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July 22nd 2017
Published: August 9th 2017
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I've officially taken a shit and done yoga whilst snorkeling. How many of you can say you did that?? I took a day trip up to Lo De Marcos, a town with no foreigners. The snorkeling was good, I have several fish which don't live in the Atlantic that I need to identify. Perhaps I can put a camera in my ear and take pictures of my memory and send them to Google.

Often when it rains in this tropical climate, our roads turn into rivers. There's nothing like dancing in the rain and swimming in the street when there's really nothing else you can do. Why try to stay dry when this opulence presents itself? There aren't many artificial lights around here, and the darkness at the beach at night is stifling. I've climbed the rocks next to San Pancho beach and discovered a little secret beach; I show it to anyone who's up for a little walk.

There was this surf competition and DJ competition recently. This lazy little surf town turned into a buzzing metropolis, replete with police, tourists and drunks. It was a bit much for me after a couple days, so I retreated into the hills to stay in my car for some alone time. I'm sure it stimulated the local economy.

I can't sing the praises of the Mexican people enough. During one of our torrential tropical rains, while most of us were seeking refuge under the canopy of the nearby bar and drinking cerveza, I randomly met two people from Mexico City. They knew English and we became friends quickly. Afterwards, they invited me to their AirBNB and we hung out in the pool, smoking joints and sipping tequila. Eventually, I told them I was ready to sleep and was heading to my car. They refused to let me do so, and insisted that I stay with them in their air conditioned room on their California king bed. I laid between them and slept like the dead, my first sleep in air conditioning since Ohio. Such generosity. Siempre. Magico.

There is this thing I call "travel love." It comes in various forms. Sometimes I just meet a girl who wants to cuddle and kiss and sleep next to her. Sometimes I have a very fleeting but passionate and fierce sexual experience. Whatever the case may be, these experiences are powerful and difficult to put into context. None of us are looking to get married or have any kind of LTR, but afterwards I sometimes feel an emptiness, a desire to persist and continue this surprising love that I find. It's not like meeting a girl in your hometown and getting her number and trying to date her. There is an inordinate amount of beauty in this place, and one can't help but drink it up relentlessly, despite how confusing or misdirected it can be.


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