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December 11th 2012
Published: December 11th 2012
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I rented a cab driver (Silvario) to drive me around for an hour: Super Che, art supply store, glass shop, bank, taco stand, and back home. Time away from home = money spent.

The weather is about the same everyday. High 92, low 72.

The currency here is interesting. (one dollar = 12 pesos.)Coins go like this, in pesos:1, 2, 5, 10/ Paper money is 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 pesos. Frequently vendors cannot break a 50 or 100 peso note. Also, the water guy charges 25 pesos for a 5-gallon bottle of drinking water,

Super Che: A little of everything, big store, items packaged in small quantities. Kind of a Fred Meyer. Everywhere I go, I am the only white person. Bought AAA batteries.

Art supply: More watercolor paper (nobody spoke english so Silvario had to do some translating), some duct tape and some foam. It took about 15 minutes to look at the various papers behind the counter. I wanted to just hop over the counter and look at them, but it was not that kind of store.

Glass shop:I saw a small old wooden table top here yesterday. so I pulled it out of the rack today and asked para vende? yes, 50 pesos, so I brought it home to set up a watercolor area.

Bank: When I found a Banco Santander it was a score, since they are affiliated with Bank of America. Got some much needed pesos.

Taco Stand: Dos Tacos (60 cents apiece) de pollo con cilantro por favor. Eat. Reorder. Eat. Fresca de najarana? Si, diez pesos. Drink. Go home.


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