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January 11th 2013
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So finally have a chance to post a blog. Been a good first two weeks in Mexico apart from the odd day of being quite ill. So New Years Eve in Mexico City was fun. Got there late arvo and it was just as chaotic as I remembered it. Was going to have a quiet night after travelling for 24 hours so went out for dinner about 9.30pm. Everywhere was closed except one place that was pretty busy. Got chatting to a Mexican guy in line to get a table and ended up eating with him. Was nice to chat with a local. Went back to hostal after to have 1 drink at their bar to bring in New Years. Then it was 2.30am and I had a 7.30 bus to get...

So from there headed to an old colonial town a few hours north of Mexico City called San Miguel de Allende. Really nice town, cobblestones, colourful buildings and really bloody cold! First day was spent asleep. Literally for a day, it was a good way to kick the jet lag. So day 2 went on a historic walking tour and found out some really cool stuff. The town was really important in the revolution when Mexico fought for its independence from Spain. Also had some beautiful churches and I wasn't even smited down when I went inside them...winning. Next day I got a cab to the most awesome botanical gardens ever...all cacti. So much to see and they had a hige reserve out of the gardens where there was some ruins from colonial times and an old water mill that used to supply that town. Got some awesome views of San Miguel and the surrounds from there as well. Really lovely place. After that I walked back down the hill through the narrow cobblestone streets. I'd happily move to Mexico and move here. I actually wish I had a little bit more time in San Miguel but onwards I went to Puebla.

So Puebla was a bit of a mission to get to. Had to get bus back to Mexico City to bus station in the north then metro across to the airport to get bus to Puebla. 2.5 hours bus to Puebla and I'm there to meet my friend from university who is from there. First night was typical student travelling...lots of alcohol and out till 4am. They sell 1 litre cocktails here for $6...need I say more? For some reason I don't seem to get hangovers when I'm overseas (I'm sure those words will come back to haunt me), thats also evidenced by the 5 large shots of tequila I had earlier in the week that'd leave me in bed crying for days normally doing nothing, so Saturday went into the centre of Puebla to see the main square, churches and markets. The architecture in Mexico is so good and I could spend days walking around looking at buildings here. Went round to some of Chelo's friends house to do this traditional custom here where they get this large sweet bread that has little mini dolls stuffed inside and you cut your piece and if you get one of the 4 dolls you're supposed to treat everyone else to a big party. I didn't get any dolls though. After that we went to karaoke. As usual my renditions were terrible...but still I rocked The Clash and Bon Jovi proud. Was a pretty upmarket bar so indulged in a Nicaraguan cigar as well...not as great as Cubans mind you. Sunday was also awesome. They have ruins in the city in the form of a pyramid and you can even walk through parts they have excavated...needless to say I was way too tall and spent most my time crouching. They are still finding tunnels and stuff in it which is cool but scary at same time, I'd be afraid of getting lost! Had some food afterwards then early night as was time to head to Acapulco early next morning.

So skip the drive and day 1 of Acapulco as I was fucking ill with major stomach cramps, don't know what it was whether it was going from 2500m to sea level or food but I was fucked and in bed from when we arrived. Day 2 was spent just lounging around the pool of the apartment complex that my friends friends parents had an apartment in. Sunburn and the like but its turned sort of brown now. Acapulco is just as hot as Brisbane in summer and its winter in Mexico. Acapulco is your typical beach town and a lot of the time was spent lounging around relaxing, eating and drinking. Talking of drinking we went out one night to one of the bars. Was pretty good for a Wednesday night. They even had a bungee jump that some nutters were doing. I had fun watching people jump though. I don't really know what else to say about Acapulco as not much happened besides the relaxing so I think I'll leave the blog here. Heading to Oaxaca on Monday so will update again from there.

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