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North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende September 21st 2010

Un breve recorrido por Guanajuato y Querétaro. ....... Un paseo por Guanajuato, me hizo recordar como hace más de tres años fui sorprendida con la pregunta que no me esperaba, en una tarde de Agosto del 2006 le dije que si; Y fue La Presa De La Olla, en Guanajuato, quién observó y escuchó el inicio de la historia. Y, ahora, más de tres años, esos árboles y la misma banca nos envolvieron nuevamente. .... Querétaro, y la hermosa familia Lecuona, nos consintieron tanto, que costó algo de trabajo regresar a nuestro menú oficial de la MVG. Nuestras hermanas Tenchis y Maru, junto con mi amigo y ex-compañero de La Roca, Chacho Lecuona, nos hicieron sentir muy amados al recibirnos en su hogar. Fue también refrescante y motivante, el escuchar algo del trabajo que Tenchis realizó ... read more
La banca que una vez más nos recibió.
Juan Marcos Lecuona, mejor conocido como Chacho!
Chacho y los Kunkels

All prepped for the big tour, we arrive at reception before 10am, then wait til quarter past. Martin arrives with Alehandro. For some reason although Alehandro does the whole tour for us in english, he does not drive. Alehandro is approx 40, friendly but appears preoccupied with conducting his narrative and does not readily take on our comments or questions.However through the day he covers a much wider subject than the tour content, telling us about the famous singer Jimenez (Himenez) and taking us to his memorial, talking about Guanajuato life and how not to live in the hills outside town because of all the scorpions. He also goes over all the stuff about Guanajuato that we'd not really understood from the previous day. The tour starts in Dolores Hidalgo after the stop at the cemetary ... read more
Parroquia de Nuestra Senora de los Dolores
Plaza at Dolores Hidalgo
Casa del Diezmo

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende January 22nd 2010

Après Mexico City, nous sommes fait 4 heures de bus pour arriver a San Miguel de Allende. Nous avons trouvé facilement une auberge de jeunesse disponible. Ce petit village tres charmant est aujourd'hui peuplé de nombreux americains retraités qui profitent du climat exceptionnel. Mais le soir le centre ville est aussi très animé, de nombreux mexicains viennent jouer de la musique. Il y a aussi beaucoup de restaurants et pub on rencontre les jeunes mexicains. Nous y avons passé 2 nuits et un jour puis sommes repartis en direction de Guanajuato.... read more
Et pour moi, les fajitas
Comment les mexicains peuvent ecrire mon nom en espagnol !
Vue sur la place principale de San Miguel

We ended our visit in Mexico with two colonial cities, Queretaro and San Miguel. Queretaro was a wonderful surprise for me and Ilan, as it is one of the prettiest cities we have seen. It's historical center is filled with beautiful, well preserved buldings and plazas. The city was full of people wandering the streets with their children and having a good time. San Miguel was our last stop. Our main goal here was for me to meet with a local midiwifery clinic and school, to look at volunteer options. The day I spent there left a strong impression on me; the need here for social and medical services is just huge. There is so much that needs to be done for the women and families here. I hope to come back in a few months ... read more
The best part - the balloons!
Plaza in Queretaro
Queretaro streets

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende September 6th 2009

Getting out of Copper Canyon was meant to be easier than getting in but somehow we managed to topple off 3 times on the way out. First we came round a corner and had to negotiate a bulldozer than had just laid 6 inches of fresh soil on the road surface. We got past the bulldozer ok but then we came to a standstill in the thick, fresh, soil and just toppled over gracefully. Next we had just finished negotiating the really tricky, steep, smooth rock part and were on the easy flat straight section when the back wheel just caught the tiniest bit of mud and before we knew it we were back on the ground with a dented pannier (the panniers are quite handy as they support the bike so it doesn't actually fall ... read more
Copper Canyon
Copper Canyon
Copper Canyon

North America » Mexico » Guanajuato » San Miguel de Allende September 5th 2009

Contrary to the assurances given to us by most people we met north of the border in the USA, we have survived a week in Mexico, and have neither: a) Been struck down by a vicious mutant form of the swine flu virus. Nor: b) Been riddled with machine gun crossfire after being caught up in a savage battle between the military and the narco-terrorists. Furthermore, I have been trying out my Spanish on the locals, and have thus far managed to avoid (as far as I'm aware) asking "would you mind if I fondled your wife's breasts?" whilst seeking directions. Highlights so far: The DESCENT OF DEATH! into Copper Canyon A bit over-dramatic, granted, but this section was long and scary, although ultimately exhilarating. Copper Canyon is 6,000 feet deep, and has the old silver ... read more
40 miles of dirt track...
Meet Paul
San Miguel de Allende

It’s been a while since I last wrote but I’ve been really busy and recently sick with ‘the revenge’ and time has just flown. Busy may seem like an oxymoron here in Mexico, since our perception in America is of a more laid back existence which is still true to some extent, except for us crazy gringos and some hardworking Mexicans. To start with, I volunteered to help the San Miguel Author’s Sala ( which has recently absorbed the annual Writer’s Conference scheduled in February. I’ve committed myself to selling their book Solamente En San Miguel, an anthology of fiction, essays, memoirs, and poetry about San Miguel, to Bed & Breakfasts and other outlets around this area as a way to raise money and awareness of San Miguel and the Writer’s Sala. The other key committee ... read more
Hardy's house
Hardy's personal offices

This has been a very exciting week for us, and especially me! Last weekend we were invited out with our friends Maggie and Gene to a gallery in the country about 45 minutes from San Miguel. The gallery is called Galeria Atotonilco, and is owned by a ceramic artist named Mayer Shacter. He and his author wife Susan Page (Why Talking Is Not Enough, How One of You Can Bring the Two of You Together, The Eight Essential Traits of Couples Who Thrive, If I’m So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single, and The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book), had a home/gallery built from the remains of a warehouse in the countryside which must have been an architects dream! This house was built by Kathy House, a quite famous architect with a quite ... read more

Its 6:30 Sunday morning and there’s a cacophony of fireworks in the distance: a common sound in Mexico in the otherwise quiet pre-dawn hours. Last night, in a small cement ring not far from our condo, there was a bullfight. Dignitaries had been flown in on helicopters that came and went throughout the afternoon. On our way out of town we saw tables being set up with stark white tablecloth’s outside the Bull Ring alongside the highway for the dinner served after the fight: a splash of sophistication against a backdrop of dirt and dust. Fortunately for the bulls, there is no fight to the death (here in this part of Mexico at least, they do not kill the bulls). The sounds of elated cheering and bursts of fireworks lasted late into the evening. Yesterday also ... read more
Gaudi House
Along the road to Celaya

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