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December 29th 2011
Published: December 29th 2011
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Analyze The 45 Most Powerful Images of 2011 and complete the following tasks:

1) Choose 5 images from 2011 and describe the significance of the image as well as your reaction to the image and questions that it makes you ask.

The image to the left shows political leaders listening to news regarding Osama Bin Laden. This image is especially important to the poeple of the U.S. because May 2, 2011 marks the day that Bin Laden was killed by death sentence. When I look at this picture I am able to see that the people in the picture are PEOPLE. Whenever I watch the news I see the political leaders always look cold. Their facial expression usually look very serious. Although the faces of the poeple in this image is still serious, they are showing more emotion than I have ever seen them show. Since this picture was taken My first, what news were they listening to or what did they see that made them look the way they do?

As of the year 2011, protestors began to take national notice. Most notably, young people have begun to take a stand against injustice in today's economy. Today, the protests continue. This illustration is so important becuase it is the first time that such a huge protest is taking place in several places in the U.S. It also suggests that when justice is tried to achieve, there will be obstacles from every angle. The fact that the protest continues today, shows that the message and people's will is strong. When I first saw this picture, I did not care about what was occuring, but when I looked closely, I saw the passion that people are figthing with.

This image shows a boy from HOng Kong, China looking at a figure of Steve Jobs. I think this image is important because it shows the impact that Jobs had not only in the U.S. but in other parts of the World as well. The first thing that I thought of when I saw this picture was death. I did not know of Steve Jobs until he died. It is ironic that people's fame grows after their death.

From January 31st to February 2nd, the Chicago area faced a snow storm that some residents had never seen. When I saw this picture I remember the screams of joy at UIC College Prep becuase we recieved news that school was closed until further notice. I also remember the hours of work that it took to clean the sidewalks, stairs, and parking lots. Although, this is a very fond memory of mine, it is also a memory that brings chills.

According to Harold Camping, the world was supposed to end on May 22 of this year. This year, we heard many claims that the world was supposed to end. This is an important picture because of the commotion that went on this year. With a few days left of 2011, I await the next date that the world will come to an "end" according to man.

2) Include OR Describe an image/photo that would best explain your year personally for 2011. Explain the significance of the image.
This has been a chaotic year, for this reason this images accurately shows what has been going on.This image is important because it represents hardships that occur among friends and family. In the end things fall into their appropiate places. Because it is hard to sum up a whole year with one image I will include two.

This second image represents the hard times that have come with senior year. When everyone is asleep, students are still awake doing homework. Although homework is not always completed, we do try to get it done.

3) Explain why images/photos can be a valuable resource for historians who are trying to understand the past.

Images can be a valuable source for historians becuase a picture captures scenes that are memorable. Images show what cannot be described with words. Images also tell a story that may be forgotten in the future. They are so important becuase of the emotion, scene, outside view that they portray. The feature that is so interesting about an image is that there is no one way that it can be interpreted.


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