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April 9th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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Mariachi is the only past time around here, musicians take pride in getting dressed up to sing Mexican folk songs anywhere, for anyone willing to listen this includes the younger kids that hold a great respect for their elders and also sing along from their open hearts alongside them, this can go on for a good hour or so, playful teens handed over a $500 note which is around $50 USD to hear them play their best tunes, this kind of respect is so endearing.

This originates from the strong family unit that I see all around me here, family life means eating together and listening to music which is so important to the people of Mexico and it has been great for me to experience, especially coming from a country where no one eats around the same table any more let alone talks to each other, a country where our different generations don't respect nor appreciate each other let along our different music.

The beach is 18crt golden and clean, harmless sales men wonder around in the heat, they are mainly elderly, dressed in a white kind of uniform which warns us they are heading this way. As soon as you place feet on the sand, lay down, apply a lick of cream, flick one page of a book, they approach and you are sold everything from fresh fish, flower shaped mangos and pineapple on skewers, to useless toys to cheap sunglasses with nothing UV about them.

These sellers are someone’s grandparents, parents or children, but us English/American will try anything to avoid personal contact, we naturally seem to protect personal space, they are just being friendly and making a living to support huge family by selling unauthentic 925 silver, flying Spider man kites, boat trips and my favourite item of the moment six wooden chickens pecking the centre of a bit of wooden ping pong bat, this item was sold by my favourite seller who is 4ft tall and about 90 years young and made me cry laughing with his rubbish English that was far better than my rubbish Spanish.

It is annoying as it is relentless hassling, but this is what they have been put on this planet to do, to support their families anyway they can and like the old man and Mariachi men bring you a bit of laughter and sunshine. A small price to pay. I love it here.

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pelican crossingpelican crossing
pelican crossing

these birds are everywhere....
The life savers of the beach...The life savers of the beach...
The life savers of the beach...

Respect to the boys! Esteban who work for the royal navy....
Marines working the beaches...Marines working the beaches...
Marines working the beaches...

They all live in yellow submarines....

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