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North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City July 14th 2011

Suzanne here... It took four hours to get to Puebla from Oaxaca, on a nice comfortable bus. The price of bus travel here still smarts, but you do get more luxury. The bus station was way out of town so we confidently got a local bus to the centre. We assumed that lots of people would get off at the centre, or at least that it would look like a centre. Failing that bus drivers usually give you a shout. Well we waited and waited and... you get the picture. By the time we were the last people on the bus we realised that something had gone wrong. Yes, we'd totally missed our stop. The first time that's happened. Oh well, we got on another bus going back the way we'd come. Unfortunately, our bus driver ... read more

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City June 18th 2011

On the way to Cholula we had the opportunity to drive past two volcanoes. Popocatepetl, or Popo as he is also known, and Iztaccíhuatl, or La Mujer Durmienda (the sleeping lady). It was such a treat to have them in the background as we were heading towards The Great Pyramid of Cholula. Unfortunately, the pyramid was closed, but we did climb the mountain to get to the church on top of the pyramid and got great views of the volcanoes. It was a hella walk but the view was worth it. Then we drove into Puebla City and were visiting a church when a wedding began and we sat and watched some of it. And if that wasn't random enough, we came upon some clowns performing. I started taking their pictures when they noticed me and ... read more
The Church on top of the Pyramid
Catedral in Puebla City

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City March 29th 2011

Die Izta-Besteigung – man könnte sie auch „Orizaba – die Zweite“ nennen. Und zwar deshalb, weil wir wieder genau so viel Zeit oder Anläufe für den letztendlichen Gipfelsieg brauchten wie am Orizaba. Freitag, den 26. März, nach sieben (!) Stunden Fahrt für maximal 100 Kilometer sind wir an dem Startpunkt „La Joyita“ (knappe 4.000 m) im Nationalpark Izta-Popa angekommen. Sieben Stunden deshalb, weil wir ja unbedingt kostenpflichtige Autobahnen vermeiden wollten und so mit viel Fragerei und kleinen Umwegen über die Dörfer tourten. Die letzten etwa 20 – 25 Kilometer von San Nicolas de los Ranchos waren dann nur noch Piste – die hier unterhalb des Izta aus Vulkanstaub, durchsetzt mit Bodenwellen und Schlaglöchern, bestand. Wir stiegen von La Joyita aus gleich so knappe 300 Höhenmeter und hatten eine fantastische Abendsicht auf den Popo, den Popocatepetl, der ... read more
1 Schild Iztabesteigung
2 Lange 5 Kilometer
4 Gewaltiges Massiv

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City January 22nd 2011

So yesterday I was abandoning Queretaro to go to Puebla. I was quite looking forward to it as quite a few of the backpackers I had spoken to weren't going there, so I thought I might see a bit more original Mexican culture. I had asked the previous day at Queretaro's bus staion and had been told that I had to go via Mexico City as there were no directs to Puebla. And they alos told me that I had to change from Mexico city's Northern coach station to Poniente (also known as CAPO - bear this in mind for later). So I got a reasonably early start (left the hostel at 9.15) and got the camion to the station. There I bought my ticket on the 10.10 to Mexico City (158 pesos, economy service) and ... read more

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City January 18th 2011

Auf dem Weg nach Mexico City mache ich noch kurz halt in Puebla. Diese Stadt ist nicht weit von Mexico City entfernt (ca. 2 Stunden) und verfuegt ueber ausgezeichnete Universitaeten. Zudem haben einige grosse Firmen hier Niederlassungen (Volkswagen hat hier ein riesen Werk). Unter anderem besichtige ich die Kathedrale, das "Museo de la Revolución" (im Haus der Gebrueder Serdán) und das "San Pedro Museo de Arte".... read more
In der Kathedrale

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City October 25th 2010

- Sue - Ah, Mexican taxis, an experience to live through. Taxis in big cities go everywhere at race car pace. And talk about weaving in and out, just missing other vehicles, people, walls, and anything else in their way. The operative word here is "miss", which they do. I've found that the best way to live through it is to look at everything else and block the driving from my mind. Works pretty well most of the time. There is a special kind of taxi called a collectivo. For very little money per person, a collectivo takes its passengers from point A to point B. And when I say passengers, I mean as many people as can fit. It's like my luggage - let's see if I can get just one more thing squeezed in. ... read more
Colorful Street
Pottery for Sale
Tiled Window

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City October 8th 2010

Puebla y la familia White, nos recibieron muy bien. Aunque breve nuestra estancia, pudimos saborear un poco de lo que sería vivir en esa hermosa ciudad. Jon and Libby nos mostraron el seminario donde próximamente estarán trabajando, y nos permitieron ser parte de una de sus reuniones organizacionales en su iglesia local, misma cosas que me hizo extrañar mi iglesia New St. Peters en Dallas. A ser franca, esa es una de los aspectos que más me ha costado trabajo, estar físicamente lejos de nuestra iglesia local. De Cholula había escuchado, y todo lo que escuché es cierto. Pueblo pintoresco, algo colonial, algo mágico. Con su catedral que más que otra cosa, me recuerda la poca condición física que tengo, al subir sus mil escalones. Puebla me ha dejado un buen sabor de boca, y la ... read more
Una iglesia de mil que hay en Puebla.
Una buena charla con el buen Cantinflas.... Chale Chato...
El hermoso Volcán Popocatepetl.

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City October 2nd 2010

Andy, Danny and Mummy Morrell you would love it here it really is all about the spice, everywhere you go you get given a choice of about 3 hot chilli sauces as well as a side of jalapeños in case your food isn't hot enough already, its mad-Tom is of course is loving it. So far so good food wise we have mainly done ok although there has been a few no go's which of course Tom has tried anyway. We've had a few typically Mexican things like Mole de pollo which is a really hard dish to cook with over 100 ingredients in a really good one, chocolate, chilli and chicken being the main things-not gonna lie though, not great...sorry Mexico! Milanese which is good, churros which are great and taco's which are def on ... read more
The one where they go to Mexico
Tequilla on a boat!!!

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City September 27th 2010

Hello! Wow, I really got lazy about this blogging thing. Apparently you guys like it though. So, I will try and be more up on it. The problem I saw was that life here has become sort of monotonous. I go to work, sleep, eat, run, skateboard and hang out with friends not much else. But, someone told me I have to make the boring interesting so that is what I will do. First things first, I have moved house (as the British say). I now live much farther away from my job and girlfriend. It does have its benefits though. I now have hot water 24/7. For those who I have kept in touch with, you may remember my old apartment had solar heated water. This was a problem in the rainy season here. Other ... read more

North America » Mexico » Puebla » Puebla City August 21st 2010

It is a two hour "first class" bus ride (costing about USD8 each) from Mexico City to Puebla. There is more than one company going to Puebla, but the one we chose (Estrella Roja) had a pretty comfortable, modern bus with aircraft-like, flat screen overhead tv panels. That unfortunately ensured you were subjected to a Mexican movie for the entire journey. Don't forget your Ipod (or equivalent) if you want to avoid that ! The road from Mexico City to Puebla is good and is highway for much of the way. The only issue on the journey was that I had the pleasure of one of the targets of the government's anti-obesity campaign in the seat in front of me. This guy was really big and really tired. He put his seat back and snored loudly ... read more
Puebla: Inside the Cathedral-1
Puebla: Inside the Cathedral-2
Puebla: Inside the Cathedral-3

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