Blogs from Xochimilco, Distrito Federal, Estado de Mexico, Mexico, North America


Day 2 and I woke at the crack of dawn. 5.30 am, which NEVER happens - I simply don't *do* mornings!! The boy wasnt far behind me and we felt quite lively. After collecting my BILs son we headed out for barbacoa for breakfast which was a great experience. Proper Street food on the side of the road at plastic tables. The food was absolutely delicious maybe helped by how hungry we were!! Then we headed out to Xochimilco. The organisation was chaos, but once we were on all organised it was fabulous. If you haven't been or seen, it's a very traditional Mexican Sunday lunchtime event. We took a brightly painted boat decked out with table and chairs on a cruise down the river we had ours to ourselves- me and the boy, my sister ... read more
Crazy corn!

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