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Published: July 7th 2008
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Flights in a nut shell

The flight from Sacramento to LA was uneventful until we were approaching the tarmac of LAX and were treated to the sight of the illuminated pin point grid that was LA from thousands of feet up, marked by disks of exploding light that were an very U.S. way of celebrating independence. After eating, reading, and generally lounging around terminal 7 for two hours, I decided that it would be wise to take initiative and ask an employee of United why the gate for our flight was not listed. As soon as Tessa uttered that we had a flight with LACSA he directed us to terminal two where we spent 1.5 hours listening to our respective music at gate 25.

The next flight apparently brought Mario and Tessa sleep. None for me, I decided to listen to "Absurdistan" by Laika and the Cosmonauts and order some whiskey when the drink cart passed us. It turns out that LACSA and their partner TACA do not charge for liquor, so I was given Johnnie Walker Red on the rocks, accompanied by Coca Cola in another glass. Sleep deprived, we landed in San Salvador, El Salvador, and waited 1.3 hours to board our flight into Mexico D.F. After take off I promptly fell asleep and awoke when we were landing.

Mexico D.F.

The humidity down here is killing me. Everything is ridiculously cheap as well. People may complain abou the smells, but they are not anything you would not run into in San Francisco´s China Town, Wharf, or Mission District. The fifth was dedicated to eating, resting, and orientation. Yesterday we went to the Alameda Park near the Zocalo, where we went to the Diego Rivera Mural Museum; it is free on Sundays, yipee! Also free on Sunday´s a few blocks away, is the Museo de Arte Popular. We spent an hour or so perusing devils, dresses, wood carving, toys, and masks. Really amazing stuff. (Oh crap I´m starting to list). Took the metro to Frida Kalo´s house and spent $2 U.S. to tour it in all of its blue glory. Finished the day in the city with cafe con chocolate and pan dulce. At the hotel we shared some Pepsi Retro, which tasted like tea and contained not high fructose corn syrup, but only pure azucar (sugar), and a few drams of tequilla.

*Note: European keyboards do not assist in my ability to blog.


8th July 2008

Xósa Miles!
Miles, glad to see you arrived safe. We miss you already :( Have a great time and stick to licor and cerveza, no agua. There's a great surf scene in Mexico City, let me know if you want help finding some shows.
11th July 2008

european keyboards?

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