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March 24th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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There is another couple behind us with fifteen pieces of luggage, apart from them and us the entire bus is empty, what happens? This other couple decide to sit right in front of us and lower the reclining seats back to virtually horizontal position. It was tempting to give the thoughtless traveller a cranial head clamp. We moved to other seats and in mid journey more like mid cycle in a tumble dyer as the bus rocked hard from side to side. I was desperate for still ground, wishing & praying to my travel angels that when we reached our final destination that we could stay somewhere nice with many windows so we could see light and get back to feeling more human again.

12 hours, 2 long bus rides, a painful Mel Gibson DVD of Brave Heart pixelated, dubbed in Spanish with Italian subtitles played on, two boiled sweets and two more free ham and cheese sandwiches which I lost somehow down the moving isles, we finally arrive at Puerto Vallarta also known as the Mexican Riviera.

We got a cab asking the cabbie if he knew somewhere downtown, which of course he did. He took us to this ok hotel, cheap but too hot, insanely noisy and the room had an over powering smell of bleach which could not be blocked out by my ear plugs which I doubled up as nose plugs. The next day was a quiet Sunday, we walked around the town and was drawn to this one place, literally my stomach turned, not sickness but a pulling, the hotel was painted bright yellow, we were shown to a good room with a balcony but no windows or view which I felt disappointed that my prayers had not been answered. We paid him for the night and went back to get our stuff from the other place. Upon our return the guy at reception unexpectedly said ‘you want windows?’ I nearly fell over and said yes yes yes. 'We have many windows for you' he said. He took us up and up and up to this amazing apartment called Condor with windows galore that give a complete 360 degree view of the sea in front and the mountains all around, creating a nice through breeze, it had a kitchenette, TV with channels in English and we could get wireless internet access for free as the internet shop was 3 floors beneath us and our own private roof terrace all for the same price. Hotel Posada, Augustin Rodriguez 267, Puerto Vallarta.Tel; 222 06 04 Prayers do get answered, I think the heavens just need some time to deal with requests.

We spent our time here getting used to being on a very long holiday, it still had not sunk in yet of the enormity of what we were doing.


9th April 2007

Typical British Chap
Dear Clairey Hope I am the first in the queue to say thank you very much for your super-blog and will you send more of them - please. xx Hic
9th April 2007

Love it
Dear Claire & Stu. We have been to puerto vallarta for a holiday and had an absolutely super time, and love the mexicans over there. We stayed at the Holiday Inn. A really memorable holiday indeed. Hope you enjoy as much as we did. It is so different to the East Coast of Mexico. So unspoilt compared to Cancun. Glad to hear that you are feeling at least a little better than you were. I'm sorry to hear that Julia has lost her contact with you, I will ring her sometime soon. It is Rick's birthday tomorrow, adn we have a easter weekend as far as the weather is concerned. So musn't complain. Will close for now. All our love. Sheila & Rick. xx
9th April 2007

Visit Yelapa!
Hey girl, seems the world is full of a******s who block your space, but loving your blog and do go and hightail it to Yelapa now that there's a road going down to the sea there and avoid all Americans carrying machetes. Love ya...
10th April 2007

sweaty betty
sounds deranged darling. I read the Kate Fox book, incredible isn't it? I love your description about your near joining of the communal primal scream, but at the end, made me laugh so much. Love you xxx
11th April 2007

Good to hear you are still an acute observer Claire. Stay well. Love. Nev

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