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May 8th 2009
Published: August 21st 2009
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8/5/09 = A beach day in Cancun

Brilliant sleep, aside from the crazy bright sunshine flooding through the window and onto my face at 8am. Debs up and about like a spritely Snow White; I rolled around like a sunlight dodging vampire. Eventually gave in at 8:30 and went to check out the amazing breakfast Deb was yabbering on about. Wow…it was good. Fruit, yoghurt, muesli, toast, all included with room. Brilliant. Needless to say, I filled up on it all, then went to work for an our or so.

It was 11am then and after covering up all the newly acquired bites (bananas really don’t work), went to catch the bus to one of the best beaches in Cancun…Dady’O. The bus an experience. Amazing how much town changed the further the bus went out. We were staying in downtown Cancun = much more local. The further the bus went, the more into holiday town we went. Were met by skyscraper upon skyscraper, big, bright colourful bars and restaurants, sparkling sea and beach in the background and some of the most posh hotels have ever seen. What a difference a few miles makes. Strange little road though; it was surrounded by water on either side. One side was the water of docks and boats, the other = hotel laden with a beautiful Caribbean beach. Wow. The road was just one strip of land running between the 2 waters.

Missed the Dady’O stop - too busy gawking at everything - so had to get off and walk back on ourselves, passed the giant, luxurious hotels. Spotted a small gap between 2 of them and slotted down it onto the beach. Wow…what a beach…easily the best water have ever seen…better than Hawaii…better than Fiji. Not the usual, tropical turquoise colour, but blue, a v.electric, azure blue. Amazing. It really did look fake. Walked along the white sand and plonked ourselves in front of a nearby posh hotel. Hardly anybody on the beach because they all had their posh hotels and loungers to lay on. Sometimes I forget how different travelling is to holidaying.

Laid down on what felt like our own private beach and bathed in the burning sun. Good job there was a breeze. Spent hours laying on the beach and dipping in the perfect water. Really am a fan of this Caribbean sea; such a perfect temperature…warm even. By 3:30, both sunned out and Deb burnt 😞. Factor 4 oil = not a good idea in Mexico Deborah Booth! Headed off beach and went for the regular daily treat…an ice cold Fanta 😊. Don’t even drink fizzy drinks at home!

Got back on our bus then and back to our world of downtown Cancun…it really is like a different world to holiday town. Spent a few more hours at work on the blog, then showered, changed and out for food and drinks by 7:30. Mexico brought out a bad side in us both = eating out every night. Went to a good place found yesterday and pleased to find cocktails = 2 for 1. Cocktails = closet we would get to the holiday feel. Feeling extra hungry today, so got extra greedy. Had a starter of cheese and mushroom fondue, which ended up being a whole block of cheese melted. Pretty sure that was 5 days worth of calories and fat right there. Followed it with a nice meal and then had to squash all drinks in too. By the end, both of us totally full. Had planned to spend more time out, but so full up, all could do was waddle home. Weird feeling in downtown Cancun anyway. Flu = no tourists and any tourists in Cancun = all in holiday section.

Chatted for a while when got back to tree-house and then to sleep. Had a funny/awful burning feeling in my legs that reminded me of awful rash got in Hawaii. Spent a good 10mins bathing it with cold water and got out of bed a few times to repeat bathing procedure. Hope don’t wake up with a rash 😞.

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