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May 14th 2012
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So we went to the club on Saturday, It was through a parking lot and then the armed guard brought us upstairs. to the top of the parking lot. It's an actual club. It had carpet and people were allowed to smoke and throw their butts on the the ground. So strange! But the music was good, and we were a group of about 25 so it was fun and safe. I ended up staying the longest with a girl and the "brother" of one of our friends. "brother" because he is the son her her mexican mom. It was great. I got home at 5am, and could hear the disco until 7am. It was a bit crazy. That is partly why I stayed as long as i could.

The next day, Nat and I took the bus to the Shopping Centre which is like one walmarty store and 3-4 other stores. REally not interesting, but we bought food and snacks. On the combi (bus) ride there, we saw less pretty neighbourhoods. And behind the cemetary there was some poor shacks. And we came back and I was so excited to make salsa and have Natalie taste for the first time when I realized that in my excitement I had bought parsley and not cilantro. Duh! We then all went to meet at Santa Prisca. i swear we are becoming a tourist attraction. A group of 20 with Haitian and blonde people. Mexicans ask to take pictures with the Haitian boy and the blonde girl. It's so awkward! I don't get it... Anyways, we all went to a nice restaurant, and then it was home to bed. Not that I am sleeping, I am still waking up throughout the whole night. Not sure if it is the noise or the bed or the stress or what. Well last night it was mostly the wailing dog, it sounded like he was dying or something, and all the other dogs started barking. I swear the whole city was barking. There are SO many stray dogs here... and they are all big. In fact, one followed me home from the bar. hahah. But the house next to me has 2 big dogs and they live on their patio and fight all the time.

On, and on Saturday, it was cleaning day. Delia, our mom, gave us some cleaning sponges but no soap. So I'll have to find some soap. And she avoids me when I want to do laundry, so clean my stuff by hand which is fine. But when I left around 10 Saturday to go get eggs at a restaurant, she was wearing guacomole on her face, and again when I got home around 11. It waS a flurry of activity with her sweeping and cleaning, but with just water. I don't get it. But i dont have to.

Today we met at 10am to take a combi for an hour in some bumpy twisty scary roads up and down mountains. We went to Posas Azules. It was awesome! And the view there was great. I couldn't take pictures though cos of where i was sitting, will try when I bring George.

Tomorrow we will go to a scary Spanish movie at the movie theatre. And, I plan on trying to go shop on my own and just wander.

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