The Fleet's in at Bucerias--a village fiesta

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January 20th 2014
Published: June 16th 2017
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Boats rev full blast headg straight for the beachBoats rev full blast headg straight for the beachBoats rev full blast headg straight for the beach

They ram the beach, everyone jumps out and all their friends madly push the heavy wooden boat around so it heads back out to sea.
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It's called the Blessing of the Fleet and it culminates a week long celebration in Bucerias, a formerly small fishing village north of PV.

We take the bus to Mega, a huge warehouse style store in Bucerias where we meet tall Bob and Donna, who have driven in from their RV park further north to spend the day enjoying the festivities with us.

The schedule said 11:00. At 11 the pangas would start their ramming of the beach. Why? It's somehow gotten lost in the translation, but they're here for a blessing from the priest and they come decorated and dancing.

At 12:30 we think we see tiny specs way out on the horizon. By 1:00 we're pretty sure it's the pangas, showing up for their 11:00 storming of the beach. 11 Mexican time.

The tricky part is not their getting beached, it's getting off. These are heavy suckers and it takes a raft of thickly muscled supporters to push them around, head them pointy end out, and hold them there against the surf until just the right wave. Be too slow and the thing's gonna roll right over. But if the guy starting the motor's too slow, the thing's upended.

You've got women and babies and giggly girls and rotors whirling and balloons flying and hundreds of fat bellied tourists all trying to get in for that perfect shot. I got shoved back out of the way more than once--I know.

We sat in the shade enjoying a cold one for a couple hours before the boats finally appeared, but before we turned to head for the church we were thoroughly cooked! It was hot standing out there in the sun. We're northern folk not used to so much languid sunshine. The beach was crowded with us, but with lots of Mexicans, too. It was fun to see families out enjoying the beautiful day.

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Then they push it back out to seaThen they push it back out to sea
Then they push it back out to sea

The catch is getting it pointed straight out before the next wave catches it, toppling it over.
Yo manYo man
Yo man

See the kid's reaction?
Good price for you today. Almost free.Good price for you today. Almost free.
Good price for you today. Almost free.

She told him she didn't want it, but we all enjoyed his efforts.
She loved meShe loved me
She loved me

She was just too cute. These guys can be fun if you joke with them as you strike a bargain. Until you're sick of them, that is.
The BobsThe Bobs
The Bobs

Watching the poor guy try his best to see Donna a bracelet.

26th January 2014

Great pic!!
26th January 2014

VERY NICE PIC of my "Favorite: Sister-In-Law! :)
26th January 2014

Beautiful pics,,,,and love the pic of "The Bob's!"

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