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April 28th 2019
Published: April 29th 2019
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AGAIN, we had planned to go to the Peacock Garden in Ajijic, but we changed our minds. Wow, am I GLAD WE DID!

On the way to pick up our friends, we notice La Cima (The Top) Restaurant way up on a hill. We looked at reviews and decided that the views would be worth the added expense. It took us several minutes driving time down "La Carretera." On arrival, we were concerned that the Honda Fit we were driving would not make it up the hill with four of us, but no problem. We were among the first arrivals at the 1:00 pm opening time.

Since our friend, George was departing in a couple of days, we decided to party down. We started with a Modelo, two margaritas, and a Coke Light for our designated driver. We ordered a starter of Spicy Fish, which turned out to be little chucks of fried fish with tortillas and sauce. We could have stopped there and been satisfied......but nooooo.

Rose ordered a filet mignon and I had BBQ ribs and our friends shared a plate of what I did not notice. Somewhere in there, I finished my margarita and ordered an Herradura Reposado tequila shot. The food was out of this world. YUMMY! And the Herradura (means horse shoe) was like nectar.

When we finished, we ordered another round of an Herradura Reposado shot, another HUGE margarita for me and another Coke Light for our DD. In typical Mexican fashion, we sat around long after our food was done, enjoying the view and the great company. This was our most expensive meal yet, but we did splurge bit. It came to about eighty bucks with a generous tip.

Some of the photos are views from the hill or on the way down. On the way home we stopped for nieve de garrafa (homemade ice cream). Be sure to see more pics at the bottom of the page,

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What is it with the margarita glasses here, anyway? What is it with the margarita glasses here, anyway?
What is it with the margarita glasses here, anyway?

They all seem to have holes in them!

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