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Its 6:30 Sunday morning and there’s a cacophony of fireworks in the distance: a common sound in Mexico in the otherwise quiet pre-dawn hours. Last night, in a small cement ring not far from our condo, there was a bullfight. Dignitaries had been flown in on helicopters that came and went throughout the afternoon. On our way out of town we saw tables being set up with stark white tablecloth’s outside the Bull Ring alongside the highway for the dinner served after the fight: a splash of sophistication against a backdrop of dirt and dust. Fortunately for the bulls, there is no fight to the death (here in this part of Mexico at least, they do not kill the bulls). The sounds of elated cheering and bursts of fireworks lasted late into the evening. Yesterday also ... read more
Gaudi House
Along the road to Celaya

We've been officially living in San Miguel now for one week. My husband Doug and I arrived last Sat. after a long and hot drive from Cave Creek, Az, across boring Texas and one tire blow-out, down to Laredo which seemed like the safest border crossing at the moment, and then across the vast, hot, unchanging desert that is part of Mexico until finally we stopped at a little 1930's style hotel called Las Palmas Midway Inn in Matehuala to recuperate a bit. We decided to treat ourselves to this cute hotel just off the highway. It was highly recommended as a good stop for lunch and/or to stay the night. It was very clean and quiet, empty really, but the restaurant had the nicest staff and we were feeling hot and sleepy and just decided ... read more

What is there to say about our last moments in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato? So many kinds of emotions are rushing all around us that it is pretty hard to even see straight. We have left our usual and fairly predictable lives in San Francisco to move to this gem of Mexico and never really know what the next minute holds for us. We could be walking home from lunch and run into a long funeral procession. But our adventure isn’t ending. It is just a new beginning. I have to keep telling myself that because if I say it is the ending for us in SMA, I get muy triste. These last few days were supposed to be calm and reflective. Unfortunately, they were crazy and a blur! The end of Semana Santa went ... read more
Jesus' Funeral
Some of Ronnie's Work

Alright, so it's been a week or so since I last updated, and I need to finish my Semana Santa excursions. I have had a couple of tests and homeworks that have been taking up my time, because remember, I have classes here too, it's not just play. Now this entry is about my 4th day of my break, 2nd day in the state of Guanajuato. So we started Thursday off early. We got ready and started to head out for the day when we were stopped by some stomach pains in my partner. So as she rested, I went out and enjoyed the morning air. At ten thirty we met up with our tour group to go along the Route of Independence. This tour included a trip to a cemetery of a famous singer, trip ... read more
Monumento de José Alfredo Jiménez
Church of Dolores Hidalgo

San Miguel de Allende is a well known city for foreigners. There have been many Americans living here for a long time. It is a smaller city than Guanajuato, and filled with galleries run by local artists. We took the bus and headed downtown. Immediately, it is noticeable that everything downtown is a bit more upscale than in Guanajuato, and geared more for tourists with prices to match. We stopped for coffee and I ordered what was titled to be Oaxacan hot chocolate, only to find it was the same instant stuff you get in the states. We took a walk around the city, which is very pretty, and looked in some of the shops. We had lunch in a restaurant called Correo (mail, in English), which we saw in the guide book. The food was ... read more
San Miguel
La Parroquia
San Miguel

On Sunday morning we overslept. The time jumped an hour ahead in the middle of the night and I had misread an article about what time processions start for Palm Sunday. We rushed to get ready and head out the door. We jumped in the first taxi we saw and were let out a couple blocks away from San Francisco church, but we noticed the streets were almost completely empty. We were really confused because we thought we were running late. “Everyone over sleeps on the first day of the new time,” said the taxi driver. So we went to a popular coffee shop right off the jardin and that was also empty. Ronnie ordered molletes (cheese, beans and chorizo on top of bread) while I ordered a bagel and cream cheese to go. We ... read more
Walking into town
The Apostles are Running Late
Getting Ready for the Walk

March has been a very busy month for us here in San Miguel. It seems like our adventures rarely slow down for very long and that is something I am grateful for everyday. One of our most amazing adventures was the invitation from our maid, Maria Luz, to come out to her family’s rancho for an afternoon of carnitas. Our friends from the east coast, Aaron and Beth, were visiting at the time, but she said they were welcome to come along too. And so the four of us took a trip with Eleanor, another client of Maria’s, about 45 minutes outside of town to visit a rancho. The ride took longer than we expected and we were instantly shocked just how far Maria travels to get to town to work. She says in total, ... read more
Table at the Rancho

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende February 13th 2009

I love Valentine's Day. To me, it is more than just for lovers, but also for friends. I remember in school, sending Candy Grams to all of my friends and hoping that I would get one from a secret admirer. The excitement in my heart lasted the whole day. Here in San Miguel, I can see the school children are going through the same thing. As Ronnie and I walk down the streets, we see many giggling girls with roses and huge balloons from their admirers. Vendors line up outside of the parroquia holding countless sizes and shapes of balloons. Kids run up to him to ask a price, and then run back to the bench in the jardin where their friends wait, giggling shyly for the answer. I was chatting with a trabajador, who was ... read more
Balloons in the Jardin
Which one should I buy her..?
Nude with apples

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende February 5th 2009

Even though it is still chilly here in the mornings and at night...Spring is here in Mexico. Every year at this time, San Miguel celebrates with the Feria de Candelaria. It means "Candle Mass," or the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple and is also for the Virgin of Candelaria. The main park in the city, Parque Juarez, becomes filled with plant and flower vendors from all over Mexico. They fill the park with gorgeous blooms in every bright color you could desire. The basketball court is filled with macetas, or flower pots, from teeny-tiny to HUGE! Aztec dancers welcome the spring with drums while children giggle and play with wheel barrels, hoping to help you to your car or taxi for a tip. I have been wanting plants for our place very ... read more
Flowers for sale
Pretty purples
Aztec Dancers

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende February 2nd 2009

Today was Constitution Day, (observed), so the university was closed. Rosita and I took a bus to San Miguel de Allende. Even though we spent last weekend right nearby on a ranch, we didn't make it to the city proper, so it was a good day to explore. We took a city bus downtown and headed straight for the mercado to try the food. We went to one food stand and shared a beer, then to another where I had a plate of chicken and mole. It was smokier than the mole yesterday, different. We walked through the fruits and veggies, and headed out to walk around the city so I could get an idea of what it was like, with some ice cream. We looked at churches and historic buildings. We stopped in a number ... read more

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