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April 28th 2009
Published: April 28th 2009
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Pablo, Silvia, and I are wearing our masks around. Silvia is pretty nervous about the flu and considering flying back to Spain. We aren't sure what's going on - it's hard to tell what the real danger is. Lots of people stop us on the streets to ask us where we got our white masks, which are supposed to be better than their flimsy blue ones.
I began my vacation around other parts of Mexico this weekend, planning to see Puebla, Taxco, Oaxaca, and Mexico City. The flu scare has made that a little difficult...

The media coverage of the flu is a little overblown. That said, with the way things are going here, it's been hard to tell, and we are taking precautions. We rented a car instead of taking buses, and are wearing the masks and staying away from crowded places. Many cities here are completely shut down. I was in Mexico City yesterday - the city is a ghost town, and the bus station and airport (I was at both) are full of nervous people in masks. I'm in Puebla now and haven't been able to get into many churches, and all of the museums are closed, along with many shops and restaurants. With nothing open in the cities I think we'll head to the beach instead!

There are no cases in the states surrounding Guanajuato! But the University is shut down anyways - I guess this wasn't such a bad time to plan a vacation!

I will get around to finishing my entries on Yucatan and Guanajuato soon, and should have plenty more interesting things to add after this trip too!


17th August 2009

hey! take care
hey! I think we have a head and we can think so... if this happens now, I mean, the porcine flu, I think nobody should go away of home! it's dangerous!, and specially nobady should travel to other contries! ... it's LOL! all the people is nervous about the porcine flu And I say to everyone: please take care! and if you have flu is necessary wear the masks! ;) bye!!

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