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North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Taxco March 12th 2013

Taxco, Mexico - City of Silver The Cathedral of Santa Prisca, patron saint of Taxco, is worth stopping to see.... read more

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Taxco June 12th 2012

Argh. Stupid thing kicked me out again, and now I have to rewrite everything. Went to Mexico City again last week from Thursday to Sunday. On Thursday we went with the school and saw some museums. Then the school left us. Most of the group went to stay at the hostel, but me and Ginette and Amelie went to stay with their housemate from Taxco, Edoardo. He studies art here at the same school as us, but his parents live in DF (Mexico City). We went for Chinese buffet, walked around a bit then started the treck home. We took one subway, then two subway. On the way out of the subway station, as 1.5 inch cockroach strolled proudly in front of us. We all squealed like little girls and ran out of the station. Now, ... read more
In Condesa

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Taxco June 6th 2012

I haven't written in a while because i've been busy with school and field trips and sick. But I feel better now. I don't have many new pictures, I was walking to school today and thought it would be nice to take pictures of my favorite views on my way to school. So I'll try to do that tomorrow, or this weekend. Tomorrow we are meeting at school at 8am, instead of 9am, because we are going back to Mexico City and this time we are staying the weekend. I say going back because last week we went with the school to visit the university campus in Mexico City, UNAM. The UNAM is huge. I would say about 10 times the size of Ottawa U. There are about 350,000 students there, and a whole bus system ... read more
Family Car
Botanic Garden
Mural at UNAM

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Taxco June 3rd 2012

Argh. Wrote this entry and my google crashed. I hate rewriting things, so this will be shorter than original one. Last weekend George and I went to Mexico City, well, we went from Wednesday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. It was a great break from the hills. It was nice to be walking on flat solid ground without roaches caught in the cracks, or having to squish onto the wall to let the cars pass. Our first two nights we stayed in the Hampton Inn close to the centre, it was nice to have a room in a style I am more used to, except there was no real window. It was weird. Our first evening there we saw the soldiers take down the large Mexican flag from the Zocalo. We then walked down this shopping street ... read more
Bella Artes
Chapultepec Park

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Taxco May 16th 2012

So yesterday was interesting. Got up and had finally slept for 5 straight hours. Felt much more human! Had breakfast here in my half outside kitchen and then did homework. Tried to figure out the buses for George from Mexico City, even walked to the bus station but it didn't all make sense. Finally today my friend Ginette gave me the right information. Anyway, back to yesterday, Natalie and I went out in search of food for lunch. Went down this new street, no real yummy looking places, but saw two bones, half chewed, with fur stil on it. So gross!!! Must be from the stray dogs. Urgh.... poor dogs. Well, poor animal whatever it was. Lunch was good. Had salad finally cos they clean it in disinfectant. It felt so good to have vitamins! I ... read more

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Taxco May 14th 2012

So we went to the club on Saturday, It was through a parking lot and then the armed guard brought us upstairs. to the top of the parking lot. It's an actual club. It had carpet and people were allowed to smoke and throw their butts on the the ground. So strange! But the music was good, and we were a group of about 25 so it was fun and safe. I ended up staying the longest with a girl and the "brother" of one of our friends. "brother" because he is the son her her mexican mom. It was great. I got home at 5am, and could hear the disco until 7am. It was a bit crazy. That is partly why I stayed as long as i could. The next day, Nat and I took ... read more
Pozas azules 2
Pozas pool

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Taxco May 12th 2012

So I am loading some pictures of my school and of some views. It hasn't rained in a couple of days and it's super hot today. My shoes have smelt better. Must be from wearing them all the time. We all had drinks last night and are going to a club tonight, which as far as I can understand is in the parking lot under my house. The girls are all getting dolled up. It's pretty cute, but really not my thing. They tried to bring me shopping, but we didn't really accomplish it. Went to the silver market today and it was pretty cool. Saw some nice jewelry, but none for me. It was so packed and warm and full or weird smells! They sell these small yellow fruits, and they smell so bad it ... read more
View from restaurant
School fountain
Zocalo 2

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Taxco May 9th 2012

No pictures today. Will have to wait until the weekend. I've been spending most of my time at school, I have class from 9-12 and then 4:30-7pm Monday to Thursdays and then Fridays I have class from 9-12 and then go to a school at the other end of the city to have English conversation with 5th and 6th graders. I am not starting this week because it's a big celebration for Mother's Day. it lasts over a couple of days. My Spanish teacher is really nice, and i have 2 classes with her, my other course is Historia de la America Latina, and it's all in Spanish. It's a bit difficult, but I'll get throught it. I haven't cooked at home, i'm still a little freaked out by the bugs and birds and whatever ate ... read more

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Taxco May 6th 2012

First day is just about over. It started off with a rip in my jeans as I was getting into the car. Too bad I had packed everything except for an extra pair of jeans! The flight was super long but really good. I tried to take pictures of the mountains close to Mexico City, but not sure if it turned out ok. Met up with the group in the airport, and people are all friendly. My first meal in Mexico? Sushi! Because it was the easiest to just grab and I couldn’t be bothered to order in Spanish. The ride to Taxco took 3 hours. There was tons of traffic in the city, and once out of the city we just kept on curving and turning and going up. I’m surprised my room is not ... read more
Mi cama
Vista de mi habitacion
Cocina de los estudiantes

North America » Mexico » Guerrero » Taxco June 18th 2011

Today we went to the Silver mining town of Taxco. It was beautiful. The houses are on the mountain and it reminds you of homes in Spain, or Italy or Greece. Absolutely stunning. But with life on the mountain comes the need to walk up that mountain and we did a lot of that today! You can get a lot of silver items for cheap in this town so it was worth all the walking. After walking up one particularly steep hill we just made a decision that the first restaurant we saw we would eat at and we did. Even the restaurant had a terrific view. We ended up in the centro where the big catedral is located and some guy, who claimed he worked for the government, wanted to give us a tour. It ... read more
Amazing View
Another view

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