2013, Unlucky for some... but not for US!

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March 7th 2013
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2013, unlucky for some... but not for US!

The title of this journal is was the first thing Max said to me this year before giving me a confident new year kiss, and so far it has been true, apart from losing the first detailed written two months of our travels! So I am afraid my story starts half way through until I can recount some of the previous events, but with the amount of tequila that was drunk the hand written book was supposed to be my saving grace, funny being a child of technology I preferred to use the perishable pen and paper instead of limitless indestructible cyber storage! But there are many lessons like these learned along the way. Certainly building up my tolerance against sentimentality of material possessions. Hopefully I will be able to dive into my memory bank and retrieve some of the wonders that happened across Mexico with maybe less detail but for now I will go against my OCD and right back to front just so I don´t forget anymore!

We have been in Guadalajara for a few 6 days now. We arrived on Saturday when we got real drunk went to a gay bar got chaperoned to a gay strip club, got a special announcement from he gay singer which max stood on his chair to receive the praise for. After 12 tequila I slipped out of life and the other Stef took over, not before I could say to Max "get me to bed!" Foolishly Max stayed to finish his beer whilst I kept trying to stagger off. When he managed to get me out of there we walked past another Gay club with a queue, which I apparently punched him straight in the mouth for not going into (this coming from the girl crying out to go back). He did manage to get me to our hotel room where he then had to hold my head while I threw up in the bin. Luckily for him we had two single beds in that room. This was one of the two bad Tequila experiences I have had since being in Mexico. The other one was in Puerto Escondido. Maybe if you´re lucky I will tell you about that one! Not now.

On Tuesday we went to a Lucha Libra show down at the coliseum (where Max has started training with El Satanico and El Terible, big names in Jalisco) Else Terrible was in the big match. It was amazing. So much heckling going on in the crowds to each other. I could not make out what they were saying though. I´m guessing something ruse but it was all in jest. The wrestling itself was mad. There was more fighting going on outside of the ring and smashing into the front row seats that in the ring itself! Not even in the WWF (E) have I ever seen ANYTHING even close to how potentially dangerous and entertaining this was. Beer was being taken off spectators and thrown on to the other contenders, chairs were getting smashed in from suicidal dives of the top rope. It was intense! Highly recommended. Next time we will be purchasing front row seats!

This place really is stunning. It oozes grand history. The old buildings, cathedrals, museums, convents, etc are a sight to see. The are all surrounded by the biggest plazas I have seen and spectacular fountains and monuments. I haven´t stepped foot inside any of them yet but I´m sure in for a treat. We are staying in Centro Historico, which is the equivalent to our Oxford circus or Tottenham court road, but with several st Paul's cathedral esk buildings everywhere! Yes this place is a pretty solid city. The closest to rhyme and reason compared to the rest of Mexico!

Today has also been an interesting day. We were walking back from our afternoon jaunt to Chapultepec (where a Taco stand with no name served up the BEST taco´s known to STEF&MAX, more on that later), there was a parade of police and army cars, bikes and blacked out vans that seemed to stream forever. I decided to stop and look at what was driving past and from one of the vans a gentleman waved at me. I know it was me as there was no-one else on the pavement with us. We carried on walking asking each other what it could be, and a man walking past us overheard and explained it was the President of Mexico, and he was the one waving at me! He also followed this up by how he wished he wasn´t in Guadalajara. I guess because important figures in Mexico are surrounded by trouble. He, Enrique Peña Nieto being the most important man in Mexico!


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