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December 8th 2006
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Coyoacan market is the heart of the commercial life of this colonia area. It offers an insight of mexican tradition to all visitors. You will find typical Mexican handicraft, clothes and fresh food ingredients here. I was drawn to the regional cuisine that they sold here at the food stalls, and was very tempted to try their food, but the thought of possibly getting stomach upset had kept me at bay.

We then came to a Mole store, selling brown Mole powder or paste. I remembered trying out this dark brown Mole sauce in Vero's house party. At that time, I had no idea what Mole is about. I was then told that it has a very distintive flavour with subtle hint of chocolate. The word "Mole" comes from the Aztec word "Molli," meaning "concoction", "stew" or "sauce."; which kind of make sense as it has 30 over kind of ingredients, including 3 or 4 different type chilies. It varies from town to town and family to family. The most famous Mole is "Mole Poblano", a product you can get in Puebla. Also in Oaxaca, which is known as 'land of seven Moles' , is famous for its black mole, red mole, light red mole and green mole. I only managed to try two type of mole, which is green and brown mole.

As it was approaching Christmas time, there were pinatas everywhere in Mexico. Pinata, is an earthen ware pot covered in colored paper, (as you can see from the picture, I was really into its vivid hue😊) and traditionally shaped like a seven-pointed star. The seven pointed star represents the capital sins. Pinata are used in the traditional Christmas parties known as Posada in Mexico. Veronica's family arranged a Posada party for us the day before Kamila and Damien left. more will be explained in
'Pinata and Posada' blog entry.

Also, a word of advice, always ask before taking picture with the people in Mexico. They believe their souls are taken away when you take their picture. The lady in the picture, gave me the permission reluctantly after Veronica persuaded her. Veronica had to tell her that the reason she is chosen is because she was so special. 😊.

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