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August 28th 2007
Published: September 3rd 2007
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This morning we took a six hour bus to Acapulco. It's safe to say this town is very unattractive. Overdeveloped and outdated.

We spent most of our day at a bar called 'Pescado a la Tall' which was right on the beach but also had a pool. Ludo was in Acapulco for ten days before this tour so he recommened this place. The bar owner told Sid that Ludo sure could drink. When a barman says that, it's not really a badge of honour.

In the arvo we were talked into joining a party boat that sails around the harbour. We were assured it had a pool. When we paid our entry and got on the boat, we discovered the pool had been repainted and wasn't filled. We got off just in time and managed to get a refund. Ludo stayed on board to drink the bar dry. We went back to Pescado a la Tall until closing time.

The four of us had dinner in the Zocalo and stumbled home in a drunken stupor. But not before Tiffany bought some pot from a local guy who then thought he'd follow us back to the hotel for a party. I wasn't aware of this because I had already gone to bed. I wish I'd stayed up to witness it. Apparently the hotel staff weren't too impressed with these strange men trying to get into the hotel.


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