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March 1st 2009
Published: January 31st 2010
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1: On top of pyramid of the sun 28 secs
2: turtle1 21 secs
3: turtle2 22 secs
4: Taxco 21 secs
5: Caves1 12 secs
6: caves2 31 secs
7: Monarchs1 33 secs
8: Monarchs2 37 secs
9: Highlands around Angangueo 14 secs
10: Between Cuautla and Oaxaca 7 secs
11: Sierra Madre del Sur 7 secs

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pyramid of the sun
This was my first time in Mexico. We wanted to see certains things in particular for a long time, like the winter home of the monarch butterflies. We also took the challenge, (kidding :-) ), of visiting places in Mexico city. The horror stories about that city, are exagerated. The city of New York is far more dangerous statistically speaking. In Mexico, like other big cities, you need to avoid a few neighbourhoods and use common sense not to attract thieves.

We arrived in Mexico city. We stayed in a small hotel named Milan, in the "zona Roma". The area was nice, kind of middle-class neighbourhood, with business people and restaurants and plazas. We visited the "Bosque Chapultepec", a big park in the heart of the city. In the park, you have a mix of little woods, a lake, the museum of archeology, and the "Castillo Chapultepec", an iconic place for the Mexicans. It was there, that during the war with the USA, some young men, (ninos heroes), battle until the end, and killed themselves instead of surrendering. It's also the place, where you have the castle, that the emperor Maximillian lived in, during the very short French occupation of

Popocatepelt, 5452m , second highest in Mexico
the country. The castle is magnificent. My wife felt like Cinderella while visiting!
We also went to the Zocalo, the central place of Mexico, with the presidential palace.
About 50kms, North East of Mexico, you have the ancient Olmec city of Teotihuacan. This is very big and impressive. The pyramid of the Sun, is the 2nd one after the pyramid of Gizeh, Egypt. That city, numbered hundreds of thousands of people, and was one of the biggest of the era. A must-see, even if you're not a fan of history. You can go up on the Pyramids, and the view is great.

We left Mexico, and headed to Michoacan state, in the little village of Angangueo, to see where the Monarch butterflies hivernate. That insect does the longest migration of every insect known. If you go, make sure it's the right period of year, otherwise they won't move.
It may freeze sometimes in the mountains, especially in January. We where there at the very end of February, so daytime temperature reached about 17-18 Celsius, with sun, so at the end of morning, you can see all buterflies flying around. This is a very special thing to witness.

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Taxco: view from our balcony
left the region and headed to Cuautla, South East of Mexico. The little roads to go there let you go through small villages in the mountains. some villages were crowded and we saw some Religious processions, that attracted crowds.
We stayed at Cuautla one night. A nice little place. Reason we were there, was to get good shots of Popocatepelt volcano. Only in the morning, when we left, views were clear enough to get good pictures. volcanoes like those, are very photogenic!

We continued South on the road to Oaxaca. We took the ancient and small road to go there. This is one of the highlight of the trip. The variety of sceneries you can see, (deserts with cactus, pine forests, scrublands, mountains that streches as far as the eyes can see,etc..), and the fact that you don't have traffic is very special.
Stayed in Oaxaca, one night. This is a beautiful and clean middle size town. We visited the old downtown, one-evening. This is one place i would stay a couple of days.
Next day, direction South to reach the Pacific, little town of Puerto Angel. Once again, the road to get there is fun in itself, varied

Road to Oaxaca
and with lots of mountains to cross: average speed 40-45 km/h.

Puerto Angel: little fishing and tourist village, and laid back atmosphere. We rented a grand room with 3 beds, balcony at a very cheap price. In the region, we visited Mazunte, with beautiful beaches, and the turtle museum/zoo. They have all species of Mexican turtles/tortoises. The pools/aquariums with the sea turtles, is especially interesting.

Moved North along the coast, and stopped at Puerto Escondido. It's a small city with lots of commodities, for every purse. This a beach/surf kind of place.
In that region we wanted to visit the Lagunas de Chacahua park: there's no trails whats so ever, and if you don't have a 4X4, your only option is to rent a boat, but prices were expensive, so we didn't go.
Next day, continued North along the coast. At one point, a big bridge goes above a very big pond/swamp. I stopped there, and was able to take all the birds pictures i wanted with my zoom, and for free.
Finally, we arrived at Acapulco. the view of the bay is beautiful, bu that is it. This is a crowded, noisy and unpleasant city for my
a2 a5 castillo1ma2 a5 castillo1ma2 a5 castillo1m

In the castle
tastes. It's so Americanized with McDonalds, planet Hollywood, that you could think you're in Miami!

Following day, took the highway in direction of Mexico. On the way, we stopped at the magical colonial city of Taxco. That city, tucked in the mountains, make you feel like you are in an old European city. The authorities make sure that all buildings keep the same type of architecture and building materials. My wife especially liked it. All around the city, you have silver mines, and the city has hundreds of little shops with artists, creating all kind of originals jewelries, that you see nowhere else. This is a Toy'r'us for Women. :-)
In the region we visited the "grutas of Cacahuamilpa". These caves are beautiful like the Lurray caverns in Virginia, and big as the Mammoth caves in Kentucky, very impressive!

Finally, we came back to Mexico, trip was over.
So many pictures, so i tried to chose the some of the best!

Next time, i'l return to Mexico, but this time in Yucatan and Chiapas. Some waterfalls and pyramids, but hopefully tarantulas, scrorpions and snakes too!

Hasta Luego!

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b3 b palacio nacional1b3 b palacio nacional1
b3 b palacio nacional1

Presidential palace
c2 a1 entree sanctuairec2 a1 entree sanctuaire
c2 a1 entree sanctuaire

Entry of the Rosario butterfly park
a2 a7 agave tequilaa2 a7 agave tequila
a2 a7 agave tequila

This is h eblue Agave, the plant used to make theTequila
c2 a3 en montant1c2 a3 en montant1
c2 a3 en montant1

Type of forest in butterlfly park: oyamels, pines, cedars.
b2 a temple quetzalcoatl3b2 a temple quetzalcoatl3
b2 a temple quetzalcoatl3

Teotihuacan: details of the temple of Quetzalcoatl
c2 a5 monarque cc2 a5 monarque c
c2 a5 monarque c

Clusters of butterflies on the branches of oyamels trees
b2 c pyramide sol1b2 c pyramide sol1
b2 c pyramide sol1

View of the pyramid of the sun
c2 a5 monarque dc2 a5 monarque d
c2 a5 monarque d

Other views of clusters of butterflies
c2 a5 monarque ec2 a5 monarque e
c2 a5 monarque e

Close-up on a group of butterflies. They begin to warm up an move their wings.
b2 c pyramide sol6b2 c pyramide sol6
b2 c pyramide sol6

Details of the bricks used to construct the pyramid
c3 sortant2c3 sortant2
c3 sortant2

Views around Angangueo
b2 c pyramide sol8cb2 c pyramide sol8c
b2 c pyramide sol8c

Top of the pyramid of the sun
c4 a angangueoc4 a angangueo
c4 a angangueo

Angangueo village
b2 c pyramide sol8db2 c pyramide sol8d
b2 c pyramide sol8d

pyramid of the sun
c3 sortant5 chanteursc3 sortant5 chanteurs
c3 sortant5 chanteurs

children singing songs to get pesos

7th January 2014

Good job man!!
Lot's of variety in tour trip! Good pics and videos.
24th June 2020

Mexico Trips
It seems to have worked now. We loved our time in Mexico and look forward to visiting again :)

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