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North America » Mexico » Oaxaca September 20th 2019

I have been trying to get some interest up about the Nacional Railway Museum in Puebla which sounds amazing with a gallery of photos of derailments and other Mexican rail disasters of which I'm pretty confident there would have been a lot. Wilko had promised to come with me first thing as for some reason Catherine, Louise and Becs weren't interested. Wilko pulled a sickie which was very disappointing, however Becs stepped into the void. We started out early for the museum stopping at a café in the main square to yell Viva la Mejico and have a coffee which tasted like a mix of coffee and ash. On the way to the rail museum we stopped by the Iglesia de Santo Domingo to check out the church. I have to admit that we've seen a ... read more
Mexicos per capita GDP

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca April 19th 2019

Day 3 Today we spent the entire day near the Santo Domingo Culture Center. Once a church this area serves many purposes now. The one we enjoyed the most today was the Jardin de Ethnobotanicals. These gardens are open only three days a week and admit a limited number of visitors to protect the plants from vandals and piracy. The first area features desert plants much like we would see in far West Texas. The most interesting area was the gardens of maize that showed the evolution of maize from ancient times to present day. The diet of this area has not changed a lot. They people still are primarily vegetarians. Tropical plants including orchids were in another area. A twelve month growing season guarantees large leaves and healthy stems. We left and headed to a ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca April 17th 2019

We left Oaxaca City for Monte Alban one of the first planned urban areas in the Americas. The drove out of the city was a riot of color. Purple jackaranda trees competed with the beautiful orange of the Poinciana and the bubenbilla to use the Spanish spelling. We would never think of putting those colors so close together in our yard, but they work beautifully here. Monte Alban was a large complex with temples; residences, an observatory and all that was required of a bustling civilization. There is evidence of trading with far away places and the walls tell the story of battles and conquests. Smaller carving show people suffering from various diseases and it is believed that these were used as medical texts. It is easy to imagine this place full of life, waiting for ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca April 17th 2019

This was our first full day in Oaxaca and it was a joyful experience. The city is full of visitors who have come to experience Holy Week in this Southern city in Mexico. Oaxaco is a small city of about two hundred thousand and the capital of the state of Oaxaca. The taxi driver who brought us into the city last night described it as a happy city and I agree. We walked down Independencia Ave this morning and had breakfast in a beautiful hotel patio. The area was filled with painted bird cages and local birds sang to us as we ate. I had a bowl of chocolate con leche, black beans and tortilla and a delicious slice of spicy pork with fresh juice and fruit. Troy had eggs with chorizo and fruit and juice. ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca January 15th 2019

Our hearts, particularly and peculiarly that of Mrs fitness - Ali, have been pounding each time we climb the four flights of stairs to our room. This reminded me that Mexico City sits at quite a heady elevation; indeed at 2240m it is in fact the eighth highest capital city in the world. I knew it was high, but I did look that up. And I'm glad I did because who knew Harare was loftier than Kathmandu, or that Addis Ababa looked down on Thimphu? It also has a hefty populace, coming in at number 23 in the list of bloated cities. No doubt it was once much nearer the top of the table, before China ran amok. I mention the mass of humanity here in Mexico City simply because they defy the norm for such ... read more
Pyramida de sol
Welcome to San Mateo
San Jose sunset

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca January 11th 2019

Huatulco where we worship the legend of the tree, from the very beginning of time when the high mountain platform was turned into the palace where the chief and his family could live high up among the gods. The young girl whom carried avocados miles every day to please the family with a talent to weave learned from her grandmother loomed the most beautiful tree that is today worshiped as the legend of the area. Huatulco at the junction where the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains meet the pacific ocean. Once an important supply distribution hub for the Spanish, Santa Cruz Huatulco now serves as a subdued tourist destination thanks to the resort development in the 1980's. Ttrade the bustling hot spots of Cancun or Mazatlan for smaller and more laid back vacation with soothing waters ... read more

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca December 9th 2018

As I write this we have only three days left of our two weeks in Oaxaca and wish we were here for longer. Perhaps next year we will spend a month. We came to this great little town, only an hour’s flight from Mexico city/ two hours from Houston, a couple of years ago for Christmas. We fell in love with the food and the easy going people and the small number of foreign tourists. When Kate found the great reviews for the ‘Spanish Immersion School’ it was a no brainer to kick off our South American trip with a little Spanish learning in Oaxaca. We have been doing one-on-one Spanish for five hours a day split over two instructors - half in the morning and half in the afternoon. The school however offers whatever combination ... read more
Festival or Its a Knock Out practice
THis little lad was part of a wedding procession going through town.  If you look closely you will see that the anoimal is actually covered with fireworks.  We didnb't get to see him lit up . (2)
Cooking Lesson - cheese stuffed plantain

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca November 13th 2018

Today we have nothing specific planned. We have to be out of our room by midday so we spend the morning lounging around and then decamp to the very comfortable lounge area of the hotel to write up yesterday’s blog - I was much too tired that do it last night! It’s not so hot today...overcast and actually threatening rain! We are wondering whether to take a trip out to a couple of artisan towns. Our German companions from yesterday have told us they are OK but nothing particularly spectacular - they were thrown in as additional stops on a Monte Alban minibus tour that they did the day before. Still, we have nothing better to do! The town of Arrazola produces colourful wood carvings - all made from the coral tree. San Bartolo Coyotepec produces ... read more
Something else
Hotel courtyard
Cloudy daybreak on the bus to St Christobel

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Teotitlan del Valle November 12th 2018

A leisurely start today as we are going on an organised tour and they always wait till it’s baking hot to take tourists out. We have breakfast and are waiting in reception at 10am as instructed. The minivan has arrived. We are last pick up...just our luck, the van is full and we are on the back seat. We prepare ourselves for a bumpy ride. We are sharing the seat with a German couple, Marcus and Sebastian, so we enjoy some interesting conversation and have joint groans at every speed bump as we are rocketed to the ceiling each time. Our tour is taking us to the Tlacoluoa Valley and, whilst we could have attempted it independently, the distance covered might have been a bit of an ask in just one day. Our first stop is ... read more
El Tule - 2000 year old tree
Wool dying
Metzal plants

North America » Mexico » Oaxaca » Oaxaca November 11th 2018

I didn’t get much rest last night - I think this must be the city that never sleeps! We are opposite the town indoor market and the shouting went on till at least which time I was wide awake too! We have planned an early start today so I sleep walk into breakfast. Oaxaca is definitely well marked on the tourist trail. The good news is that this means a great European breakfast as there are lots of tour groups here! I enjoy fresh fruit and yoghurt as well as scrambled eggs with ham. Ian is tucking into toast and Nutella. You can have too much of an authentic experience at times so we are glad to deviate. It also means we won’t be snacking! Breakfast was a slight rush as we want to be ... read more
View of the eastern temples and palace, seen from the South Platform
The sunken patio, and broken columns beyond
Olmec prisoner of war stone carving

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