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October 20th 2011
Published: October 20th 2011
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Day 7 in Mexico.

Jumped on the 9 am bus to Pachultla. Was only girl the whole way. And the only gringo, til Julien from France jumped aboard half way thru. Was an interesting trip geography wise. We started in city of Oaxaca, drove thru farmland, thru cactus, thru incredible green lush high mountain pine forests, dropped down into the tropics and then, finally to the pacific. It was incredible scenery; the villages in the clouds and the deep valleys below. Just one word about the mountain part of the drive....this entailed 100's if not 1000's of curves, many hairpin, plus the pot holes, the washed out half roads with steep drops, the land slides, the speed of the van...well, this trip is not for the light hearted stomach...thankfully, i have an iron gut and felt fine. Saw a poor cow skinned and getting butchered along side of the road,...other than that, there were the usual suspects....burros, goats, chickens, and dogs.

Julien and I jumped in a taxi and continued the trip another 1/2 hour to Mazunte....a sleepy friendly beach village. By recommendation, I choose Hotel Ziga to stay at for 230 pesos (16 $). I have my own cozy room, a quiet porch with chairs, tables and hammock and a view of the ocean. Downstairs is the restaurant with commanding views of the bay and good food. Later that night I found myself sharing a few beers with Julien and two ladies (from Mex city and Italy who went to boarding school together in Switzerland). The beach side palapa restaurant/bars are a great place to watch the world go by.

Day 8.
Met another female solo traveller the next morning breakfast. I was eating the best fruit salad with yogurt ever and drinking amazing coffee....when we starting talking. She works at a bank in Mexico City and is on a week's vacation. We have been hanging out with each other ever since. We walked to the beautiful neighboring beach bay of San Augustinillo. Paulo loves to walk...so do I...so, together we made a good team. Two dogs were frollicking along with us the whole time in SA. One of the dogs was digging for the little beach crabs. Nice to see 'happy dogs' in a country of not such well taken animals. We stopped for a Magnum Bar (the best ice cream bar EVER) on the way back to our Hotel. Took a siesta after...

Later that evening Paola and a couple from Mex City hiked to the end of the bay and out to the point. It was steamy and hot, but the tip of the point offered us refreshing breezes. Saw a family capturing bags of grasshoppers...for frying and eating. Beer and peanuts out on Paola's porch afterwards....she has a super stellar view.

Day 9
Julien, Paola and I took the Tortuga (turtle) boat trip. Saw dozens of very large sea turtles floating with the currents. Our guide jumped on one and held it captive, while we all got to swim around and have an intimate visit. Fished for bonita. They don't use poles, just nylon line....little hard to pull in...but I did it. I caught myself a bonita! Que bonita! Si! Looked around for dolphins and whales, but didn't see any...scooted by some pretty lush palapa clad hillsides, and some pretty bays. Tried out luck at snorkelling but it was a little too rough.

Later that day we ate 'our' bonita at one of the palapa restaurants. Washed it down with 24 ounce Coronas.
Saved the fish scraps and fed 'my' poor hungry street dog. I have been feeding him everyday now. He is surprisingly gentle and sweet despite his circumstances. I have never seen such a protruding rib cage. These street dogs have to pretty much fend for themselves. It really breaks my heart. Wish I could just take him home and nurse him back to health.

Went to Turtle Museum and Aquarium with Paola. The sea turtles were getting exploited and now they are illegal to take. There are huge efforts to keep them safe and populated.

Dinner with Paola and afterwards, drinks at a candle lit palapa bar with the couple we hiked out to the point with.

Mazunte has definately gotten under my skin. Haven't felt this relaxed in a long time.

Off to Puerto Escondido today.
Adios for now muchachos!

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