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North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia December 31st 2018

I am not sure what happened with the last blog . I published it but haven,t received a copy yet . Hope it finds you ...and me As I said the bus ride here was long but not a problem. Leather seats , leg rests , seat belts , separate men and ladies washrooms The country side was interesting . Agriculture for the most part with fields of dry corn stalks , some in stooks , new crops (grains I believe) and fields of Agave for the tequila industry. We drove up mountains covered in brush and some just scrub. Not REAL mountains. Not arriving here until dark was a disappointment but seeing the Centro Historico all lit up was almost like a fantasy . As I said before there were many people of all ... read more

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia December 29th 2018

Arrived here last night after a long day on the bus. We left LaPineta at 7:20 for Guadalajara 4.5 hours. A one hour turn around then as we were backing out the door hit the barrier and something fell off . That ended up being a one hour delay before heading off for the 4 hour trek to here..It wasn't a difficult trip .The bus is very comfortable , leather reclining seats with seat belts and a snack given at the start of each ride . I also benefited from being a senior . My fare was discounted 50% so cost about 45$C. Can,t beat that . My hotel Casa del Anticuario is a converted mansion in the historic district. Built of stone ,plaster and wood it is impressive. Myra and Filippe at the desk and ... read more

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia February 25th 2018

I am going to say more about PV in the next blog, but now want to tell you about our side trip inland to an area north west of Mexico City. It is not logical to go all that way and then return to PV before flying back to Mexico City when it is time to go home but the reason we did it is because we wanted to see the Monarch butterflies and they fly north before we go to M.C. We might have missed them if we had tried to see them at the end of March as they usually leave about the time of the spring equinox in March but the exact date depends upon weather conditions. When the 'right' wind blowing from the south comes along, they go with it. So that ... read more
Perhaps decoration in churches was influential in development of murals.
Some very modern, reminded me of Starwars
Large skeleton emerging from pool in Guadalajara.

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia February 9th 2018

Hello folks, and thanks for checking in with us again. It's been a few weeks since our last update. Since then we've traveled from Mazatlan to Acapulco, from beaches to mountains, through a couple of really pretty cities and towns, and back to the beach. In Mazatlan, we met Jen and Gavin, a British couple who were more than a year and a half into a 2-year trip up and down (or down and up) the western hemisphere. We hit it off with them really well, although being the only American in our foursome, I often found myself trying to decipher what seemed to be a foreign language at times. Between references to car parks and crisps, lifts and lorries, I had better luck with the Mexican Spanish. They were, and have been, a lot of ... read more
Tortuga being fixed in Chapala
Pastry paradise!
Lake Chapala, Jalisco state

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia January 22nd 2017

A good breakfast in the dining room was included with our room. Not bad for about $20 a night! The hotel contained a lot of marble and wrought iron rail and wall dividers. This morning we went out to explore the city. It is difficult to know how to dress in Morelia. It is 37 degrees at 5am, 57 degrees at 9am, and 77 by 3pm. We began by walking some of the side streets near the hotel. You see many balconies with wrought iron railings and plants. We heard many pet birds (probably parakeets or parrots) behind the windows. The city is very clean and well kept. We tried to find the Michoacan state museum (Museo del Estado), which contains details of Michoacan' s past. But unfortunately it was all boarded up and under reconstruction. ... read more
Morelia Rose Garden
Avenida Madera, Closed for Biking
The Aquaduct

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia January 21st 2017

Since the butterflies are up in the mountains and in cooler temps, we left a suitcase of warm weather clothes like shorts and swimsuits at the hotel. We will be back at Hotel Kioto in four days after our Morelia trip. We left our stuff with Enrique, the guy at the desk. We have him new Minnesota Twins hat. We got a big smile, so I think he was happy. Our bus to Morelia left at noon. We took a cab to the depot ($1.50), much simpler than walking that distance with luggage. The depot is open and quite warm, pigeons flying in and out. But we later found out we had first class tickets, so we could use the A/C waiting room. The bus we had was from the Parhikuni bus company. The bus we ... read more
One of Charcters by the Cathedral
Moving Lights on the Cathedral
Fireworks by the Cathedral

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia January 10th 2017

Leaving Guanajuato on the Silao Cuato to Mex67 GTO 2&3 axels 50 pesos. Weather perfect and roads fair leaving not until 9:30 after the morning rush hour made travel a lot more sane. Changed to MEX 43. Second toll Playa De Cobra Mendozo 88 pesos 2,3&4 axels. Morellia toll tickets to pay on exit, got off at Uriiiangato Hwy 43 libre paid 248 pesos. We have now arrived at the small town of Cuitzeo where the roads are small and the wires are low. We are staying 3 days at Sanwan de Lagho camp ground. Today a city bus tour of Morelia, and it was Another Mexican experience, from the ride to the bus , to the bus ride, to the shuttle to town, the demonstration AGAIN however in Mexico its safe they are challenging the ... read more
Entering Cuitzeo

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia February 24th 2015

Feb 12 Travelled to Cuitzeo a small tribal town on a lake. We are parked dry camping in a school on a dirt lot. Cows are herded through daily with men on donkeys. The locals are friendly and kind a small town you can walk in one hour return. Valentines was very special as we were taken to this very rustic natural springs bath and then given a massage. We walked back to the hills passing by the locals with lots of conversation in Spanish they speak no English. When we pulled in winding down the narrow streets with everyone in town at the road side curious as if the circus was coming to town. They were moving cars so we could juggle down and lifting the power lines with sticks for us to get under. ... read more

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia February 29th 2012

Monday, we took a cab to Morelia the capital of the state of Michoacán. This is a beautiful modern city with clean wide streets and impressive buildings but again we did not find much of interest. We all enjoyed a trolley tour of the city and took some pretty pictures but the one we failed to take was that of the city’s most ancient relic inside the cathedral - a five hundred year old statue - Senor de la Sacristia, an image of Jesus Christ sculpted by indigenes out of corn stalks and orchid nectar, capped by a gold crown donated by Phillip II of Spain. It has since been explained to us that Mexicans (and maybe others) bind corn stalks together with the nectar which serves as a glue then they are able to carve ... read more
Morelia is very modern and sophisticated and has been titled “Aristocrat of Colonial Cities”.
Photo 14
Photo 7

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia February 20th 2012

We took a bus from Uruapan to Morelia for a day of sight seeing. The buses are very nice and it was a great way for Ed and Ray to do some sight seeing without having to drive. Morelia, named after local hero Jose´ Maria Morelos was one of the first cities founded in Nuevo Espana in 1541. There are many historic buildings and over 20 churches in the historic center of the city. The city center has a unique vibe and is a wonderful place to spend a day.We spent the day walking and exploring before taking a trolley tour. There was a little excitement when Ed was checking out a motorcycle that belonged to a local motorcycle cop. A little boy had gotten his balloon string wrapped around a sign pole in front of ... read more

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