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June 21st 2011
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So after all the talk of going to Veracruze City..... we didn't. Having spoken to fellow travellers about our hostel and the staff we decided that in the direction of Oaxaca was where we would travel, but we didn't even end up there. In the end we decided on a fairly remote little surfing area know as Puerto Escondido and it was a good choice. We travelled there via night bus in a 12 hour trip from Mexico City which was a little bit hairy as we were all suffering from the squits and trying to make it to the toilet whilst the coach driver is driving like he's in a sports car can lead to some potentially compromising situations.

But we made it! Down here seemed a world apart from Mexico city with so much greenery around, it was a town that depended on the tourist trade which seemed to be mainly made up of Australians, some of them adhering to the stereo type of 'Boggans' or so our Australian friends tell us! We arrived at our hostel in even hotter temperatures then Mexico City and we're greeted by the only member of staff who appeared to have nothing to do with checking in guests and seemed to have no idea that we'd be arriving, as we had booked we were a little worried but fortunately we noticed behind the desk our reservation so we just waited for the owner to show up. Show up he did. Steve is an Englishman who was quite the eccentric and very funny and a man who loved his pool, you could play for your nights stay but you had to play by his rules. He may have been the owner but he was clearly not allowed to take money as this was left to his manager and he appeared to be drunk frequently, he was a great laugh.

So the following day we found our way to the correct beach and it was like something of a post card, white sand, hot sun, waves, it was awesome! Having thought I was over my dodgy tummy I preceded to enjoy some cheese tacos at the beach as well as a beer and some more beers latter that night, this lead to, which all three of us somehow got, a complete right of the next day with stomach cramps and an arse like a broken shower. it was not pleasant at all, so it was bread and water for the day. Poor Wilko was vomming as well. Having spoken to a few people we saw in Mexico City everyone seemed to have a dodgy three days after the temple trip, dam them and their buffet!! By the evening me and Deano felt a bit better so we went out into the town and met some fellow travellers for a good night in this reggae place that was mostly filled with Aussies again.

Yesterday it absolutely poured with rain from about 4am to when we left to get our bus out of there at around 6pm, it was completely relentless and lead to us making the decision to leave, so after another overnight bus journey we find ourselves in San Christobel, it seems like a nice place and hopefully we're all feeling good enough to enjoy it properly!!



21st June 2011

Don't eat the salad Sam - infact don't eat anything unless it is cooked or you can peel it - oh and make sure you only drink beer :)))) xxx

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