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North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City August 11th 2010

Mexico Nachdem ich mich in Boston von Kristin verabschiedet habe, begab ich mich zum Flughafen, wo ich geduldig auf meinen Flug wartete. Kurz bevor es eigentlich Zeit gewesen waere einzusteigen, kam jedoch die Meldung, dass mein Flug nach Washington gecancelled wurde. Nach einer gewissen Ratlosigkeit konnte ich jedoch relativ schnell alles neu organisieren und ich bekam einen Sitz auf dem naechsten Flug zwei Stunden spaeter. So wartete ich eben in Boston statt in Washington und kam dann doch puenktlich in Mexico an. Da ich bei Nacht ankam, konnte man alle Lichter von Mexico City sehen und es ist gewaltig, wie riesig diese Stadt ist. Wir wurden sogar von einem Feuerwerk empfangen, auch wenn dieses vermutlich nicht unseretwegen stattfand. Nachdem ich den Zoellner davon ueberzeugen konnte, dass ich wirklich nicht Spanisch spreche (obwohl ich seiner Meinung ... read more
It was raining...
Me in Puebla
Window in Puebla

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City June 11th 2010

Hey guys, I finally found a few minutes of free time, and have uploaded all of my pictures to my computer. Which should make for a great blog. Here in Puebla, life has been going well. The weather has been beautiful, but now, once again we are entering the rainy season. Which is probably the thing I have disliked the most about life here. The rain isn't like that of the midwest, here it is the rain that soaks everything maybe even your spirit haha. But recently things have been great and I have no reason to think they won't continue that way. I have been taking a lot of photos recently with a bunch of the "pros" of the Puebla skate scene, and have had my photos turned into flyers. This is pretty motivating especially ... read more
The Brits...
Good times
Spelling Bee

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City March 23rd 2010

Hey guys, I found some time here at work to put a quick blog in for you. Things are going very well recently. Maria´s mother came out of the surgery very well, and has been making a rapid recovery. I am doing my best here to stay stress free with my heavy work load I have had, 40 hours a week, plus class preparation. I have not had any real chances to travel, but have been enjoying work and life here in Puebla. Maria and I will be heading to the beach for semana santa which is next week. We are going to the western coastal state of Oaxaca. It should be a good break from the normal. I am also hoping to finaly move into a new apartment this next month if everything goes as ... read more
The cousins

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City February 5th 2010

Sarah Alcohol: a few beers here and there, and some 2 rather strong Mezcal cocktails last night! Weight: Might have to wait for that one as it´s unlikely we´ll see any weighing scales for a while! But my trousers are now too baggy! Bag weight: minus Trek Study stuff, (i.e. poo collecting kit - we finished today!), but plus a rug bought in Oaxaca... Calories: everything is fried in lard!! It´s been a while since we last did a blog so we will do a quick sum up so we can catch up! Mexico City continued Ben The next day we went to Xochimilco, a network of canals at the south of the city where there are many flower growers. The area was initially cultivated by the Aztecs as a way of feeding their population of ... read more
Sacrificial Altar

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City December 25th 2009

Hey its Syd this time, your guest speaker for the day. I arrived i mexico on the 22nd at around 3:00, I had a good flight and there were usually people to help me along for free (aside from one guy who wanted a tip and took me to the wrong place). Before the plane landed the three things I noticed were all the colors the buildings were painted, how close the houses were, and the layer of smog that surrounded the airplane. When we got into town we went to the mall behind jakes house to finish up a little christmas shopping. On the 23rd and 24th we took the bus to the center and look at the artisans and the cathedral and went into another church (I forgot my camera on the 23rd though ... read more

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City December 17th 2009

Hey everyone, Well, I know this update is extremely late. I have a lot of good news and some bad news. Things have been picking up fast at the Anglo and Boulanger as the end of the year roles around, test preparation, and testing as well as submitting final grades. Each school has also been inviting me to some social events for the Christmas season, dinners, gift exchanges etc. All of this together made it difficult to find time to update the blog, but the biggest reason I haven't updated is the fact that I broke my arm two weeks ago. Actually the weekend I had planned an update. The break was (as usual) from skateboarding. It isn't too serious and didn't reallyhurt too bad. However, I am wrapped up in a sling for 4 wks. ... read more

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City November 6th 2009

Der var en gang et stort og maegtigt rige. Riget laa paa en oe midt i en stor soe og havde kun 3 tilfoersels veje. Én mod nord, én mod syd og én mod vest. Paa oen var der to tvillinge byer, der hver havde deres religioese centrum. Her blev der hver dag ofret et menneske hjerte, for ellers ville solen ikke staa op den naeste dag. Kongen af riget var stor og maegtig og kontrollerede alle de andre folk omkring oeen. Disse skulle betale skatter til Kongen ellers blev de taget til fange og senere ofret. Kongen tog hver dag et til to damp bade, der blev lavet ved, at der blev haeldt vand og urter paa varme sten. En dag kom der nogle hvide maend med blaa oejne. Profetien var gaaet i opfyldelse: Guden ... read more
Inden i Amerikas foerste kirke
Juan Diegos Poncho
Aztekernes kalender

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City September 16th 2009

Hey all, Welcome back after a short break. A lot has happened since my last entry, so here we go. I have been working 8 hours a week at the Instituto Boulanger. This is not enough to support me here still, but has been a good learning experience and provides a bit of money. The good news, is the Anglo is going to hire me. The bad news is we have to wait for my Visa to come, which takes 30 work days. Meaning I won't start work until around October 20th. The Anglo is a non-profit British language school that pays extremely well, and is located 2 blocks from my house. So, until the 20th I will be teaching at Boulanger and hopefully one other school. I will also be looking to give private lessons. ... read more
A model city
Municipal Building

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City August 30th 2009

Hello again, Sorry about the delay on this post, I have been a bit busy. Well after three weeks here I have landed one job at a high school. The job pay is pretty low and the hours are few, but it is a start. The classes are only 4 students each so I hope they can really improve their English with such small class sizes. I have also been in contact with a non-profit English language group called The Anglo. The school pays a good wage and is flexible with hours, aside from that they are also located about 3 blocks from my house. The problem is that both the Mexican gov. and the Anglo have a lot of hoops to jump through to make it work. Let’s say I have gone through half of ... read more
Fun guy
Photo class

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City August 16th 2009

Hey Guys, So after almost two weeks I am starting to get into the swing of things. The internet in my apartment is spochy so I have to go down to the common area to use it. My room is clean but a bit boring with the empty white walls. From my windo I have a view of mountains volcanoes and a skyscrpaer that is part of a mall. The tower itself seems to be empty and more just for show rather than actual purpose. I can now get to the center and back easily and know my way around decently. Life here is not as slow as it was in Chile. It is Mexico, but it is a large city (3 million) and for me it is taking some getting used to. I have leads ... read more
Barrio del Artista
Attempt at a map

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