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North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia February 24th 2015

Feb 12 Travelled to Cuitzeo a small tribal town on a lake. We are parked dry camping in a school on a dirt lot. Cows are herded through daily with men on donkeys. The locals are friendly and kind a small town you can walk in one hour return. Valentines was very special as we were taken to this very rustic natural springs bath and then given a massage. We walked back to the hills passing by the locals with lots of conversation in Spanish they speak no English. When we pulled in winding down the narrow streets with everyone in town at the road side curious as if the circus was coming to town. They were moving cars so we could juggle down and lifting the power lines with sticks for us to get under. ... read more

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia February 29th 2012

Monday, we took a cab to Morelia the capital of the state of Michoacán. This is a beautiful modern city with clean wide streets and impressive buildings but again we did not find much of interest. We all enjoyed a trolley tour of the city and took some pretty pictures but the one we failed to take was that of the city’s most ancient relic inside the cathedral - a five hundred year old statue - Senor de la Sacristia, an image of Jesus Christ sculpted by indigenes out of corn stalks and orchid nectar, capped by a gold crown donated by Phillip II of Spain. It has since been explained to us that Mexicans (and maybe others) bind corn stalks together with the nectar which serves as a glue then they are able to carve ... read more
Morelia is very modern and sophisticated and has been titled “Aristocrat of Colonial Cities”.
Photo 14
Photo 7

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia February 20th 2012

We took a bus from Uruapan to Morelia for a day of sight seeing. The buses are very nice and it was a great way for Ed and Ray to do some sight seeing without having to drive. Morelia, named after local hero Jose´ Maria Morelos was one of the first cities founded in Nuevo Espana in 1541. There are many historic buildings and over 20 churches in the historic center of the city. The city center has a unique vibe and is a wonderful place to spend a day.We spent the day walking and exploring before taking a trolley tour. There was a little excitement when Ed was checking out a motorcycle that belonged to a local motorcycle cop. A little boy had gotten his balloon string wrapped around a sign pole in front of ... read more

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia August 28th 2011

I didn’t want anyone to think that David and I killed each other! We have been so busy with our Spanish lessons and we haven’t actually travelled to another place, so I didn’t have anything to write about. Until now. Last weekend we took a trip to Morelia. Morelia is a beautiful little city of 630,000 about two hours South of Guanajuato. We went straight to the Plaza de Armas and parked the car. The whole town is very tourist-friendly, in that it has quite a few maps and directional signs telling how to get to someplace. It was quite hot last Saturday, as well as humid. We tried to grab some respite in the Catedral. The Catedral was absolutely beautiful; it took more than a century to build. The organ alone had 4600 pipes. But ... read more
Palacio Clavijo
Morelia aqueducts
Casa de los Once Patios

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia July 25th 2011

Suzanne here... The bus friom Zacatecas to Morelia left on time, 12.30am, and we hoped to settle down for some sleep. Unfortunately the people behind us talked non-stop until gone 3am, most vexing. In the end we slept very little, maybe dozed slightly. At about 7am we pulled into a bus station and heard the driver shout ´Morelia´. David checked it again with him as we got off and he confirmed it, so we collected our backpacks and looked for the exit. Now, the thing I hate about bus stations in Mexico is that they never tell you where they are. Elsewhere you´d have a massive sign saying ´Welcome to Kuala Lumpur´ or wherever you are. In Mexico you have to guess. So even though we´d checked it was Morelia we wanted confirmation. We were slightly ... read more

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia January 16th 2011

Yesterday I left Mexico City to come to Morelia. I left the hostel shortly after breakfast and got the tube (luckily, Observatorio, the stop I needed was only only a few stops away and on the same line as the stop nearest the hostel) to get to the bus station called Poniente. I had the choice of chicken bus for 215 pesos – 6 hours or the luxury bus for 300 pesos – 4 hours. Well... I chickened out of the chicken bus! Mainly because I wasn't in Morelia for very long (leaving early the next morning) and it was nearly 10.30 already. So I paid my 300 pesos and got to Morelia for 2.30. From the bus station there, I wanted to get the bus to the hostel but all I knew was that it ... read more

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia December 17th 2010

Our next destination was to be Morelia, but there was no direct bus from Guanajuato to Morelia. Well, actually, there was, but it required leaving at 7 in the morning, and we had well and truly slipped into holiday mode, so stuff that for a joke. Using just a bit more of your noggin it's possible to simply catch a bus to León and grab a bus there to Morelia, and those buses went every hour. Given that the early bus went through León anyway, the exact reason you were unable to simply buy the ticket straight through from Guanajuato was unclear. And, in still unclear. We went to bus station to catch the bus to León. The bus was a bit late, so we took a seat outside bus station and waited. Soon enough ... read more
Outside the cathedral, Morelia
Main Plaza, Morelia
Street parade, ,Morelia

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia August 16th 2010

Finally got some pics up, but messed up a little. The first 20 pics attached to the 3rd entry should go with the second, sorry. and one day i'll finally catch up to present day action (currently feeling sick with what feels like one of my regular sinus infections here in Chiapas, not fun) With the new weekend came new adventures in Morelia. Friday was a relatively quiet night, as I was a little from not only teaching, but from Spanish classes also. Started taking classes for 3 hrs a week at a local school, which included one hour of language exchange with locals learning english. it was a great way to meet some of the local folk, but I often found myself not getting back to Uruetaro 'til after midnight (now i'm back to my ... read more
the school
activity time
cathedral at night

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia August 14th 2010

Trying to add pics but none of these computers are allowing me. As soon as I can, I'll add a few. So before we start the teaching, there's still a little time during the weekend for some fun in Morelia. Spent the weekend at the tequila sunset hostel, which I would definitely recommend to anyone who plans on passing through. The guys who work there are great, you meet interesting people and it's close enoughto the city center. Thursday night met a girl who just happened to be from Dallas, strange coincidence. So she invited us to some random house party. Everyone was really nice and I was able to practice my drunken Spanish (which in my opinion was pretty good, so I think). Half of the people at the party thought Dave looked a lot ... read more
Rooftop terrace at TS
Driving into town for the Final
Downtown Morelia

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia August 12th 2010

Ok, so after a couple of more weeks, lets try playing catch up again... After getting only a few hours of sleep, there was a breakfast planned for us, so off we went. It was a nice spread at some hotel that looked like i wouldn't be able to afford if i'd gone alone. But it was free, even better. Several people spoke, we got some gifts and it was now time to move onto our respective communities. My group consisted of Dave from England, Nora from Dallas and Beth from Colorado. Dave had just finished his TEFL course, and both Nora and Beth were both experienced teachers. I was the lone newbie (that's what I liked to think of myself as, just like JD). Our town was Uruetaro, 30 minutes just outside of Morelia, with ... read more

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