Day 4

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Day 4Day 4Day 4

Lunch at Tec after going to the social incubator. They spoiled us!
After the night before, it was a little difficult to wake up this morning. We had to be at Tec at 9 am to go visit the Querétaro social incubator. Once there, we did a little exercise where each pair presented some information from part of the incubator’s website. Ulysses was my partner and we presented about three of the programs that run there. This was a great way for us all to learn more about exactly what a social incubator is. Then, we heard a presentation from a woman who is one of the beginning entrepreneurs that the incubator supports. She is started a pastry business and participates in classes, business model development, and group meetings at the incubator. She was so lively and passionate about the work she has done at the incubator, and speaking with her made me feel extremely excited to start our work in Pachuca.

We ate lunch at campus. It was bread, salad, mashed potatoes, and chicken with veggies. I asked for extra veggies instead of chicken. After some coffee and down time, we got on the bus to go to San Miguel, which is a colorful town about an hour and a half
Day 4.1Day 4.1Day 4.1

The cathedral at San Miguel
from Querétaro. Christian and Suzy were our guides and took us to see the famous cathedral first. It is one of the most photographed churches in Mexico, with its distinctive gothic architecture and beautiful spires. Then we visited the artisan district and el mercado. I put minutes on my phone and was finally able to make calls! The many stands of jewelry, ceramics, metal crafts, fabrics, and woodwork were overwhelming. Prices were so low and the things were so beautiful that I couldn’t decide what to buy! I ended up buying a beautiful, beaded green necklace for myself and some painted ceramics as presents. Nearing dinnertime, we went on a Starbucks hunt (I had seen people with the cups earlier), and Erin bought me an iced coffee since I had given her my extra beaded necklace earlier. For dinner, we drove to a restaurant called Hecho en Mexico. I was SO hungry and filled up on guacamole and nachos before the main dish—penne pasta with pesto—even arrived. We got our desserts to go and got back on the bus.

I was exhausted, so I drifted in and out of sleep almost the whole way back. After a late night
Day 4.2Day 4.2Day 4.2

Inside the cathedral
trip to Oxxo, we had a dance party in Louis and Ulysses’ room and then hung out by the pool. Francisco, Diego, and I had a major bro sesh and bonded a lot. I gave Diego his gift and told him he had to text me when he got home so that I would know he was safe. He sent a very nice text later, even though I was already sleeping. I am glad we all got to have fun on our last night together in Querétaro.

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Day 4.4Day 4.4
Day 4.4

I love the bright colors of the streets in San Miguel!
Day 4.5Day 4.5
Day 4.5

The artesian market at San Miguel
Day 4.6Day 4.6
Day 4.6

After Starbucks in San Miguel

26th May 2012

Hi Emily
Your so good at details describing the food I feel like I can taste it:) Love the pictures!!!

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