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August 26th 2007
Published: September 3rd 2007
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I arrived in Mexico City in the arvo and checked into my hotel. There are only four of us on the tour, plus our tour guide.

Our tour guide is a 34yo Mexican with a long beard, he said his nickname is Taliban but we can call him Sid. I´m sharing a room for the next fifteen days with a Canadian girl called Tiffany, she´s 22 and we get along great. The other two men are from Belgium (they don´t know each other though). Ben is 24 and quiet. The other guy, Ludo is 48 and looks like an older version of Spud. But unlike Spud, he's a major wanker. At our first meeting at 7pm he reeked of beer then after the meeting our first stop was the pub. He drank two large beers and two half glasses of straight vodka. I wanted to play Mexican music on the jukebox but he got the bartender to play music videos on the TV of the Eagles, the Who and other 70s rock bands. We´re in Mexico for God's sake! His only contribution to the conversation were about his drinking stories in other countries. He´s one of those wankers who has travelled all around the world and thinks he´s an expert on every country. Yet every travel story consists of him drinking in a bar. Exciting.

After dinner (and yes, we were sober) I asked Tiffany to shave my head. I bought the clippers in SF and was going to use them when I got to Ecuador but my hair is shitting me so I thought why wait? Sid took photos, they're hysterical. I've been wanting to shave it for years but couldn't because of work. It's liberating having no hair. I'm going to keep it like this for a while.


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