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January 6th 2019
Published: May 6th 2019
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Street artStreet artStreet art

This has probably been commissioned. Therefore, maybe it by strict definition isn't street art.

Art, statues, street art and something totally unexpected

When we started this blog the main purpose was to get a platform to publish photos. In Mexico I took a lot of pictures of interesting street art. In the previous blogs I could at the most fit in one or two of these photos or else the blogs would have grown too large. I therefore decided to make a separate blog to publish them in. So in this blog entry, while staying true to the original purpose of the blog, I now publish the best of the street art pictures I took. I have also added photos of some statues and photos from two art galleries.

The photos of the street art are my favourite. Hope you like them too. Here comes a short description of what the rest of the photos are about.

The art galleries we visited are Frida Kahlo Museum and Museo Soumaya.

Frida Kahlo Museum, aka the Blue House - This museum is housed in the former home of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. It is a very popular museum so when we arrived hundreds of people stood in line waiting to get in. I asked a guy who worked there how long time it would take to get in if we decided to wait. He said that it would take about three hours. My mother and I then decided not to wait and started to leave. But then the guy saw my mother. It seems like he thought she looked fragile or something because he told us to pass the line and go straight in. Sometimes it is a great advantage to bring mother along on a vacation.

Museo Soumaya - This museum was never in our plans to visit. We were in the area Nuevo Polanco because we were looking for a copy of the sculpture Non-Violence that we knew was somewhere in that neighbourhood. Then we saw a building that looked very interesting. We asked a man we met outside what it was. He told us that it was an art gallery and that it was free of charge to enter it. We ended up spending an hour in there looking at paintings, sculptures and other kinds of art. The museum is the brainchild of the Carlos Slim, one of the richest men in the world. I know very little about art. But I sense that some of works that are on display in Museo Soumaya cost more to purchase than I am likely to earn in my entire life.

Non-Violence sculpture - We have an ongoing project where we take photos of copies of the sculpture Non-Violence. There are two of these in Mexico City that weren't there last time I was in Mexico. As it will probably be many years until I return to Mexico next time we made sure to visit these now that we were here. The first one, the one that was near Museo Soumaya, was a bit difficult to find. But with the help of a friendly police officer we eventually found it. The other one was much easier to find. So now you know why there are two photos of a gun with a knot on the barrel.

Of the statues I would like to point out the following three:

=> Alexander von Humboldt, a German scientist, explorer and human rights activist.

=> Che Guevara - Argentinean who is best known as a guerrilla leader.

=> Ludwig van Beethoven - German composer. But there
Two feetTwo feetTwo feet

It is hard to see that those feet aren't real
is something really strange with that statue. That is now how I think of Beethoven...

This is the last of the blog entries from Mexico. Hope you have enjoyed reading them. We don't plan to stop blogging so we hope you will read our future blog entries as well.

Additional photos below
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Frida Kahlo?Frida Kahlo?
Frida Kahlo?

A paining of, not by, Frida Kahlo. At least I think it is
Looks a bit like Cher, doesn't it?Looks a bit like Cher, doesn't it?
Looks a bit like Cher, doesn't it?

I think she looks a bit like Cher.
"With the Beatles""With the Beatles"
"With the Beatles"

I guess they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the album "With the Beatles" with this mural.
Inspired by da Vinci?Inspired by da Vinci?
Inspired by da Vinci?

It looks da Vinci-esque, doesn't it?
Frida Kahlo MuseumFrida Kahlo Museum
Frida Kahlo Museum

The Frida Kahlo Museum is housed in the former home of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera
Frida KahloFrida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo

Painting of Frida Kahlo

Exhibit in the Frida Kahlo museum

6th May 2019

As you know, I love street arty!! Thanks for sharing!
7th May 2019

Glad you enjoyed it
It makes me happy to hear that you enjoyed it. /Ake
7th May 2019
Non-Violence sculpture

Non-Violence sculpture
I have seen photos of (a version of) this sculpture, but didn't know there were many around the world. I love your on-going project to see and photograph them :) I loved the Blue House despite the crowds, so I'm glad you and your Mum could get in... and that's a cute story about skipping the line.
7th May 2019
Non-Violence sculpture

On the Non-Violence project
The Non-Violence project we began a bit by chance. We realised that we easily could get quite a few of them with very little effort. Since then we have just kept on adding when we have come across them. I recently added one designed by Paul McCartney and one designed by Ringo Starr. /Ake
8th May 2019

Terrific Wall art
Thanks for taking us along.
8th May 2019

Some of them are really good
I've said it before and I sense that I will say it again. Quite ofter street art has a quality which is as good as or better than expensive art we have seen in galleries. It is quite true for some of what we saw in Mexico. /Ake
8th May 2019
Museo Soumaya

Museo Soumaya
There is something about way out architecture that makes one say, "WOW". Then there is the thought of how they got it through the development approval stage then the money to build it. But "wow" requires risk and I say, "Good on them!"
8th May 2019
Museo Soumaya

And it worked!
It surely worked in this case. If the building had been more traditional we would not have understood that one of the best art galleries in Mexico was housed in it. /Ake

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