sick. I was started to think perhaps I’d eaten something that wasn’t right; but Hev was feeling fine and we’d split our lunch in half so we could both try something new. I then threw up, I don’t throw up generally. Hev was concerned and I’ve got to be honest I was feeling alarmed. You hear it all the time, idiot abroad gets food poisoning........ Anyway in between my frequent trips to bathroom to heave I came down with what appeared to be fever – shivering but hot clammy under the air con. Then it dawned on us that it must have been the cigar, but how? I know you can get nicotine rushes or even feel a little odd but nothing like this. The 6 hour period was the most sick I have ever felt. Anyway Hev did some research and discovered that it was essentially Nicotine poisoning.

Now if you reading this, take some pearls of wisdom here...... Be very careful when smoking a Cuban cigar. They are a lot stronger than what we’re used to in the UK. Smoke it SLOWLY. Apparently even hardened cigar smokers come unstuck whilst smoking these cigars occasionally. Put it this way after the way I felt I won’t trying any cigars again. If you’re at home and finding it hard to quit smoking..... give it go....... it might the miracle cure you’re after!!!

Not the end to Cancun we were after but it’s quite a funny story nonetheless – what a tit – HaHaHa!!


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