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June 23rd 2008
Published: June 28th 2008
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Well, the day to Tequila seems to be a bit of a blur now not because of the tequila so much but because we´re actually in Tulum as I write and it´s been almost a week since Tequila...

So, after the Mexicana online booking debacle we headed off to Tequila at around 1.30 on the Tequila bus. (And no, it´s not some boozy, tequila swilling bus ideal for partying it´s just the name of the bus company). A lot later than we had anticipated that morning and a lot tenser. I think both of us felt the reprieve of having a near empty bus to collect our thoughts and patience in. So, when we finally arrived in Tequila I for one was ready to visit a distillery. Only thing was that by the time we got there most of the distilleries had closed for the day. OK, so we would visit to the tequila museum as well. No such luck. It was closed as well.

What was there left to do but find somewhere to sit, get out of the heat of the sun and collect our thoughts and at the very least drink one tequila. I suggested a restaurant that I had seen from the bus and so we started to walk. And walk. And walk. I could have sworn I saw a nice, big restaurant with a nice big pool. Charlie was starting to think that I had been imagining it especially when I started to mention the pool bit for the 10th time. For the record I hadn´t imagined it and before you know it we were seated and drinking our first tequila in tequila. I can´t say it went down a treat but after the second one I was feeling decidedly like I´d had a couple. Lucky we could not allow ourselves another drink - the last bus to guadalajara was leaving shortly and we could not afford to miss it.

It seemed like a very whacky, silly trip to make for four hours so we could throw down a couple of tequilas (granted we did have a meal too) which we could have done just as well if we´d stayed in Guadalajara. Still, I slept well that night and it helped to ease the tension created by that damn Mexicana flight. We were two giggling gerties by the end of it all but I think it was all in preparation for the following day´s waiting game....


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